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Nanotechnology and Mems Robotics

Nanotechnology and Mems Robotics

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Published by balu54

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: balu54 on Mar 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Nanomechanical devices promise to revolutionize measurementsof extremely small displacements and extremely weak forces,particularly at the molecular scale.Hence MEMS has a huge scope on robotics at nano scale where MEMSenabled devices like Accelerators,Oscillators,etc. form the basiccomponents of the nano robot.Inside an accelerator MEMS device are tiny micro-structures thatbend due to momentum and gravity. When it experiences any form of acceleration, these tiny structures bend by an equivelent amountwhich can be electrically detected. Today, accelerometers are easilyand cheaply available, making it a very viable sensor for cheaprobotics hobbyists like you and me.MEMS surgical robots can be used in biology to study the Humanbody and treat disease by sending a nanobot through the bloodstream.Everything in the world comes at a price.
MEMS also face disadvantages mainly commercializing .MEMSmodules are created on experimental basis and require hugefunding.Hence presently commercial usage is quite far away and willbe a boon to many fields if made possible.
Nanotechnology is a field of applied science and technologycovering a broad range of topics. The main unifying theme is thecontrol of matter on a scale below 100 nanometers, as well as thefabrication of devices on this same length scale. Nanotechnology cutsacross many disciplines, including colloidal science, chemistry, appliedphysics and other scientific fields.Apart from numerous nanotechnologies such as quantum dots,NEMS and nanotubes for space research, real applications employcolloidal nanoparticles in bulk form, such as suntan lotion, cosmetics,protective coatings.The module chosen for the paper is an applicationof Nanotechnology with MEMS.
What is NEMS?
Two main approaches are used in nanotechnology: a "bottom-up" approach the other being “top-down” approach .Top-downapproaches create smaller devices by using larger ones to direct theirassembly like Solid-state silicon methods for fabricatingmicroprocessors. They are now capable of creating devices smallerthan 100 nm known as nanoelectromechanical systems(NEMS), whichare related to microelectromechanical systems(MEMS).MEMS is thetechnology of the very small, and merges at the nanoscale into
NEMS.They are fabricated using modified silicon fabrication technology(used to make electronics), molding and plating,etc.
Common applications:
1) Inkjet printers, which use piezoelectrics.2) Accelerometers in modern cars for airbag deployment in collisions.3) MEMS gyroscopes used in modern cars for dynamic stability control..4) Displays e.g the DMD chip in a projector based on DLP technologyhas on its surface several hundred thousand micromirrors.
MEMS-scale accelerometers, geophones, and gyrosthanks to theirsmall size and weight, modest power consumption and cost, and highreliabilityare replacing some of their standard-size precursors as wellas establishing new markets of their own.While accelerometers are the current leaders in commerciallysuccessful MEMS technology, other inertial devices such as rategyroscopes are poised for a similar success. In addition to high-volumemarkets for automotive crash sensors, there are niche markets forhigh-resolution seismic sensing and high-g sensors.The main applications of MEMS in robotics are1) Accelerometers2) Geophones3) Sensors-Digital compass4) Oscillators5) Microphones1)
An accelerometer measuresacceleration (change in speed) of anything that it'smounted on. How does it work? Inside an acceleratorMEMS device are tiny micro-structures that bend dueto momentum and gravity. When it experiences anyform of acceleration, these tiny structures bend by anequivelent amount which can be electrically detected.Today, accelerometers are easily and cheaply

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