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half-life 2 - the orange box

half-life 2 - the orange box

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Published by Sly Q. Jones

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Published by: Sly Q. Jones on Mar 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Half-Life 2 - The Orange BoxCheatmode:----------Submitted by: RMStart the game with the -console command line parameter. Press ~ during gameplay to display the console window. Enter sv_cheats 1 at the console to enablecheat modes.Then, enter one of the following codes.Result Code------------------------------------------God mode (Server only) - godNo clipping mode - noclipAll weapons - impulse 101Enemies do not target you - notargetMap list - mapsCannot die due to damage - buddaDamage player by indicated amount - hurtme <number>Spawn Jeep - impulse 82Crosshairs on - hud_quickhelp/text? 1Run script file - exec <filename>Developer mode - developer <0-2>Toggle HUD - cl_drawhud <0 or 1>Toggle HUD - cl_enablehud <0 or 1>Toggle framerate display - showfpsSpawn NPC - npc_create_aimedSpawn NPC - npc_createPicker mode - pickerSet gravity - sv_gravity <number>Set vertical view - sv_waterdist <number>Set air density - air_density <number>Set explosion length - dsp_explosion_effect_duration <number>Limit texture units - mat_numtexttureunits <number>Bounding box debug - prop_debugSet bounce multiplier - sv_bounce <number>Set minimum stopping speed - sv_stopspeed <number>Set pitch yaw - setang <number>Set friction - sv_friction <number>Set maximum velocity - sv_maxvelocity <number>Load indicated map map - <map name>Spawn indicated weapon or item give - <weapon or item name>Half-Life 2: Map names:Use one of the following entries with the map code.d1_canals_01d1_canals_02d1_canals_endd1_tempanals_02d1_town_01d1_town_02d1_town_03d1_town_04d1_town_05d1_trainstation_01d1_trainstation_02d1_trainstation_03d1_trainstation_05
d1_under_01d1_under_02d1_under_03d1_under_04d2_coast_01d2_coast_02d2_coast_03d2_coast_04d2_coast_04_dx60d2_coast_05d2_coast_06d2_coast_07d2_coast_08d2_prison_01d2_prison_02d2_prison_03d2_prison_04d2_prison_05d3_c17_03d3_c17_04d3_c17_05d3_c17_06ad3_c17_06bd3_c17_07Half-Life 2: Weapon and item names:Use one of the following entries with the give code.weapon_alyxgunweapon_ar1weapon_ar2weapon_bugbaitweapon_cguardweapon_crowbarweapon_extinguisherweapon_flaregunweapon_fragweapon_gaussweapon_hopwireweapon_iceaxeweapon_physcannonweapon_physgunweapon_pistolweapon_rpgweapon_shotgunweapon_smg1weapon_smg2weapon_stickylauncherweapon_stunstickweapon_thumperweapon_sniperrifleweapon_rollerwandweapon_molotovweapon_manhackweapon_immolatorweapon_irifleweapon_slamweapon_hmg1weapon_cubemapweapon_binocularsweapon_ml

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