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Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Card Sort

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Card Sort

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Published by Parkinson Alan
Produced by Jo Blackmore and kindly shared
Produced by Jo Blackmore and kindly shared

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Published by: Parkinson Alan on Mar 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Japan earthquake and tsunami card sort
The country’s ownmeteorological agency revisedits reading of the Friday quakefrom 8.8 to 9.0. The U.S.Geological Survey said thequake was an 8.9-magnitude.The area of fault thatruptured was actually small,within a length between 300and 400 km. In comparison,the magnitude 9.1 Sumatraearthquake in 2004 brokealong an area of fault 1,300km long.Japan's economy, which lostits place as world's No. 2 toChina last year, was already ina fragile state. It has beenailing for 20 years, barelymanaging to grow in-betweenslowdowns, saddled by amassive public debt.62 landslides have beenreported.Nuclear power stations weredisabled and two reactors atone plant are threateningmeltdown.Nissan said the tsunamidamaged 1,300 vehicles boundfor the USA.Experts say that a largenumber of people in affectedareas would suffer from acuteradiation syndrome and therewould be a rise in specifictypes of cancers and stillbirthsif a full meltdown occurred.A building at a troubledJapanese nuclear powerfacility collapsed Saturdayafternoon with smokebillowing out, and officialsresponded by expanding theevacuation perimeter to a 20-kilometer radius and sayingthey were preparing tostockpile iodine.Rolling blackouts would occurin the regions covered by twomajor power companies. Evenbusinesses in Tokyo are beingasked to limit their powerusage and turn off their neonlights. The planned blackoutswould be a first for modernJapan.Officials now believe at least10,000 people were killed inthe magnitude 9.0 earthquakeand following 10-metre hightsunami.More than 300,000 peoplefrom stricken areas andaround the threatened nuclearplants have been evacuated.In the Wakabayashi ward ofSendai, 200 to 300 bodieswere recently found onbeachesLocal governments have beenunable to account for tens ofthousands of people, and atleast 20,820 buildings havebeen fully or partiallydamaged in quake-hit areas.Along hundreds of miles ofJapan’s northeast coastline,entire towns are swamped andconcern is increasing amongsurvivors and aid workersabout dwindling supplies.Tens of billions of dollars willbe needed to rebuild homes,roads and other infrastructure— requiring public spendingthat will add to the nationaldebt.More than 1 million people arewithout water or power andtowns have been wiped off themap.Damage and disruption wasaggravated by more than 100powerful aftershocks in thehours after the first jolt.Almost 2 million householdswere without power in thefreezing north, according toKyodo News Agency, and about1.4 million were withoutrunning water.Power company officials sayhydrogen gas has also beenbuilding up inside the reactorbuilding at the No. 3 reactor.They have vented some of thegas, but fear that could leadto an explosion similar to theone that destroyed thebuilding at reactor No. 1.The hard-hit northeast ofJapan is a major centre for carproduction, complete with amyriad of parts suppliers and anetwork of roads and ports forefficient shipments.A sixty-year-old man has had amiraculous escape after beingswept nine miles out to sea bythe tsunami in Japan.Hiromitsu Shinkawa wasdiscovered clinging to the roofof his house two days after thedisaster struck

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