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Libya Alhurra TV - 10/03/2011 Transcription Arabic English 8. 00 pm ( 9.00pm in Libya )

Libya Alhurra TV - 10/03/2011 Transcription Arabic English 8. 00 pm ( 9.00pm in Libya )

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Published by El Sinsé

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: El Sinsé on Mar 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LibyaAl-HurraTV " LIVE " ** 11334 - H - S/R 27500 ** sur NileSat (valable pour l'europe et lemoyen orient)Libya Alhurra TV - 10/03/2011Transcription Arabic English8. 00 pmFarisAlBaghdadi: we are not looking for materialistc thingsFarisAlBaghdadi: we are looking for the good for all people..FarisAlBaghdadi: thank God now we feel we are under less stressFarisAlBaghdadi: , thank u for ur serviceFarisAlBaghdadi: here we are in another room in Bengazi hospitalFarisAlBaghdadi: we want to know how you got woundedFarisAlBaghdadi: this is the first battel in our areaFarisAlBaghdadi: I am civlianFarisAlBaghdadi: this is newFarisAlBaghdadi: i had a round 14.5 mm in my legFarisAlBaghdadi: i couldnt move, ppl took my by car to the hospitalFarisAlBaghdadi: do u think there will be some good newFarisAlBaghdadi: newsFarisAlBaghdadi: May God help and support u , u r heros of the countryFarisAlBaghdadi: this is our duety and we have to do itFarisAlBaghdadi: here we have another heroFarisAlBaghdadi: i hope i am not bothering uFarisAlBaghdadi: tell us how u got hitFarisAlBaghdadi: i got hit in my leg, and they attacked my car, they spry the car FarisAlBaghdadi: even before they asked me anythingwafaaa: my kneel is broken ..i sonndnt moove of my placeFarisAlBaghdadi: as u see the freedom here in Bengazi, what u tell ppl in the capital citywafaaa: i hope we are going to have good newsFarisAlBaghdadi: i tell them freedom is great and u r turn is next,FarisAlBaghdadi: God bless uFarisAlBaghdadi: this is Al Jalaa hospitalwafaaa: the revolutionists are brave hearts ..very bravewafaaa: u are a hero ..FarisAlBaghdadi: here we have lot of heros and hawks that we ow them our freedomwafaaa: i m proud that i had u wiz me in this interviewalberka: a note, the jalaa hospital has now been named the martyers hospitalwafaaa: we have another hero alsowafaaa: hello ,,u are welcomewafaaa: pls specify how u got woondedwafaaa: ??wafaaa: in salmane ,,wafaaa: i got attacked by one therewafaaa: he shut me wiz his rifle
( For the time + 1 hour )
8:06 PM wafaaa: he shut me wiz his rifle8:06 PM wafaaa: and then my friends8:06 PM wafaaa: helped8:07 PM wafaaa: and brought here8:07 PM wafaaa: i thank them a lot
8:07 PM wafaaa: i thank the media8:07 PM wafaaa: well ...we are the one that thank u n proud oof u8:07 PM wafaaa: ahmed another hero8:08 PM wafaaa: we were on our way to ben jawad8:08 PM wafaaa: wiz our flag8:08 PM wafaaa: ..we have beeb attacked8:08 PM wafaaa: and shut there8:08 PM wafaaa: shooted8:09 PM wafaaa: thanks god8:09 PM wafaaa: i am here8:09 PM wafaaa: every libyan ,,,that he didnt fight yet8:09 PM wafaaa: i tell him8:10 PM wafaaa: pls join us ..it is now or ever 8:10 PM wafaaa: we never use guns in our lives8:10 PM wafaaa: bit we have the will to liberate our country8:10 PM wafaaa: it is the will that counts8:11 PM wafaaa: when i go out8:11 PM wafaaa: i will join again8:11 PM wafaaa: my friends8:11 PM wafaaa: nchallah u will be fine and u go out8:11 PM wafaaa: soon8:13 PM wafaaa: INTERESTING INTERVIEWS WIZ THESE HEROES ... THEY HAVE THEWILL ..NEVER BEEN TRAINED B48:14 PM wafaaa: salam ..another hero we have8:14 PM wafaaa: i never giveup ..i fought8:14 PM wafaaa: i saw my friends killed on the groung8:14 PM wafaaa: ncahhlah i will be ok8:15 PM wafaaa: n join my brothers in brega n ben jawad8:15 PM wafaaa: and fight wiz them8:15 PM alberka: note:kid is 19 years old8:15 PM wafaaa: thank u hero8:15 PM wafaaa: salam8:15 PM wafaaa: excuse us8:16 PM wafaaa: to come n talk to u in ur conditions8:16 PM wafaaa: that is another room wia another hero8:16 PM wafaaa: my name khaled moh abdallah8:16 PM wafaaa: min benghaze8:16 PM wafaaa: 19 years old8:17 PM wafaaa: first day we were fighting8:17 PM wafaaa: a troop of mercenaises8:17 PM wafaaa: i was shooting8:17 PM wafaaa: also8:18 PM wafaaa: they shooted at us heavely8:18 PM wafaaa: weiz rockets8:18 PM wafaaa: that it was there when i got shot8:19 PM wafaaa: qirdaffi say 7boub n drugs8:19 PM wafaaa: we never took that8:19 PM wafaaa: we have the will only will8:19 PM wafaaa: thanks god8:19 PM wafaaa: allah is wiz us cos our cause is legal8:19 PM wafaaa: we beleive in our cause8:19 PM alberka: 7boub=pills8:20 PM wafaaa: they have nothing to beleive in ..they are just paid for that8:21 PM wafaaa: we are facing akind of devil8:21 PM wafaaa: all this money8:21 PM wafaaa: he is spreading to kill

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