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RC Radio 03-10-2011

RC Radio 03-10-2011

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Published by Reality Check 1776
Transcript of interviews with state Rep. Mark Hatfield, GA 177 and state Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, AZ
Transcript of interviews with state Rep. Mark Hatfield, GA 177 and state Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, AZ

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Published by: Reality Check 1776 on Mar 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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R.C: Good evening, everyone, and welcome to Reality CheckRadio for March 10, 2011.This is your host, R.C. Welcome to the show again. Thisis my weekly show on politics and presidential eligibility, andwe have a guest this week who couldn't be with us last week,because some of his legislative business took priority, so Iappreciate - I talked with Representative Hatfield yesterday,and we were able to reschedule him here tonight for a fewminutes, so certainly appreciate him giving up his time.Representative Mark Hatfield is from the 117th District inGeorgia, from Waycross. He's a graduate of the fine Universityof Georgia law school, and I believe he's also Secretary ofwhat's the equivalent of the Judiciary Committee.Representative Hatfield has introduced a bill on presidentialeligibility - one of the so-called 'birther bills'. There areabout - depending on how you count - ten or twelve of them. So,without further ado let's bring up Representative Hatfield.0:2:42R.C: Good evening, Representative Hatfield. Welcome to theshow.Rep. M.H: Good evening R.C. How are you doing?R.C: Hey, doing great. (they talk over each other)Rep. M.H: Real quickly let me just correct you about acouple of things. I'm in District 177 in Georgia, and I'm also
the - I'm the Vice Chairman of the Judiciary Non-Civil Committeein the Georgia House.R.C: Okay, thank you. I misread the district there, Iappreciate the corrections. So, why don't we jump into it,because I know you said you only had about twenty minutes heretonight so let's get right into the meat of it.Rep: M.H: Sure.R.C: Why did you submit the bill, and what - what's in thebill?0:3:20Rep. M.H: Well, this is House Bill 401, and it's entitledthe Presidential Eligibility Assurance Act, and this bill isbasically a bill which would require that presidential and vice-presidential candidates, in order to be included on the Georgiaballot, in the Presidential Preference Primary, or in theGeneral Election, would have to submit documentary evidence ofhis or her satisfaction of the natural born citizenshiprequirement, as well as the age and residency requirement ofArticle 2, Section 1 of the Constitution.And this Bill is - basically, it's an important bill Ifeel, because, it's important that we work to uphold theprinciples of our founding fathers as laid out in theConstitution, and right now, there is, there is currentlynothing that we have from Congress in the way of guidance, as to
the enforcement of Article 2, Section 1, and I feel that in theabsence of any action by Congress, that the states have the dutyand obligation to step forward, and try to make sure that thoseeligibility requirements are enforced.0:4:46:R.C: Okay. And what are some of the specific requirementsin the bill?Rep. M.H: Well, the bill, as I mentioned to you when wespoke last evening, the bill is - has undergone some changesince it was originally introduced. We have a substitute that'sdrawn up, but I'll just tell you, basically, as it wasoriginally introduced, the bill would require that apresidential or vice-presidential candidate submit an affidavitshowing that he or she meets the requirements of natural borncitizenship, age and residency; fourteen years residency in theUnited States, and that the candidate would append to theaffidavit, documentation, showing - proving that the candidatemeets those requirements, and it expresses a first preferencefor a certified copy of an original, a first original long formbirth certificate.In the absence of that, if such a birth certificate doesnot exist or is not available, then the candidate would bepermitted to submit other documentation as he or she deemed

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GeorgetownJD added this note
Mr. Hatfield announced during this interview that a substitute bill for Georgia H.B. 401 will be submitted with changes that include, among other things, includes an effective date of July 1, 2013. Although he claims this proposal is not "about Obama," the day following the interview Mr. Hatfield sent an e-mail to a supporter providing assurance otherwise. On his Blackberry, of course, and not th

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