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AssertiveCom! Power Up Your Assertive Sales Communication

AssertiveCom! Power Up Your Assertive Sales Communication

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Published by ruth

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Published by: ruth on Aug 26, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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& 12
AssertiveCom! Power Up Your Assertive Sales Communication
workshop is to inculcate into each participant through interactive learning,games, role-playingand experiential management games the importance ofinterpersonal sales interaction.Throughout the sessions, participants willlearn the core aspects of what how to be moreassertive by understand selfand others better through understanding personality and whatmakes asuccessful sales communicator. This workshop seeks to inspire participantsto gainnew confidence in sales communication and be effective in influencingthrough persuasiveargument and skilful negotiation to affect a positiveoutcome. At the end of the workshop,participants shall hold in their handsspecific skills, concepts and experiences that can propeltheir team andcompany toward greater professionalism.PROGRAM OBJECTIVESAfter attending this program,participants should be able to:-
Better understand their own personality and the personality ofothers especiallycustomers to have better sales interaction.
Translate the working knowledge of personality to improvetheir assertive sales communication with more confidence.
Master the skills of reading body language and increasesensitivity to body language and become effective influencing.
Have the upper hand in building rapport with anyone and tohave people like you instantly and use persuasive argument,skilful negotiation to effect a positive outcome
Manage you mindset and think on a paradigm thus having aclearer and less stressful pathway in life especially whendealing with people. Reporting SystemMETHODOLOGY
PowerPoint presentation
Group activity
Individual assignment
Group discussions
Session 1 –Assertive Rapport Building: Understanding My SalesCommunication Skills Level
Understand each person different and need
Different approaches to being interacted with.
Explore key assertive rapport building
Better understandthemselves better while understanding thevalues of the people around them
Improve presentation capabilitiesSession 2 –Using Personality for Better Assertive Sales Communication: Howto Interact with People: The Introvert and Extravert Assertive Modality
Understand what preference is and how both ourintrovertedand extroverted personality is prevalent in all of us.
Understand that introverted and extroverted people reactdifferently todifferent situations.
Understand how to handle each type of personality by firstunderstanding and balancing our own personality andformulate assertivestrategies on how to handle each type ofpersonality.Session 3 –Using Personality for Better Assertive Sales Communication: Howto take information: The Sensing and Intuitive Assertive Modality
Understand how people take in information and learn to workwith people with these kinds of personalities.
Participant will be able to see others as how they seethemselves and to understand why some people take actionand some don’t.
The better be prepared to ensure that their sales informationmeets the different people’s ability to understand and absorbthe message and act upon them.
Formulate assertive strategies to how to present informationbetterSession 4 –Using Personality for Better Assertive Sales Communication: Howto Make Decisions: The Thinking and Feeling Assertive Modality
Participants cultivate the fundamentals to interpret how peoplemake decisionsand how you can impact their decisions.
To understand why some people do things based logicallydecisions and somebased on pure feelings.
To make the correct appeal to the people’s logical or emotionalself.
To formulate assertive strategies to persuade people to acceptand make thedecisions that you would like them to make.Session 5 –Using Personality for Better Assertive Sales Communication: HowPeople Orientate Their Lives: The Judging and Perceiving Assertive Modality
Participants cultivate the fundamentals on how peopleorientate their lifestyleand work towards you and use carefulconsideration or impulse
To better understand our how people work and manage theirlife, in properstructure or on a ad hoc basis
To understand why people procrastinate and do things lastminuteSession 6 –Assertive Grooming and Body Language Reading
Learn the essence of projecting a assertive grooming stylewhich will matchyour clients
How to read and use facial expressions and hand and BodyLanguage gestures to your advantagein a people managementenvironment.
To defuse negative gestures and neutralize power play
Better calibrate a person’s eye movement to uncover theirsincerity orintentionSession 7 Assertive Posturing and Business Presentation Skills
To learn the essence of presenting your ideas better and moreassertively
To show how you stand and how you sit can communicate thelevel of yourpersonal confidence, real or perceived, to otherpeople
How to practice gentle assertiveness and understand the truefeelings andthoughts of the other person and reactaccordingly.

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