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Published by Angel R. Tarragon
Pathfinder RPG, RPG, dungeons and dragons, Sarûnia
Pathfinder RPG, RPG, dungeons and dragons, Sarûnia

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Published by: Angel R. Tarragon on Mar 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Astereman are most often born from two of their own kind procreatingbut can also be born of the union of a minotaur and a humanoid woman,usually a dwarf, elf or human. Due to their seemingly feral ancestry theyare most often mistaken for wildlings as their anatomy betrays them;though from the waist up they appear like other humanoids, below theybear the legs of a bull and have cloven feet. Because of this, manyastereman wear loose fitting garments that cover their legs andspecialized footwear to muffle the noise they make when they traverseacross hard surfaces.Astereman are strong and hardy creatures and revel in physicalendeavors and sports. They are adaptable to many endeavors, but findthat mental tasks are not to their liking. Astereman quickly lose theirpatience and temper when hard pressed against for quick and intuitivemental tasks. They despise those that do not respect that they are notas mentally keen, and due to their lack of wits aren't as forgiving againstthose that openly flaunt mental superiority and are hard pressed to notresort to fisticuffs against them.
Physical Description
: Astereman are typically taller than humans butare nowhere near the height of the saelvhik. The only way to tell thatone is an astereman is by revealing their legs. Other than their legs,they can vary as much as other humanoids do in skin color and tone andeye and hair color. Astereman born of an elven mother typically havepointed ears while other astereman do not, those of them that are bornof a dwarven mother are stockier that heir typical brethren and those of human heritage have no physical signs of it.
: Astereman have no organized society that they call theirown, they either seek out their minotaur parent to spend their livesamong them and their society and culture or subsume to the humanoidways of the civilized world.Relations: Astereman relations is usually typical of that of theirhumanoid parent. They do need to be careful not to expose themselvesin bigoted communities and among those that wish to enforce racialpurity. They are easily the subject of ire when they targeted as a half-breed to the wrong element. Their lack of common sense combined withtheir physical prowess can prove to be a volatile combination when theyare pressed against these kinds of people, so it isn't surprising that theyaren't uncommon as one would think they are among the civilized lands.When they are exposed, all it takes is uprooting their life and settlingdown somewhere else, which doesn't seem to upset them as much asdoes other humanoids. Those of their kind with magical talent don't haveto be as careful as other astereman without it, as they can use theirtalent to hide their heritage and walk openly without the material needfor disguise.
: Astereman are capable of running the gamut of variousalignments, but many of them that are either raised by their minotaurfather or humanoid mother, not of a human but rather dwarves andelves are typically good aligned. Human raised astereman are subject tothe same wide range of emotional and physical abuse by their peers andpossibly their own mother, who may spite the child for what itrepresents. In this latter case, astereman tend to come out of theiryouth as bitter, hateful and spiteful beings capable of inflicting theneuroses of their trauma on others, thusly being neutral or evil at worst.By rising above this trauma and wanting to be a protector of those thatdeal with the same problems they have experienced, they becomeparagons for the force of good.Along the chaos and law axis, astereman are predisposed towardschaos as they find that it suits they their instinctual desire to act outtheir physical impulses.
Astereman find it difficult to wrap their mind aroundorganized religion. They can be spiritual, but are almost never pious.Astereman with a strong spiritual drive and heed the call of the wild findit easy to follow the path of the animist.The rare few of them that do answer the call of the divine mostlyvenerate deities that have Luck, Protection, Strength, Travel andTrickery as domain choices. Evil astereman are also fond of deities thatinclude Death, Destruction, Madness and War as domain choices.
: Many astereman take up the adventuring lifestyle as itprovides them with an escape from the pressures of civilization. In thewilderness they do not have to hide who they are and the adventurerslifestyle allows them to unhinge themselves from having to keep theirphysical needs under lock and key.
+4 Strength, +2 Constitution, -4 Wisdom:
are haleand hardy but lack the intuition and common sense to keep themselvesout of trouble.
Astereman are Medium creatures and have no bonuses orpenalties due to their size.

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