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Published by haqqseeker1
Of all Allah’s Ahkam (commands), Salah has a very lofty position. It is the most important pillar of Islam (after Imaan) and the first and the foremost thing to be reckoned for on the Day of Judgment.
Of all Allah’s Ahkam (commands), Salah has a very lofty position. It is the most important pillar of Islam (after Imaan) and the first and the foremost thing to be reckoned for on the Day of Judgment.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: haqqseeker1 on Mar 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Of all Allahs Ahkam (commands), Salah has a very lofty position. It is the mostimportant pillar of Islam (after Imaan) and the first and the foremost thing to bereckoned for on the Day of Judgment.Salah is a unique command. Unlike other commands, it was decreed to the Ummaby Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala Himself when He summoned His beloved servant,the last messenger and the ultimate model for the entire humanity, NabiMuhammad (sallalahu alayhi wasallam) to visit Him on the exalted night of theMiraaj. Consequently the Salah is equated to the Miraaj (ascension) of a Mumin.The Prophet (Sallalahu alayhi wassalam) said:
Assalatu M¶iraj al-Mu¶min ( 
Salaat is the Miraaj of the Mumin).During this truly OUT OF THIS WORLD meeting between Allah, the Owner of AllSovereignty, and Muhammad (Sallalahu alayhi wasallam), the leader of all theProphets and the entire humanity, time is said to have literally STOOD STILL. It issaid the journey, comprising incalculable number of activities/conversations andinvolving a distance of immeasurable number of light years, proceeded soquickly that when he (Sallalahu alayhi wasallam) returned, his bed was still warmand the water cup that he had overturned with his foot at his hurried departurewas not yet empty.It is said that during this momentous meeting the following Mubarak greetingswere exchanged between Allah Subhana wa taala and Rasulullah sallalahualayhi wassalam:
THE PROPHET (Sallalahu alayhi wasallam):
"At-Tahiyyatu lillahi 
Greetings, prayers and
was- Salawatu wat-Tayyibatu
. Goodness belong to Allah.
ALLAH (Subhanha wataala):
As-Salamu ' alaika
Peace be on you,
O Prophet
wa rahmatullahi 
and the mercy of 
wa barakatuhu
. and His blessings.
 THE PROPHET (Sallalahu alayhi wasallam):
 Assalamu 'alaina waala
Peace be on us and on
ibadil-Lahis -Salihin
the righteous servants of 
ash hadu al-La ilaha
I bear witness that
il-Lal lahu
there is no god but
wa ash hadu anna
and bear witness that
Muhammadan abduhu
is His servant
wa rasuluhu." 
and Messenger
 The above greetings between the Creator and His Best Creation have divinelybeen incorporated in the
that we silently recite when we are in theQadah position during the Salah.
We approach the wisdoms of Miraaj through a genuinely felt and performedSalah, and thereby reach the pinnacle of servitude before Allah. Salah is the timewhen we present ourselves to the Lord, the Most High, and the most Magnificentwith all humility, fear and devotion and further humble ourselves in front of Himduring different postures of Salah. Allah says in the Holy Quran: Verily Salahprevents one from forbidden things; and the remembrance of Allah is thegreatest. (29:45) Rasullullah sallalahu alayhi wassalam has said, Salah is the bestof all that has been ordained by Allah.Performing a Salah which merits the approval of Allah necessitates intricate yetsublime processes of purification, the external purification as well as the internalone.
A properly performed Wudhu, preferably preceded by brushing of teethwith a Miswak, is required for the external purification.Acquiring the internal purification is, however, a very challenging task. Such astate of purification of the servants of Allah is greatly disliked by Shaytan and as aresult he tries his best to distract us. He whispers to us during Salah, diverting our
attention from Allah, depriving us of the bliss, love, and sweetness of this blessedworship and thereby diminishing our reward for it.Allahs awareness is of utmost importance throughout the Salah. Whateverposture we are in, whether we are standing in Qiyam, bowing down in Ruku,prostrating in Sajdah or sitting in Qadha, the feeling that Allah is watching usshould ALWAYS be present in our heart. In actual fact we are supposed to imaginethat we are seeing Allah when we are in Salah. However, if we find it difficult toattain that stage of piety, then at least we should create the awareness that Allahis watching us (ref. Ihsan in Hadith Jibreel)
The state of Salah that the Sahaba offered would transcend human logic today.The revered Companions, may Allah be pleased with them all, took great carewhile performing each single unit of the act of Salah, and while doing so, theycontinued learning about the Sunnah of the Prophet from each other.The Sahaba and other pious men and women actually envisaged Allah was in frontof them and as a result during their Salah they found themselves free of anymortal senses like hearing, feeling pain etc. History is overwhelmed with gloriousexamples to illustrate this fact. Once Hadhrat Ali (RadhiAllahu anhu) got an arrowstuck into his thigh. It could not be extracted, in spite of several efforts, due tosevere pain that he felt. When he was at his Nafl Salah and prostrate in Sajdahthe people drew out the arrow with force. When he finished Salah, he asked thepeople collected around him, Have you gathered to take out the arrow? Whenthey told him that it was already taken out, he informed them that he had not feltpain during the extraction.Then we have the example of Hadhrat Abdullah bin Zubair (RadhiAllahu anhu).Once he was saying his Salaat while his son Hashim was sleeping near him. Asnake fell from the ceiling and coiled round the child. The child woke up andshrieked, and the whole household gathered round him. After a great hue and crythey managed to kill the reptile. Ibn-e-Zubair (RadhiAllahu anhu), calm and quiet,remained engaged in his Salaat all the while. When he had finished it, he said tohis wife: "I heard some noise during my Salah; what was that?"His wife exclaimed: "May Allah have mercy on you! The childs life was in danger,and you took least notice of it.

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