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Biblical Miracles and Quantum Physics

Biblical Miracles and Quantum Physics



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Published by Anthony J. Fejfar
In this short Tract Book, Essay, Anthony J. Fejfar argues that Quantum Physics provides a basis for the position that the Biblical Miracles were literally true.
In this short Tract Book, Essay, Anthony J. Fejfar argues that Quantum Physics provides a basis for the position that the Biblical Miracles were literally true.

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Published by: Anthony J. Fejfar on Dec 09, 2006
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Biblical Miracles and Quantum PhysicsA Tract Book ByAnthony J. Fejfar © Copyright 2006 by Anthony J. Fejfar When I was a freshman in college at Rockhurst College (now RockhurstUniversity) I had a course called “Christ in the Scriptures.” It was a good class.There was this cute little blond from the Kansas side who drove this cute littlesports car who sat right behind me. I didn’t get anywhere with the cute little blond, who by the way was Protestant, but I did get somewhere with the class.Father Carl Dehne, S.J., taught us about “redaction criticism” of the Bible. That is,interpretation of the Bible through the use of “demythologizing” hermeneutics. Inother words, were we basically taught, at least to some extent that although Faithmay make us believe in the Miracles of the Bible, when we are “scientific”scripture scholars, we will not.The toughest thing for me was the discussion of the gospel of Luke. Father Dehne told us about the “infancy narrative” which was found only in Luke.Matthew refers briefly to the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, of Judea, and Matthew
also refers to the three wise men or magi. Neither the gospels of Mark, nor John,refer to the birth of Jesus. Now, why do I point this out. Well, the implication of the whole thing, whether explicit or not, was that there was really no virgin birth,nor flight to Egypt, etc., etc., etc. In other word no Christmas.So, I went home to Lincoln, Nebraska for “Christmas” break, in a little bit of a quandry. Was Christmas really real? Did the miracles in the Bible really take place, or was it all hyperbole? Was there a virgin birth or was Jesus an illegitimatechild? Well, I went to Christmas Mass, probably Midnight Mass, and I was almostconvinced that the miracles were true,...somehow, someway. Then, I sat up late,like I usually did and stared into the Christmas lights on the Christmas tree, and thehomemade cretch scene, with Jesus in the manger with the three wise men, Mary,Joseph, the shepherds, and the sheep, and meditated. Then somehow I knew that itwas ture, intuitively. I had not lost my Faith with the Jesuits, but had strengthenedit, somehow.Now, many years later, as an adult in my forties, I am revisiting the issue. Wasthere a virgin birth of Jesus? Did Moses really part the Red Sea to allow theHebrews to escape from the Egyptians? Did Daniel really survive in the lion’sden? Did Jesus really heal blind and lame people? Did Jesus really raise Lazarusfrom the dead? Did Jesus really rise from the dead after his crucifixtion? Well,
Faith told me yes, and even more, Intuition told me yes, but what about modernscience? What does science have to say?Well, modern science, in my view, using Quantum Physics, definitely supportsthe idea of miracles happening. In the world of science, using Quantum Physics,miracles happen “scientifically.” Quantum Physics says that at a subatomic levelall of material reality is supported not by atoms, but by subatomic particles, one of which is the quanta. The quanta particle is a chameleon. Meaning changes thevalence and function of a quanta particle. Mind over matter is literally true.The double slit experiment of Quantum Physics shows a dispersion patternthat is impossible given ordinary newtownian physics assumptions. Moreover,Bell’s Theorem proves non-local communication at a distance between atoms, thusmaking the idea of “psychic channeling” scientifically possible. Additionally, if non-local communication is possible, and if subatomic particles can changevalence or function, then it is possible that meaning, or prayer, can changesubatomic particles non-locally at a distance. And, if meaning or prayer canchange subatomic particles non-locally at a distance, then it is certainly possiblethat atoms and molecules, and even cells, which are ultimately composes of subatomic particles, could also change.A virgin birth is thus scientifically possible, as well as moving large amounts

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well done. miracle means we don't understand the physics. Gen1:1 says space and matter. Gen 1:2 waters is a superfluid or BEC which is pre-particle energy. One needs 7 bibles but the KJV will do. Now read Job 26 and 38- Jerm51:16 again. My unfinishedis at <blog.pebbleanrock.org
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