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Introduction and Guide

Introduction and Guide

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Published by rozgar
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Uploaded from Google Docs

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Published by: rozgar on Mar 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Survey, Training, Action and Research Tools (START) for NREGA(February 2011)
This DVD was prepared as a resource for activists, trainers, administrators and othersinterested in the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA). It containshundreds of NREGA-related documents, such as:
the full text of the Act, Operational Guidelines and other official documents
user-friendly primers, guidebooks and slide shows
an updated version of “Muster Roll Watch”
guidelines for social audit
field survey manuals
model formats
useful videos
cultural resources, e.g. films and songs
selected readings on NREGAMany of these documents are also available atwww.righttofoodindia.org(officialdocuments are available atwww.nrega.nic.in).For documents in Hindi, the required “fonts” are available in the “Hindi Fonts” folder.This DVD (third edition) was prepared in February 2011 by Jean Drèze, NavjyotiJandu, Aashish Gupta and Reetika Khera. It will be expanded and updated from timeto time. Further material and suggestions are most welcome – just send a line torozgar@gmail.com.
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