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RQ4 - Elric of Melnibone

RQ4 - Elric of Melnibone



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Published by James Marion
Mongoose Publications new version of the Stormbringer game.
Mongoose Publications new version of the Stormbringer game.

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Published by: James Marion on Mar 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Copyright Information
Elric of Melnibone
©2007 Mongoose Publishing. All rights reserved. Reproduction of of this work by any means without thewritten permission of the publisher is expressly forbidden. All art and text herein are copyrighted by Mongoose Publishing.All signifi cant characters, names, places and items featured in
Elric of Melnibone
the distinctive likenesses thereof and relatedelements are trademarks of Michael Moorcock and Multiverse Inc.This game product contains no Open Game Content. No portion of this work may be reproduced in any form without writtenpermission. To learn more about the Open Game License, please go to www.mongoosepublishing.com. This material is protected under the copyright laws of the United Kingdom. This product is a work of fi ction. Any similarityto actual people, organisations, places or events is purely coincidental.
is a trademark (TM) of Issaries, Inc. Produced under license from Issaries. All rights reserved. Printed in the UK.
Credits & Contents 1Introduction 2The Young Kingdoms 6Character Creation 34Skills 46Equipment 55Combat 64Adventuring 80Lords of the Million Spheres 85The Silver Grimoire 109The Seventh Dark 128Creatures 140Heroes & Villains 151Index 161Character Sheet 164Map 168
Lawrence Whitaker
Additional Text
Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Richard Ford
Cover Art
Chris Quilliams
Logo & Map
Iordanis Lazaridis
Ron Bedison
Black Sheep Studios,Leonardo Borazio,Martin Hanford, RyanHorvath, Phil Renne& Chris Quilliams
Nathan Baron, SimonBray, Mark Billanie, JasonDenton, Colin Driver, DarranDriver, Mark Galeotti, Mark Gedak, Tammy Gedak,Daniel Haslam, Mark Howe, Thomas Howe,John Hitchinson, AndrewLamburne, Alan Moore,Pete Nash, Daniel Rothman,Mark Rowe & Michael JYoung
Ian Belcher
Alexander Fennell
Special Thanks
Michael Moorcock, PeteNash & Richard Watts
Additional Thanks
Ian Kaufman & John White
or ten thousand years the Bright Empire of Melniboné has ruled the Earth, the shadow of its Dragon Lords reaching far and wide. Fromthe icy fjords of Tarkesh to the Boiling Sea and sands of Dorel; from the Marshes of the Mists and the forests of Jharkor to the Ragged Pillars separating the empire fromthe unknown, unmapped East; across the oceans to takein the Isle of the Purple Towns, Pan Tang and the mist-shrouded Sorcerers’ Isle. Melniboné, greatest of empires,has reached that point all empires inevitably reach, whendecadence overtakes sense, and the corrupting infl uenceof power undermines confi dence and control.This is the time of the Young Kingdoms. This is thebeginning of the End of the World.A storm approaches. Its architect is Elric, last emperor of Melniboné. An albino Prince of Ruins: a weakling and amighty sorcerer, a poet, a lover, a kin-slayer and a pawnof the Lords of Law and Chaos. The agents of the world’sdestruction are the capricious Dukes of Hell and a sinister,sentient runesword forged to destroy a race of gods, butdestined to destroy this cycle of time and herald the startof new empires, though none will ever come close to themajesty or infl uence of fading Melniboné.Yet, despite the cataclysm, this is a time of adventure,intrigue and romance. Against the backdrop of Melniboné’s decline, new nations are emerging andseizing control of its fragmenting empire. This is thetime of men and, whilst brief, it is no less bright thanthe Empire of Melniboné, and as the Earth approachesits darkest hours, humankind can, and will, make adifference.This book describes the world of Elric of Melniboné andthe Young Kingdoms. It details its lands, its peoples, itspossibilities and its doom. It offers an insight into theschemes of the Lords of Law and Chaos and providesGames Masters and players with the tools to adventurealongside Elric, Moonglum, Rackhir and Myshella.Adventurers can aid, thwart or ignore the grand designsof the Lords of the Million Spheres and can carve forthemselves quests, legends and even their own empires.This is the time of the Young Kingdoms. This is thebeginning of adventures at the End of the World.
Dancing at theEnd of Time
The spotlight in the world is fi rmly on Elric, as noted inboth Michael Moorcock’s stories. That is to be expectedfrom the works based on Elric’s life, but there is still roomfor Games Masters and individual characters to make adifference. That is where this book comes in.Elric’s saga spans ten or so years of Young Kingdomshistory, from the time Elric leaves Imrryr to travel fora year, through his many years of wandering the worldand other planes, culminating in the fi nal battle thatreshapes the Young Kingdoms. This book describesthis decade, referring to events in the recent past, thoseoccurring, and in the near future. Elric is abroad in theworld, Theleb K’aarna hatches his schemes against thesouthern continent, Myshella and Tanelorn, and the SeaLords gather to plan the razing of Imrryr. So the defaultsetting for this game is during the time of Elric, but noprecise date or period is given. Games Masters maychoose any point in the ten years of the saga, using themomentous events Elric causes, as either a backdrop totheir campaigns, or to include the adventurers in them.There is still time for many adventures in the years beforeElric wields Stormbringer in the great battle againstChaos. Although the fate of the Earth is set by the storiesnot everything is set in stone. Characters can still trek across the Weeping Waste, heavy blades held in tiredhands as they keep alert for signs of bandit ambush; orstalk through the forests of Jharkor, ever-aware that theyare being preyed upon by otherworldly monsters.Some Games Masters will lead their players throughthe intrigue-laden, cold-hearted court of Imrryr theDreaming City – plotting, scheming and duelling theirway to both glory and infamy while their empire diesaround them. Other characters may nd themselvesclutching axes as they sail to the Dragon Isle, ready totopple the towers of the Dreaming City and slaughter theinhuman race that lives there. The Seventh Dark chapter,

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