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Published by investorx

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Published by: investorx on Mar 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 *************************************************THIS FORECAST WAS MADE AS OF THE CLOSE OF MARKET,MARCH 10, 2011 (YYYYMMDD = 20110310) PRICE: $20*************************************************Please note the above date. Be sure to always usethe very latest price forecast file, which has thedate of the previous trading day, as that would bethe latest.Every stock forecast file is named with the formatSYMBOL.TXT, where SYMBOL is the ticker symbol. Theforecasts are updated nightly, and ready typicallyseveral hours before the stock market opening bell. ANY QUESTIONS? Send email to:StockCounsel@gmail.comOUR SERVICES FOCUS ON THREE MAJOR AREAS:1. Financial Forecasting2. Investment Management3. Domain Name Brokerage GUIDE TO INTERPRETATION & USAGE OF FORECASTS:Simply glance down PRICE for past price peaksand bottoms and note their associated extremereadings in FORECAST and PERCENT. As readingsapproach such extreme values, it means pricesare peaking (-ve) or bottoming (+ve). Generaltactic is to sell or short extremely negativereadings, and buy or cover extremely positivereadings. Timing can be further fine-tuned byusing trend lines to trigger and signal pricereversals with almost pinpoint accuracy.By searching for extreme FORECAST and PERCENTvalues, it is quite easy and safe to make 5%or more per month (cash basis) without use ofoptions or other derivatives.FORECAST column gives a somewhat conservativeestimate of the magnitude of the future pricemovement that is expected. PERCENT expressessaid movement as a percentage of the closingprice, i.e. PERCENT = (FORECAST/PRICE) x 100.SYMBOL, DATE, PRICE, FORECAST, PERCENTABMC, 20110112, 0.0850, -0.0008, -0.9ABMC, 20110113, 0.0850, 0.0058, 6.8ABMC, 20110118, 0.0850, 0.0036, 4.2ABMC, 20110119, 0.0850, 0.0034, 3.9ABMC, 20110124, 0.1000, -0.0113, -11.3ABMC, 20110125, 0.1050, -0.0162, -15.4ABMC, 20110126, 0.1050, -0.0185, -17.6ABMC, 20110127, 0.0900, -0.0014, -1.5ABMC, 20110201, 0.1200, -0.0085, -7.1ABMC, 20110202, 0.1200, -0.0046, -3.8

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