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Published by jkornblum3643

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Published by: jkornblum3643 on Mar 11, 2011
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| Your Life Guide:
Edition Your Life Guide:
Edition | 
Barbara Chandler Allen’s organizationraises funds for school art programs.
J  t   r  b  l   m
By Janet Kornblum for USA TODAY
Most people thinkinnovation belongs toa younger generation.
“I don’t believe that,” says Barbara ChandlerAllen after a long day of making presentationsabout the organization she founded and runs.
| Your Life Guide:
Edition Your Life Guide:
Edition | 
She should know.
At 62, Allen finds herself workingmore than full-time on Fresh Artists,a nonprofit that turns kids’ art intomoney that is then funneled back intourban public schools.“I think older people can be much,much stronger innovators if given theencouragement to do so,” she says.In fact, it wasn’t until she was 60that Allen founded the nonprofit. Itwasn’t quite an accident. But it wasn’tquite planned out, either.The whole thing began backin 2005 when a school district inPhiladelphia asked her and herson, Roger Allen, to decorate its850,000-square-foot building withchildren’s art.Her son came up with idea of transforming children’s artthecolorful kind parents like to tape tothe fridgeinto giant digital images.They hung those pictures throughoutthe building, brightening the austerespace and reminding people that theschool district served the kids and notthe other way around.From time to time someone wouldask if they could buy the prints. Thenone day a vendor “came upon us inthe hallway and said, ‘Oh my God.This is gorgeous. I have to have one of these.’ ”“We said for the 400th time,‘I’m sorry, it’s not for sale.’ He said,‘How about if I make a donation andyou take the money and go buy artsupplies for some kids?’ ”Allen and her son pondered theidea over coffee and decided it wasbrilliant. Fresh Artists was born.It works pretty much the waythe vendor suggested: Fresh Artistsgets art from the children. Withthe approval of the children andtheir guardians, the art is digitallyphotographed. The originals arereturned to the children. The digitalphotographs can then be transformedinto large, high-resolution prints. Inturn, those who want the art make adonation to Fresh Artists. The moneygoes directly back into buying artsupplies.In turn, a strapped school districtgets the kind of art supplies it
Fresh Artists is a way for people to see the invisible children in ourcommunity
and see them for children and people who have promise, whohave purpose, who can learn, who are capable of really great things.”
| Your Life Guide:
Edition Your Life Guide:
Edition | 
otherwise could not afford.But Allen, who has been anadministrator at major art museums,including the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Harvard University’s PeabodyMuseum, stresses that it’s not justabout the art supplies.It’s also about empoweringthe children by turning them intophilanthropists, Allen says.“It brings visibilityquiteliterallyto kids who are oftenignored,” she says. That’s especiallytrue with the art that hangs incorporate offices.“Fresh Artists is a way forpeople to see the invisible childrenin our community and see themfor children and people who havepromise, who have purpose, who canlearn, who are capable of really greatthings.”Founded in Philadelphia, theorganization is beginning to expandto cities like Washington, D.C. andBoston. Allen has hopes it will gonational.Since it was founded in 2008, thenonprofit has installed 670 large-format reproductions and donated artsupplies worth more than $100,000to 272 Philadelphia public schools,reaching more than 53,400 childrenAllen recently won a $50,000Purpose Prize, an award that aims torecognize social innovators over 60.She doesn’t see her work as work.“It’s a mission.”And she highly recommendspassion-seeking for anyone.“There’s a freedom in thisstage of your life. Part of the thing
Nestled in a region rich with Pennsylvania Dutch traditions in the heart of Lancaster County is a new, trend-settingneighborhood with the feel of a simpler time thought to be long gone – a place where the architecture is inviting, andthe approach to life is simple, friendly and laid back. Welcome to Home Towne Square, a Landmark Homes 55+ Arts &Crafts neighborhood in Ephrata.Although the neighborhood is new, the values behind Home Towne Square are not. The Arts & Crafts movement made itsway to America in the late 19th century. Then, as now, homes that best represent the Arts & Crafts style have prominentfeatures like front porches, ornate wood details and windows that allow in natural light. The homes at Home TowneSquare do not deviate from this ideal, and Landmark has included many “simplistic-living” details into each. Frontporches are a characteristic of every home as is an abundance of windows to maximize the amount of sunlight flowinginside. To meet the requests of today’s 55+ buyer, each home is a one-story or features a first floor owner’s suite.A striking characteristic of Home Towne Square is the curb appeal. Alleyways allow homes to have rear-entry garages,keeping the focus on the beautiful exterior design. Additionally, Landmark uses a variety of textures, materials and colorson the exteriors, mirroring the architectural appeal of the Arts & Crafts style homes.What often surprises those not from Lancaster County is how close Home Towne Square is to places thought to be muchfurther away. One of the draws is its proximity to metropolitan areas like New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore.Though it is common to see Amish buggies trotting along the roads of Ephrata, there is a vibrant cultural side toLancaster County, too. Home Towne Square is easily accessible to the region’s best cultural attractions, historical sites,shopping, wineries, and outdoor recreation. Street fairs, festivals and concerts give the area year-round pizzazz.Home Towne Square is a maintenance-free neighborhood. Snow removal, mowing and landscaping are all part of theoverall experience of living here. There are acres of open space and miles of walking trails, and a community center isplanned for 2011 that will include a pool and other amenities and gathering places.Beyond the Arts & Crafts architecture, the onsite amenities, the maintenance-free lifestyle, and the convenient location,perhaps the most significant aspect of Home Towne Square is the builder behind the neighborhood. Landmark Homes,with roots in Ephrata, is an established and well-respected, family owned and operated company. Who better to executesomething authentic than a builder who is authentic? Visit Landmark Homes at Home Towne Square today.The furnished model at Home Towne Square is located at 322 Home Towne Blvd in Ephrata, PA 17522. That home andthree other models are open Mon, Tue, Thur, and Fridays 11 – 5 Wednesdays 1-5 and Saturdays and Sundays from 1 – 4.
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