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03-12-11 edition

03-12-11 edition

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Published by: San Mateo Daily Journal on Mar 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Michelle Durand
The county’s youngest murderdefendant,known mostly from hisescape from juvenile hall and jail-house plot to intimidate witnesses,took a 43-year plea deal Fridayrather than face life in prison with-out parole.Josue RaulOrozco,20,pleaded no con-test to voluntarymanslaughterfor shootingFranciscoRodriguez,21,in the back of the head on July12,2005 as he ran to safety outsidehis Redwood City home. Orozcoalso admitted several gang and wit-ness tampering charges. In return,Orozco received a 43-year sentenceof which he must serve 85 percent.He has credit for several yearsserved already.Prosecutor Josh Stauffer calledthe resolution good considering hisage and that the
rst trial ended witha hung jury.“We were able to secure a verylarge sentence on a very bad guy,”Stauffer said.Stauffer and the defense had beendiscussing a possible plea deal sincethe end of Orozco’s
rst trial,whichended in a mistrial,but nothing wassecure until Wednesday afternoon.Orozco was just 14 when chargedwith murder,gun and gang allega-tions in Rodriguez’s death. The casegave Orozco the dubious distinctionof being the youngest person evercharged as an adult with murder inSan Mateo County. Two years later,he became the
rst ward to escapefrom the county’s recently opened
Youngest murder defendant takes 43-year plea deal
 Josue Orozco
Smoke rises above a town struck by a tsunami following an earthquake in Miyagi Prefecture,northeastern Japan.
People stand on roof of a residential building following an earthquakeand tsunami in Sendai,northeastern Japan.
By Jeff Bernardand Jaymes Song
CRESCENT CITY — The warn-ings traveled quickly across thePaci
c in the middle of the night:An 8.9-magnitude earthquake inJapan spawned a deadly tsunami,and it was racing east Friday as fastas a jetliner.Sirens blared in Hawaii. The WestCoast pulled back from the shore-line,fearing the worst. People werewarned to stay away from thebeaches. Fishermen took their boatsout to sea and safety.The alerts moved faster than thewaves,giving millions of peopleacross the Paci
c Rim hours to pre-pare.In the end,harbors and marinas inCalifornia and Oregon bore thebrunt of the damage,estimated byauthorities to be in the millions of dollars. Boats crashed into eachother,some vessels were pulled outto sea and docks were ripped out.Rescue crews searched for a manwho was swept out to sea while tak-
Tsunami crashesinto West Coast
California,Oregon sustainmost damage
By Malcom Foster
TOKYO — Japan’s northeasterncoast was a swampy wasteland of broken houses,overturned cars,sludge and dirty water Saturday asthe nation awoke to the devastatingaftermath of one of its greatest dis-asters,a powerful tsunami createdby one of the strongest earthquakesever recorded.The death toll from Friday’s mas-sive magnitude 8.9 quake stood atmore than 200,but an untold num-ber of bodies were believed to belying in the rubble and debris,andJapanese were bracing for more bad
Scenes of destruction after Japan’s tsunami,quake
Most of the Bay Area was notdirectly affected Friday by a dead-ly tsunami that hit Japan Thursdaynight,despite concerns that resid-ual waves crashing onto theCalifornia coastline could causedamage or injuries.A tsunami warning was issuedearly Friday morning in the regionafter an 8.9-magnitude earthquakeoff the northeast coast of Japan ledto a tsunami that killed hundredsof people.Local damage seems to havebeen restricted to the Santa CruzHarbor,but precautions weretaken across the Bay Area —including evacuation plans,transitcancellations and school closures— due to wave swells expected just before 8 a.m.
Bay Area skirtsheavy damage
By Mari Yamaguchiand Jeff Donn
TOKYO — Japan declared statesof emergency for
ve nuclear reac-tors at two power plants after theunits lost cooling ability in theaftermath of Friday’s powerfulearthquake. Thousands of residentswere evacuated as workers strug-gled to get the reactors under con-trol to prevent meltdowns.Operators at the FukushimaDaiichi plant’s Unit 1 scrambledferociously to tamp down heat andpressure inside the reactor after the8.9 magnitude quake and the tsuna-mi that followed cut off electricityto the site and disabled emergencygenerators,knocking out the maincooling system.Some 3,000 people within two
Quake causes emergenciesat Japanese nuclearreactors
March 12-13,2011
Vol XI,Edition 178
March 12-13,2011
State. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7Nation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7-8Opinion. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9Business. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10Sports. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11-17Weekend Journal. . . . . . . . . . . . . 18-23Comics. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24Classi
eds. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25-30World. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8,31
PublisherEditor in Chie
Jerry LeeJon Mays jerry@smdailyjournal.comjon@smdailyjournal.comPhone:. . . . . . . . . . . . (650) 344-5200 Fax:(650) 344-5290To Advertise:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ads@smdailyjournal.comClassi
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Former MLBAll-Star DarrylStrawberry is 49.
This Day in HistoryInsideSnapshotThought for the Day
President Franklin D. Roosevelt deliv-ered the
rst of his 30 radio “
residechats,telling Americans what wasbeing done to deal with the nation’seconomic crisis.
In 1664,
England’s King Charles II granted an area of land inpresent-day North America known as New Netherland to hisbrother James,the Duke of York.
In 1864,
Ulysses S. Grant was promoted to the rank of gener-al-in-chief of the Union armies in the Civil War by PresidentAbraham Lincoln.
In 1912,
Juliette Gordon Low of Savannah,Ga.,founded theGirl Guides,which later became the Girl Scouts of America.
In 1930,
Indian political and spiritual leader Mohandas K.Gandhi began a 200-mile march to protest a British tax on salt.
In 1938,
the Anschluss merging Austria with Nazi Germanytook place as German forces crossed the border between thetwo countries.
In 1939,
Pope Pius XII was formally crowned in ceremonies atthe Vatican.
In 1947,
President Harry S. Truman established what becameknown as the “Truman Doctrine”to help Greece and Turkeyresist Communism.
In 1951
,“Dennis the Menace,created by cartoonist HankKetcham,made its syndicated debut in 16 newspapers.
In 1968,
President Lyndon B. Johnson won the NewHampshire Democratic primary,but Sen. Eugene McCarthy of Minnesota placed a strong second.
In 1971,
Hafez Assad was con
rmed as president of Syria in areferendum.
Ten years ago:
A U.S. Navy jet mistakenly dropped a bomb ona group of military personnel at a bombing range in Kuwait,killing
ve Americans and one New Zealander.“If power corrupts,being out of power corrupts absolutely.”— Douglass (cq) Cater,Americanauthor and educator (1923-1995)
Actress-singer LizaMinnelli is 65.Actor AaronEckhart is 43.
 The ‘Tree Trunk’hot air balloon,left,piloted by Gary Moore of the U.S.,andthe ‘Hopper’piloted by Jonas Doorsselaere of Belgium float in the sky duringa test flight over Malaysia’s capital of Putrajaya outside Kuala Lumpu.
 The worldis at war
See page 18
Wall Street
Stocks inchhigher dayafter Japanearthquake
See page 10
:Mostly cloudy. A chance of rain.Highs in the mid 50s. South winds 5 to 15mph.
Saturday night
:Mostly cloudy. A chanceof rain. Lows in the mid 40s. Southeastwinds 5 to 10 mph.
:Rain likely. Highs in the mid 50s.Southeast winds 15 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 70 percent.
Sunday night:
Rain likely. Lows in the upper 40s. Southwinds 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 60 percent.
:Mostly cloudy. A chance of rain.
“You’re looking at something that’s rupturinga very significant patch of theEarth’s crust....If anyone is in the position to ride this out,it is the Japanese.” 
— David Applegate,senior scienceadviser at the U.S.Geological Survey
fth biggest,but Japan ready,”see page 31
Local Weather ForecastLottoQuote of the Day
 The Daily Derby race winners are No.3 Hot Shotin first place;No.2 Lucky Star in second place;and No.7 Eureka in third place.The race timewas clocked at 1:40.56.
Playwright Edward Albee is 83. Former Atlanta MayorAndrew Young is 79. Actress Barbara Feldon is 78. Broadcast journalist Lloyd Dobyns is 75. Singer Al Jarreau is 71. FormerMassachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is 64. Singer-songwriterJames Taylor is 63. Sen. Kent Conrad,D-N.D.,is 63. Rocksinger-musician Bill Payne (Little Feat) is 62. Actor JonProvost (“Lassie”) is 61. Author Carl Hiaasen is 58. Rockmusician Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) is 55. Actor Jerry Levineis 54. Singer Marlon Jackson (The Jackson Five) is 54. ActorCourtney B. Vance is 51. Actor Titus Welliver is 50. ActressJulia Campbell is 48. ABC News reporter Jake Tapper is 42.Rock musician Graham Coxon is 42. Country musicianTommy Bales (Flynnville Train) is 38.Texas has more beef cows than any otherstate. Wisconsin has the most dairy cows.***National Football League (NFL) footballsare made out of cowhide leather,notpigskin. College teams also use leatherfootballs.***Unopened bottles of ketchup can bestored for one year on a cool,dark shelf.Tightly covered opened bottles of ketchupwill last a month in a cool,dark,dry place.***George Stephen designed his
rst kettle-shaped barbecue grill in 1951. At the timehe worked for Weber Brothers MetalWorks near Chicago. He developed a bar-becue with a lid on it. He added three legsto the bottom and a handle to the top,andthe Weber grill was born.***The grill ranks as the
fth most popularappliance in American homes. Seventy-six percent of U.S. households own a bar-becue grill.***Steamboat Willie,starring MickeyMouse,was the
rst animated cartoon touse sound. It was the
rst Mickey Mousecartoon. It debuted on Nov. 18,1928.***Walt Disney’s (1901-1966) middle namewas Elias. Norman Rockwell’s (1894-1978) middle name was Percevel.***Do you know the middle names of the fol-lowing presidents? George W. Bush,JohnF. Kennedy,Dwight D. Eisenhower,Franklin D. Roosevelt,Rutherford B.Hayes,Ulysses S. Grant. See answer at end.***Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy(BSE) is the medical term for Mad CowDisease. BSE is a progressive disease thataffects the cow’s nervous system. BSEkills all infected cattle. There is no treat-ment or vaccine. Over 97 percent of allBSE cases have been in the UnitedKingdom.***In 1888,Dr. James H. Salisbury,anEnglish physician,believed that eatingwell-cooked chopped beef three times aday,with large glasses of hot water,wouldcure almost any disease or ailment includ-ing anemia,asthma,rheumatism andtuberculosis. Salisbury steak is so calledbecause of that doctor.***There used to be a cow pasture at thewestern edge of what is now SanFrancisco International Airport. It waspart of the Millbrae Dairy,established in1870.The Millbrae Dairy was consid-ered the best dairy west of the RockyMountains. Borden’s Dairy DeliveryCompany took over the Millbrae Dairy in1938.***The McDonalds Big Mac was introducedin 1968. The cost was 49 cents. The EggMcMuf 
n was introduced in 1973,andMcDonalds started offering Happy Mealsin 1979.***The hamburger debuted at the 1904World’s Fair in St. Louis. Fletcher Davismade them famous by selling them on themidway. His fried ground beef pattiesserved between two slices of homemadebread caused a sensation at the fair.***The 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis,alsoknown as the Louisiana PurchaseExposition,ran for seven months fromApril 30 to Dec. 1. Twenty million peoplevisited the fair,for the most part travelingby horse and carriage.***There is a difference between grilling andbarbecuing. Grilling is done over thedirect heat of a
re. The outside of themeat is seared and concentrates the juiceson the inside. Barbecue is the process of cooking meat at low temperature (210degrees or less) for a long time.***
:George Walker Bush (born1946),43rd president; John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917-1963),34th president); Dwight David Eisenhower (1890-1969),33rd president; Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945),31st president; Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822-1893),19th president); Ulysses Simpson Grant (1822-1885),18th president.
Know It All is by Kerry McArdle. It runs inthe weekend and Wednesday editions of theDaily Journal. Questions? Comments? E-mail knowitall@smdailyjournal.com or call344-5200 ext. 114.
(Answers Monday)BASIS GUESS AROUND DOCKETYesterday’sJumbles:Answer:The veterinarian went to the doctor becausehe was — SICK AS ADOGNow arrange the circled lettersto form the surprise answer, assuggested by the above cartoon.
by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek
Unscramble these four Jumbles,one letter to each square,to form four ordinary words.
©2011 Tribune Media Services, Inc.All Rights Reserved.
   S   i   g   n   U   p   f   o   r   t   h   e   I   A   F   L   O   F   C   I   (   O   F   F   I   C   I   A   L   )   J   u   m   b   l   e   F   a   c   e   b   o   o   k   f   a   n   c   l   u   b
23 34 42 43 47 21
Mega number
2 8 5
March 9 Super Lotto Plus
14 19 21 42 45 6
Mega number
March 11 Mega Millions
1 7 23 27 31
Fantasy FiveDaily three midday
983 6
Daily Four
7 8 9
Daily three evening
March 12-13,2011
Petty theft
. A locked Trek mountain bicycle,valued at $800,was stolen on the 1200 block of Donnelly Avenue before 1:54 p.m.Thursday,March 10.
Reckless driving.
A small black importedvehicle was reportedly traveling more than 70mph on Broadway near Highway 101 at 8:40a.m.,Wednesday,March 9.
Health and safety code violation
. Five sub- jects were reported smoking marijuana on thebaseball field near the play structure on the1000 block of Burlingame Avenue at 4:21 p.m.Tuesday,March 8.
. A window was smashed on a Lexuson the 400 block of Carolan Avenue before12:32 p.m. Tuesday,March 8.
Health and safety code violation
. A residenton Ursa Lane reported three juveniles possiblysmoking marijuana at 6:21 p.m. Wednesday,March 9. Nothing was observed,but adultsinside residence were admonished.
Someone broke into a locked stor-age locker in the hallway next to her unit onBeach Park Boulevard before 6:15 p.m.Wednesday,March 9.
Citizen assist.
A woman reported finding adead mouse on her door step on Emerald BayLane before 6:22 p.m. Tuesday,March 8. Shesaid she believes it was placed there on pur-pose.
Police reports
When shoppers attack
It was reported that a man in his 60sraised his hand and hit another customerand her small child at 12:53 p.m.Wednesday,March 9 at the Safeway onEast Hillsdale Boulevard in Foster City.
By Heather Murtagh
Fourteen-year-old Seth Deesub became amillionaire Thursday,although the funds didcome with one restriction — they can only beused in the virtual world of ROBLOX.Having 1 million Robux,the virtual curren-cy used in ROBLOX,makes the teen the rich-est player in the history of the virtual gamecreated by the San Mateo company of thesame name. Deesub,from Lawndale,Calif.,had the chance to not only become a million-aire but meet those who put together the gamehe enjoys as part of a wish recently granted bythe Make-A-Wish Foundation,which grantswishes for children with life-threatening med-ical conditions.Deesub spends lots of time in the hospital,said his father Dusdee who goes by Luke.“He’s not usually talkative,his mom,SureeDeesub,added.But that was not the case Thursday.Deesub spent four hours at the San Mateobusiness as an honorary staff member learningthe ins and outs of the game,getting a sneak peak of unreleased features and helpingdesign a hooded hat,called dominus frigidus,which will be sold in the world.“Can I buy it first?”an eager Deesub askedhis partner in design,Market ManagerChristina McGrath,who promised to let himknow before it was released for sale.Deesub plays ROBLOX often. The onlinekids gaming site allows players to be thearchitects of their own world. Players canbuild social hangouts,invite others to party,talk online and purchase items — which iswhere the Robux comes in handy.Before Thursday,Deesub had about 600Robux. When he returns home this weekend,Deesub can start a shopping spree.“I play ROBLOX a lot. I was living a reallyhappy life. And I really didn’t want anythingelse,”Deesub said when asked why he chosethis wish.Deesub asked for the cash and the visit wasan extra special treat. And to the teen,theseguys were rock stars. After sitting in on adevelopment meeting,he collected the busi-ness card from CEO David Baszucki,whomDeesub had sign his business card. This movestarted a larger collection. Deesub asked forthe business card and autograph of all 25employees. Those without cards readily avail-able signed a piece of paper,many addingtheir in-world user name.“I’d stay at this office all day long if Icould,”Deesub said while reviewing his newbusiness card collection.Unless ROBLOX experienced a lot of infla-tion,Deesub thinks the money will last him along time,which also means his dad won’t beasked to provide access to his credit card any-time soon.
One wish for a million Robux
ROBLOX Creative Director John Shedletsky,left,looks over a collection of business cards with14-year-old Seth Deesub and his father Dusdee Deesub,who were visiting the San Mateobusiness Thursday as part of a wish granted by the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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