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Published by Kaylee Miller

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Published by: Kaylee Miller on Mar 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Miller 1
Kaylee Miller Professor Jan RiemanEnglish 1102February 2, 2011
In writing my paper I had to map out who my sponsors were and what were literacies I had that stood out the most to me. It was very difficult to not get carried away with writing about the particular interest but to relate it to Brandt¶s definition of a literacy. It will definitelytake me more than one draft to write the essay, because I am still not confident that it fits what isbeing sought after in the prompt. Overall though I am satisfied with my draft, and prepared totake lots of advice on improving it.
orld of Literacy
Deborah Brandt defined a sponsor of literacy as ³any agent local or distant, concrete or abstract, who enable, support, teach, model, as well as recruit, regulate, suppress, or withholdliteracy- and gain advantage by it in the same way´ (Brandt 407). My interpretation of Brandt¶sdefinition is that a sponsor is someone or something that teaches you a language or introducesyou in to a culture that you can only learn by being taught with their help and by immersingyourself in to the literacy. There is not only reading and writing literacy, but a person can haveliteracies in many different fields. According to Brandt, literacy is a given fluency in an area.People can be literate in sports, art, music, as well as the literacies in their community or household. A sponsor introduces and teaches a literacy, by doing so they increase their community and the sponsored gains knowledge in a new field. Throughout my life I have been
Miller 2
introduced in to a variety of literacies and interests. Some of the primary areas that I am literatein is softball, FFA, and sports medicine. I have had a variety of sponsors who introduced me into these communities and helped me to become literate in each of them.One of my most proficient literacies that I share with my family is in softball. In order tofully understand what is going on in the softball world and what people are talking about youhave to be a part of it. My parents got me involved in playing tee ball when I was five and thensoftball when I was seven. They coached me when I was younger and paid for me to take hittinglessons and travel when I was older. My mom and dad were my primary sponsors for myliteracy in softball. They provided the means by which I needed to grow and learn. Attournaments my dad talked to coaches and other parents who introduced him to new teams andgave him tips on helping us improve. His outgoing personality and willing to approach peoplehelped us find out about better teams and various opportunities to improve and play at a higher level. Along with my parents I played and worked with several different coaches of differentbackgrounds throughout my softball career. Monty Sherrill is considered one of the best highschool softball coaches in the state and in 2006 his former team, Central Cabarrus Vikings, wereranked number one in the nation. By going to Coach Sherrill¶s camps and knowing him and theteam I learned even more aspects of the game. Most people would not know what it means to³bat wrap´ or what ³bat lag´ meant unless they were a part of the softball community that grewup with the techniques Coach Sherrill taught. My younger sister and I played on various teamswhich helped us get to know more people in the softball community. You realize how small thecommunity is when you travel to Miami, Florida, which is thirteen hours away, and face many of the same opponents. All of the news and events are spread by word of mouth or posted onmessage boards. The way to get in to college is to email coaches, attend camps, play for the
Miller 3
right tournament teams, and show you strengths on the field in showcase tournaments. You haveto know how to work the system and who to talk to in order to get where you want to go.Personally, I realized after several injuries and putting most of my life into softball that playingcollege ball was not for me. My overall literacy of the softball world comes from what thevarious sponsors I had introduced me to in the world of softball. This spring I will begin playingfor UNCC¶s club softball team. UNCC has became a sponsor to me by offering clubs andfunding the expenses for me to play. Softball is my passion and without the amazing sponsors Ihad I would have never succeeded as well as I did in the sport.Another literacy I have is in agriculture because of the FFA. As a former FFA officer atmy high school I got to learn a lot about the agriculture opportunities and issues going on in theworld. At FFA Nationals in Indianapolis, Indiana I was introduced to problems the agriculturecommunity was facing and how the FFA was taking their part in helping improve conditions for farmers, as well as educating citizens on where their food comes from. By having a literacysponsored by the FFA I not only know the background behind the famous blue jackets, but I alsohave been given the opportunity to learn about the new technologies being used to improve thefood supply and how farms operate. A particular issue that appeals to me is how the animalrights groups fight to set regulations for farmers when it comes to using animal products andcaring for animals. Most animal rights activists have a lot of criticism for the farmingcommunity; however, they do not have a true insight on how farms operate. After becomingactive in the FFA I have learned enough about farming to factually back up my argument againstmany of the animal rights groups. For example, at the FFA National Convention in 2009 MikeRowe, host of ³Dirty Jobs´, explained how animal rights groups had set standards for the correctway to calfstrate sheep. According to P.E.T.A, the farmer needed to rubber band the sheep¶s

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