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2nd MRB Spring 2011

2nd MRB Spring 2011

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Published by Lisa Soule

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Lisa Soule on Mar 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Gladiator News delivered on point
Vol: 1 Issue 2 - SPRING 2011 
Lieutenant Col. Jose L. Garcia
Dear 2MRB Gladiators, Families and Friends –
T e start of 2011 has been marked with wonderful accomplish-ments. eam Gladiator continues to strive to lead on precisionrecruiting eff orts. Although we are still fi ne-tuning our plans andPs, the companies have already ascended to the fi rst, third andfourth places out of 16 brigade companies on AOC closure – thetrue measure of precision recruitment. Simply stated, the team’sability and willingness to “move with the cheese” has placed the bat-talion on top of the board with 18 AOC closures. And, this is just amicro indication of what lies ahead.T e recruitment of quality healthcare professionals is a challeng-ing mission that requires the dedication and commitment of many,including civic leaders, great Americans throughout our area of op-eration. Although the mission to recruit is our duty as professionalsin arms, we are fortunate to count on many remarkable Americansthat share our focus and desire to fi ll our ranks with the best ourcountry has to off er. In February, we were delighted to celebrateour Grassroots kick-off event with the establishment of the AtlantaMedical – Dental Advisory Council. T is event solidifi ed our beliethat our country is indeed with us. Many extraordinary, infl uentialmembers of the Atlanta medical community attended to sharetheir insight, advice and spearhead new initiatives to enhance ourrecruiting eff orts. It was humbling to visit with these great commu-nity leaders as they paused fromtheir busy schedules to pledgetheir commitment to this nation,Army and our organization.Lastly, our force continues tostrengthen. Since the last update,we welcomed 11 new membersand their Families to the team.I enjoyed the opportunity tomeet most of them during ourFY11 Annual raining Confer-ence, which took place here inHuntsville, Ala. T e event servedas an occasion to recognize stellarperformers and team building.As always, I am honored to serve with them and look forwardto their expected, uplifting contributions.Again, I sincerely appreciate everyone’s eff ort and commitmentto our Army. Our AMEDD’s strength begins with us.Congratulations Gladiators – second tonone for a successful quarter! We are con-tinuing to move to new heights in this bat-talion as we move toward our goal to reachthe top. William Arthur Ward once said, “If you can imagine it, you can create it. If youdream it, you can become it!” Not only haveI imagined and dreamed of the success weare embarking upon, but I strive to create asystem that will enhance every level of thiscommand. We are “A Battalion of One.”I challenge each of you to work togetherto reach this goal. Not only it is it my desireto have the strongest stations and companiesin USAREC, but it is equally important tohave the strongest family in this command.T is goal starts with you. Building ahigh performing team requires work. If youwant to be successful, you must fi rst think success. If you believe in our organization,its purpose and direction, success will follow.Success does not come only with a desirefor it, it comes when people are workingtogether every day, striving to not only bethe best, but doing their best. It requirespeeling back those layers of the organiza-tion that keeps us from moving forward
Way ahead: Strengthening eff ort to complete missionT ink and visualize success in order to achieve goals
– fi nding the set of values, traditions andpractices that represents us as a group. Insuccessful organizations the trust, commit-ment, competence, loyalty and respect withwhich each member of the team carry outtheir daily task are unmistakable to thosethat are observing. However, in unsuccessfulorganizations, dysfunction and distrust arenotably pervasive.So where do you stand in beingsuccessful? What do you do when no one iswatching? Are you motivated to act like theowner of the company/station even at thelowest level? Do you have the capabilitiesto be creative and innovative without beingtold to do so? I feel safe in answering eachof these questions with an unqualifi ed “yes.”Never let what you can’t do stop you fromdoing what you can do.In reaching success, I challenge each of you to:• Identify what success looks like to you.Knowing what it looks like will help youdetermine how to get there. Set attainablegoals that will build on your success ratings.Unattainable goals only add stress whichimpacts your performance capabilities.• Establish rust. Rarely is successbuilt onindividuality.You can’tdo it alone.Success isbuilt ona team of “we” not “I.”Withouttrust, youcannotaccomplishextraordinary things, be ateam player,build a strong family, or have an exemplary work environment.• Accept Change.Change occurs daily inUSAREC. It is important to understandthis change in order to make it successfulfor not only yourself, but for your family members as well.•Ownership.When people ownsomething, they tend to take care of it.Gladiators, thank you and your family for all you do for this country, this Army,and this great team.
Sgt. Maj. Cornelius Mack
The Sword Spring 2011
Face in the crowd: orre goes the distance
While there’s nothing wrong withdirect prospecting, it sure is nice whenyour referral network does the marketingwork for you. T e Miami Medical Recruit-ing Station coordinated an event throughthe local Grassroots Advisory Board inFebruary which aff orded the opportunity for several key individuals from the com-munity to conduct a tandem parachutejump from 13,500 feet with the U.S. Army Golden Knights. T e goal was to build re-lationships with people who could provideaccess to potential markets in our area, andthat’s exactly what occurred when eight of our COIs jumped from a perfectly goodairplane.T ere aren’t too many events that leavea longer-lasting impression on a COI’spalette than traveling 120 mph throughthe air with an Army Soldier strapped tohis or her back. But in case they forget,we made them a personalized video of theexperience to show to family, friends, andco-workers. While it may be an unortho-dox way of building a referral network, it iseff ective. As a result of the jump, we now have direct access to three major hospitalswithin the Baptist Health Network.Additionally, Florida InternationalUniversity has opened its doors to theArmy Medical Department and welcomedlarge-scale recruiting events on campusgrounds. T e event also helped our sta-tion build relationships with community outreach programs, such as Shake-A-LegMiami, aff ording us a chance to give com-munity members with physical challengesan awesome opportunity while gainingexposure among the Miami public.While the jump required a fair amountof coordination, the dividends were sub-stantial. For those interested in a similarexperience, the Golden Knights informedus that AMEDD and minority populationsare currently their highest priority missions.T ankfully for us, they’ve decided to makeHomestead, Fl., their permanent wintertraining facility, so we’ll look forward to theirstay next year.
By Capt. David ysonMiami Medical Recruiting Station
Left to Right from the back: Doctors Hospital Vice President Douglas D. Jolly,University of Miami Executive Vice President and Provost T omas LeBlanc,Florida International University of Engineering and Computing AssociateDirector of Student Access and Success Stephanie Strange, FIU College of Nursing and Health Sciences Interim Associate Dean and Occupational T erapy Chairperson Dr. Alma R. Abdel-Moty, FIU Interim Dean and College of Nursing and Health Sciences Professor Dr. Sherry Pontious, FIU College of Nursing and Health Sciences Associate Dean for Administration Dr. Helen Z.Cornely; Miami Medical Recruiter Capt. David yson, FIU Senior ExecutiveSecretary to Assistant Dean Jasmine Jas and Shake a Leg President Harry Horgan participated in a andem Jump with the Golden Knights in February.
andem jump lands new mission support
The Sword Spring 2011
T e 2011 All American Bowl was bothan awesome and humbling experience forColumbus Medical Recruiter Staff Sgt.Jason Zedhkeia. As one of 100 SoldierHeroes honored during the game’s open-ing ceremonies, Zedhkeia was in a position
2nd MRB scores big at Army All-American Bowl
to attend the Army’s premiere recruitingevent and attend a week’s worth of festivi-ties in San Antonio.Pre-game publicity had Zedhkeia’sstory featured in the newspaper and Websites of his Marshall Islands home. T estory recounted Zed-hkeia’s heroic actionsas a senior line medicwith the 101st Air-borne Division duringthe battle of Al-Hillahin Iraq for which hewas awarded the Army Commendation Medalfor Valor.T at story gener-ated a lot of interest inthe Army,” Zedhkeiasaid. “I received a lotof good feedback fromthat and think the re-cruiter in that area is getting lots of calls.”Pre-game events gave Zedhkeia thechance to meet Medal of Honor recipientStaff Sgt. Sal-vatore Giunta,the Army’sVice Chief of Staff Gen.Peter Chiarelliand SergeantMajor Of theArmy Sgt.Maj. RaymondChandler III.He also meta number of high schoolall-stars andNHL hopefuls. “I hope they remem-ber me when they make it to the NFL,”Zedhkeia said.
Columbus recruiter takes spotlight as Soldier HeroNorth Carolina COIs put on their Army game face
Samantha Furr is a doctoral student in immunology and and aninstructor at a North Carolina community college. With a desire tojoin the military herself, Furr is also in a position to infl uence studentsand community members. In that infl uencer role, Furr attended theAll American Bowl and its surrounding festivities.“It was an absolutely amazing opportunity and made me feel really good about my goal to be in the Army and about spreading the mes-sage,” Furr said.Furr and Dr. . Ryan Draper, a physician with Murphy Wainer Or-thopedic Specialists in Greensboro, N.C. ,were among about100 Centers of Infl uence (COIs) to attend the event.“Of course the highlight was the tandem jump with theGolden Knights,” Furr said. “I’ve shown that video to every-one I know.”Both COIs were nominated to attend the event by Ra-leigh Recruiting Station OIC Capt. Michael McCray whoaccompanied the pair during the weeklong festivities in SanAntonio.
Staff Sgt. Jason Zedhkeia fl anked by two All-American Bowl football players.Zedhkeia poses with Gen. Peter ChiarelliCOI Samantha Furr takes a leap with the Golden Knights.COIs Samantha Furr and Dr. . Ryan Draper and their escort, Capt. Michael McCray pose with the USAREC team including Command Sgt. Maj. Luther Legg, Maj. Gen.Don Campbell, Col. Scott Dingle and Command Sgt. Maj. odd Moore.

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