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Profibus Overview

Profibus Overview

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Published by Varun Kumar

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Published by: Varun Kumar on Mar 13, 2011
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System Description Open Solutions for the World of Automation 
Technology and Application
We are and will remain the world’s leading organi-zation in the field of digital networking for industrialand process automation, serving our customers,our members and the press with
the best solu-tions, benefits and information.We are committed to setting and protecting thestandards for open communication and control inthe automation and process market.
From the outset, the field of auto-mation has been subject to con-tinuous change. Not so long ago,this change was limited to the pro-duction area of a company. In pro-duction, the implementation of fieldbus technology has meantconsiderable innovation, enablingthe migration from centralized todecentralized automation systems.This has been the PROFIBUS ob-jective for more than 10 years.In those 10 years PROFIBUS hasbecome the world market leader infieldbus technology. In spite of theoutstanding success of recentyears, PROFIBUS developmentcontinues with undiminished en-thusiasm and energy. Initially thefocus was on communication tech-nology. Current activities center around system integration, engi-neering and, in particular, the ap-plication profiles. These profileshave made PROFIBUS the onlyfieldbus that provides comprehen-sive both factory and processautomation.Additionally, Information Technol-ogy (IT) increasingly determinesdevelopment in today´s world of automation. Modern fieldbus sys-tems have adopted IT principlesand are achieving greater consis-tency with the corporate manage-ment level. In this respect, indus-trial automation is following the de-velopment trends of the officeworld, where IT has long since leftits mark, radically transforming in-frastructure, systems and proc-esses. The integration of informa-tion technology in the world of automation opens up many newprospects for global data commu-nication between automation sys-tems. In pursuit of this objective,PROFIBUS is enhanced by theEthernet-based communicationstandard PROFInet.The use of open standards rather than proprietary solutions ensureslong-term compatibility and ex-pandability - in other words - pro-tection of existing investment. Thisis a matter of key importance to thePROFIBUS User Organization. Thecontinuous development of PRO-FIBUS technology providesmembers with a long-term perspec-tive. 
This document describes the es-sential aspects of PROFIBUS andtakes into account the level of technology available at the end of 2002. Its objective is to provide acomprehensive description of theworld's leading fieldbus system,PROFIBUS, without becoming tooengulfed in specific details.This brochure not only offers suffi-cient information to those with abasic knowledge and readers in-terested in an overview, but it alsointroduces experts to more exten-sive specialized literature. In thiscontext, we would like to point outthat, in spite of the care that hasbeen taken in the preparation of this overview, only the PROFIBUSdocuments available on the Inter-net are definitive and binding.Please refer to them for more de-tailed information.
Chapters 1 and 2
offer an intro-duction to the principles of fieldbustechnology and their implementa-tion with PROFIBUS.
Chapters 3 to 6
deal with the coreaspects of PROFIBUS and anyrepetition of subject matter dealtwith in Chapter 2 is intentional for reasons of completeness.These chapters emulate the modu-lar layout of PROFIBUS, fromcommunication technology throughapplication profiles to system pro-files.
Chapters 7 to 9
are more practi-cally oriented. They deal with sub-jects such as device management,implementation and certification.
Chapter 10
presents the theory of operation of PROFInet.
Chapter 11
completes the bro-chure with details of PROFIBUS In-ternational and the PROFIBUSUser Organization.

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