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Myers 7e, Chapter 16 Quiz 2

Myers 7e, Chapter 16 Quiz 2

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Published by Jennii
Myers7e AP Psychology Book Reading Quiz
Myers7e AP Psychology Book Reading Quiz

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Published by: Jennii on Mar 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Myers 7e, Chapter 16 Quiz 2Top of Form
1. Janette, a 30-year-old teacher, regularly loses her temper and experiences tension and fatigue. Her behavior is most likely to be diagnosed aspsychologically disordered if it is:a. personally disabling and a cause of suffering.2. If researchers discovered that genetically influenced abnormalities in brain structure contribute to bipolar disorder, this would most clearly addcredibility to:b. the medical model.3. After participants in one study were informed that a videotaped interviewee was a psychiatric patient, they characterized the person with phrases such as"a passive type" and "frightened of his own impulses." This study best illustrated the:d. biasing power of diagnostic labels.4. Symptoms that may be misperceived as a heart attack are most characteristic of:b. panic disorder.5. Although Mark realizes that his behavior is unreasonable, he is so alarmed by high bridges or expressway overpasses that he avoids them by taking anunnecessarily lengthy route to and from work each day. Mark appears to suffer from a(n):c. phobia.6. Without success, Maxine spends hours each day trying to suppress intrusive thoughts that she might have forgotten to lock her house when she left for work. Her experience is most symptomatic of:b. an obsessive-compulsive disorder.7. A dysthymic disorder is most likely to be characterized by:e. a persistently sad mood and low energy level.8. Mr. Hoffman has always been cautious with his money, but over the past two weeks he has developed grandiose plans to bet his entire life savings on asingle horse race. With unrestrained exuberance he has also been giving everybody he sees unsolicited advice on how to make millions in the stock market. Mr. Hoffman's behavior is most indicative of:d. a manic episode.9. Amanda's therapist suggests that her depression results from mistakenly blaming herself rather than a slumping economy for her recent job loss. Her therapist's suggestion best illustrates a:d. social-cognitive perspective.10. Which of the following disorders is associated with a high level of hypnotizability?e. dissociative identity disorder 11. Which perspective suggests that dissociative identity disorders are created as defenses against the anxiety caused by one's own unacceptable impulses?a. psychoanalytic

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