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The Christian Messenger, e-paper, March 2011 issue

The Christian Messenger, e-paper, March 2011 issue

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Published by Robin Sam
The Christian Messenger newspaper, epaper edition of The Christian Messenger, March 2011 issue. Evangelism through journalism.
The Christian Messenger newspaper, epaper edition of The Christian Messenger, March 2011 issue. Evangelism through journalism.

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Published by: Robin Sam on Mar 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MARCH, 2011Price: Rs.2/-Vol. 7, No. 11
This is Your Promise
PROTESTANT and Catholicbishops got together to stage aprotest against a report that hadg i v e n a c l e a n c h i t t ofundamentalists belonging tosome Hindu organizations behinda series of attacks on the Christiancommunity in Karnataka in 2008.Close to 500 church leadersjoined as many as 19 Catholic andProtestant bishops to stage theprotest.The gathering criticized thefindings of a commission byJustice B K Somashekhara. In itsreport, the Somasekara report hadnot identified the attackers behindas many as 48 incidents involvingChristian churches and other sites.Organised by the KarnatakaUnited Christian Forum forHuman Rights and the KarnatakaRegion Catholic Bishops’Council, the church leaders saidthe report was biased and that it‘whitewashed’ the incidents.The gathering also renewed itscall for an enquiry into theincidents by the Central Bureau of Investigation. Church leaderscalled for the withdrawal of morethan 150 cases lodged againstChristians who were injured in theattacks.Archbishop Bernard Moras of Bangalore said the report waspolitically motivated.The report was ‘completelyone-sided, biased, propagandist’,he said and added that it was‘totally unfair to all Christians.’“The Christians who were thetarget of attacks and the victims of the organized mayhem andvandalism have been convertedinto the perpetrators, while the realattackers and all forces andelements that had directly orindirectly supported have beengiven a clean chit,” ArchbishopMoras said.The bishop also criticized ther e p o r t ’ s ‘ s h o c k i n grecommendations’ that called forestablishing a registrar to manageChurch properties and monitor theworking of the churches, pastorsand their sources of income.“This seems to be a step tointroduce an anti-conversion law,”he said.A one-page memorandumaddressed to Chief Minister BSYeddyurappa has been submittedthrough R Ramesh, DCP (Law andOrder).“The report gives only district-wise incidents of church attacks; ithas failed to give a statewidepicture. There were systematicattacks at the same time in anorganised manner in Karnataka,which is not explained by thecommission. The report was silenton this aspect and therefore wereject it,” the memorandum stated.Speaking during the rally,Mariamma Thomas, an advocate,said if Christians were held guiltyof conversion then they shouldalso be accused of “converting theuneducated in to educated, sick tothe healthy, the unhappy to thehappy and the poor to rich.”
Full coverage:
Attacks onChristians in Karnataka in 2008
Justice Saldanha report on P 7.
Editor’s column
Turn to P 8.
general superintendent D Mohanwas elected as the vice-chairmanof the World AG Fellowship at thesixth triennial World AG Congressthat concluded in Chennai onFebruary 9.US AG general superintendentGeorge Wood was elected to servefor another three years aschairman of the World AGFellowship. The next World AGCongress (WAGC) will be held inthe US in 2014. The congress willcoincide with the 100thanniversary of the US Assembliesof God. The theme of the 2011congress was ‘Forward!’ GeorgeO Wood, who is also the presidentof the World Assemblies of God,spoke on the theme ‘Forward! InGod’s Favor.’N E WL i f eAssemblyof God’ss e n i o rpastor andAssemblyo f G o dI n d i a ’ s
Protestant and Catholic bishops along withCongress leader Oscar Fernandes in the protest rally organised by theKarnataka United Christian Forum for Human Rights and the KarnatakaRegion Catholic Bishops’ Council.
Photo courtesy: Daijiworld 
Then fear not, O Jacob myservant, declares the LORD,nor be dismayed, O Israel; forbehold, I will save you fromfar away, and your offspringfrom the land of theircaptivity. Jacob shall returnand have quiet and ease, andnone shall make him afraid.
Jeremiah 30:10
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 April, 2011
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UTTAR Pradesh in India is oneof the least-evangelized places inthe world, according to OperationWorld.“This single state of Indiaprobably represents the mostintense concentration of unevangelized people and groupsin the world, and thereby thegreatest mission challenge,” anOperation World expert wasquoted as saying in a news reportin
Mission Network News
.Although stories of churchgrowth in India may be true, muchneeds to be done still, the expertsays.A recent census says 579 of the613 people groups in UttarPradesh have no Christians at all.The church in Punjab in India isgrowing a little faster. Although 60percent of people in Punjab stillfollow the Sikhism, believers aregrowing in number.Each state of India has itsFREE Wheelchair Missionfounder Don Schoendorfer will bein Kerala as part of theorganization’s celebration of distributing five million freewheelchairs around the world.As many as 5,000 freewheelchairs will be distributed at afunction to mark the celebrationsat the Thirunakkara grounds inKottayam, Kerala on March 14.Sathyam Service Trust, aregistered charity based inTiruvalla, Kerala, is a missionspartner of FWM in India.Sathyam has till date distributedclose to 60,000 wheelchairs allover India.Founder of the Sathyam ServiceTrust C V Vadavana and KeralaPradesh Congress Committeepresident Ramesh Chennithalawill be among the who will speak on the occasion.Schoendorfer is known for hisinitiatives in equipping thedisabled with a functional andlow-cost prototype of thewheelchair.Sathyam may be contacted at 1-800-425-1211 for further details.WYCLIFFE Associates, aninternational organization thatinvolves people in the accelerationof Bible translation efforts, isseeking to raise $1.5 milliontoward the purchase of a PilatusPC-6 aircraft for operation inIndonesia.According to WycliffeAssociates president and CEOBruce Smith, Indonesia is ‘one of the most challenging missionfields on earth.’A former missionary pilot, hesays the remote and rugged chainof islands in the south Pacific isamong the least explored placeson earth and among the hardest totravel where people speak over700 separate languages.In some of the harder-to-reachareas, multitudes are trapped in thebondage of animism and spiritism.Poverty is epidemic.Many are living literally on theedge of physical and spiritualsurvival.unique challenges, but Bibles forthe World has concentrated itsefforts in these two states for themoment. The organization ispreparing to print 1.2 millioncopies of the Gospel of John inPunjabi and Hindi in 2011. Thecopies of the Gospel of John willbe distributed across Punjab andUttar Pradesh.
Page 3 | March, 2011
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READERS who love the epic world of CS Lewis’ books are being invited to return tothat ‘world of wonder’ he created in thethird movie installment of the beloved ‘TheChronicles of Narnia’ series.‘The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyageof the Dawn Treader’ will be released onBlu-ray and DVD from Twentieth CenturyFox Home Entertainment on April 8.According to a media release,“Imagination comes to life with stunningspecial effects that bring the vast oceansand sprawling landscapes to life.”The Blu-ray and DVD release comes justin time for Easter.GOD makes appearances in a number of Oscar-nominated films, but the Almightydoesn't play a leading role on screen orpreach a theologically orthodox messagefrom the clouds. Rather, spirituality plays asupporting role in those films that eitherfocus on characters' quest for redemptionor provide a fresh take on the eternal battlebetween good or evil.Many parents were surprised by howmuch they were moved by 'Toy Story 3', ananimated Best Picture nominee starring agroup of under-employed toys that grievethe loss of Andy, who leaves them behindas he matures and heads off to college.Christianity Today named its 'MostRedeeming Film of 2010.'There is a father figure in 'The Kids AreAlright', which received film, actor andactress nominations.'The King's Speech' received 12nominations, more than any other film, andwas named CT's second most redeemingfilm of 2010.The Coen brothers' remake of 'True Grit'received 10 nominations, including nodsfor picture, actor (Jeff Bridges) andsupporting actress (14-year-old HaileeSteinfeld).A dysfunctional family is also at theheart of Best Picture nominee 'Winter'sBone' in which a teen tries to redeem herdrug-dealing dad and keep her familytogether as they battle poverty in theOzarks.In 'Black Swan', the main character isstruggling through a very difficultrelationship with her mother.As for Oscar oversights, there have beenmany suggestions for films that should havebeen nominated.For example, many Christians wererooting for “The Chronicles of Narnia: TheVoyage of the Dawn Treader.” But this thirdNarnia movie failed to ignite either strongticket sales or positive critical acclaim,which means it may signal the end of theNarna film series.

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