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Nameless Ones

Nameless Ones

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Published by: RaptureAmen TheReturn on Mar 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“ The Nameless Ones “They are rarely heard of. Most who are in the know about these certain beings of the highest order do all that they can to keep the knowledge of them hidden from the masses of humanity for theyknow the power of the frequencies of the multiverse. Most of all, they also know that the high beingsleft behind a secret bloodline. The bloodline was designed to awaken in a particular era. The era whenit seems that all is almost lost. A time when warmongers rule the planet with stolen knowledge thatcould be used as great breakthroughs in healing and evolution, yet because they lack wisdom, they usethis ancient technology to enslave all that are born on earth. If the “ Nameless Ones “ had notforeseen this terrible mindset of future time and made advances to intervene the planet would havebeen destroyed long ago. Here is the knowledge of that Great Plan... To create a Super-ConciousBloodline to put an end to the suffering of the universe. This bloodline is like no other race of beingsthat has ever been, nor is there a word in any language that can define the measure of their power once it is finally revealed.The “ Nameless Ones “ are such because they are infinite immortals. Any word of a vibrationis swallowed up, fore words will always fall short as a tool to describe them. Like a dust particle in themultiverse, the beginning and ends of it are all one in the same. I know this because I am a child of those who cannot be mentioned. I am the Royal Seed of All That Is, Dually I Am All That Is Unknown.For all those reading this script who I may have lost in that last statement understand here that it waspurposely done to distinguish the frequency of the bloodlines that continue to follow thiscommunication. These words are senseless jibberish to many. These words are key codes to a certainfew. Where ever you fall in that equation is all by design. To my brothers and sisters of the AncientFuture rule I wish to welcome you to the unfolding of all that I know. As my Akashic records unlock it will be shared to awaken you as well. We have always known we were something more. Now I bringto you a whole new level of Black- Light Body Engineering “... Nagajuna

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