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Building Construction 2 Project 1

Building Construction 2 Project 1

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Published by Daecan Tee

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Published by: Daecan Tee on Mar 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Research Unit for Modern Architecture Studies in Southeast AsiaBachelor of Science (Honours) (ArchitectureBUILDING CONSTRUCTION 2 [ARC 2513]Prerequisite: BUILDING CONSTRUCTION 1 [ARC 1223]
Project: 1
(6/7 students in a group)
Understanding Forces in Skeletal Structure
35% of final marks (25% teamwork & 10% individualpresentation)Submission date: Model testing (week 6 Submission (week 7)
Skeletal construction method is one of the most widely used structures forbuilding support. Skeletal structure provides the load bearing resistance of the structure and supports the secondary elements
Objectives of Project
The objectives of this project are as follows:
To create an understanding of skeletal structure and its relevantstructural components.
To understand how a skeletal structure reacts under loading.
To demonstrate a convincing understanding of how SkeletalConstruction works.
To exploit the qualities inherent in Skeletal Construction.
To be able to manipulate Skeletal Construction to solve an obliqueDesign problem.
Learning Outcomes of this Project
Learning outcomes assessed in this project include:
Apply construction system in design.
Recognize the implication of construction systems in design.
Analyse the issues of strength, stiffness and stability of structuresincluding modes of structural systems, forces, stress and strain andlaws of static.
Tasks - Methodology
GroupYour task is to construct model of a tower according to the followingspecifications.
Materials for model: small drinking straws, thread, match stick, staplerbullets, smoking pipe cleaner. A5 size plywood for the base.
Height of the tower model should not be lower than 30 cm, measuredfrom the base and the top of the tower should be able to support a 5cm x 5cm cardboard.
Students are encouraged to try and keep the total length of straw usedto a minimum.
The pipe cleaners should be cut into lengths of not more than 3 cm.
The straws should be cut into lengths of not less than 4 cm.
The completed model will be tested with 2kg load for 2 minutesapplied at the top of the tower structure.
Analysis on the success or failure of the tower together with themitigating measures in the case of failure is to be provided in the formof an A3 presentation board.
Students are encouraged to use annotated sketches / diagrams toexplain the forces, structural movement experienced during the testingof the tower.
Photographs of the tower should also be incorporated into thepresentation board.
Submission Requirement
Model of the tower (students name and ID should be clearly pastedonto the base)
A3 bound report complete with visuals, sketches and inclusive of thedetailing and progressive documentation of your project.
Visuals / Photos used in the submission must be clear and wellcommunicated.
Sketches are meant to provide visual documentation andcommunication. Therefore sketches are required to be neat, clear andannotated.
Assumptions can be made through reference from book/drawings. DONOT PLAGIARISE.
Softcopy is required to be attached with the hardcopy
Suggested Format of A3 Report/Documentation
Cover page- Name and student ID number should be written clearly (TUCLogo)Table of ContentIntroduction of site & elementsFindings and AnalysisReferencing(MUST)
Assessment criteria
The assessment for this assignment will be based on your 
Ability of the model to take the total load applied in the specified duration.
Clarity of the analysis on success / failure of the model.
Total length of straw being used to construct the model
Quality / workmanship of the model produced.
Quality of the documentation of visuals sketches, drawings and load and forces detailing of the construction elements.
Creativity and clarity of ideas, materiality and richness of content 
Clear visual and verbal communication of your understanding of theprojects.
Appropriate and sufficient referencing
Marking criteriaMarks shall be distributed as follows:Strength of the model (30%)

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