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Published by Sapphire Burton
dont belong to me!
dont belong to me!

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Published by: Sapphire Burton on Mar 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Buffy & Angel Crosover!Buffy was in her apartment. She shaird it with Willow Rosenburg. Buffy wentout the door and went patroling. While Buffy was out Angel saw her,so he fallowedher for a minute. When he was about to walk up to her to see her, Xander camerunning up beside her. "Hay Buffy!" said Xander. "Hay Xander,what are you doinghear?" said Buffy. "That's what I'd like to know." "I'm patroling what does itlook like,Xander?" "Oh, Well I'm on my way to see Anya,bye!" "See ya later."said Buffy. As soon as Xander left Buffy came to a cemetery. "Lets go see if there's any demons in hear." she said. Buffy went in. Angel was still watchingher. She looked around and didn't see any demons. Then she sat down on a gravestone saying to her self,"How boring, only if a..." Angel poped out of the bushes"Hi Buffy!" Angel said. "You scared me Angel!" she said. "Theres something Ihave to tell you." "What?" "I cant stand not being with you." "That's greatthat you feel like that Angel but...I have someone new in my life now!""Come with me." When Angel was done talking he took her to his place. When theygot to Angels apartment Angel thought to himself:(I have to be with her as longas I can to convince her to be with me forever.) Just then Buffy started to say"Angel are you ok?" Angel came out of his thought. "Did you say somthing Buffy?""Never mind what I said why did you bring me hear?" "Me and you have to dosomething?" he said. Then Buffy and Angel where kissing. Then it got out of control. Buffy and Angel couldn't control them selfs and they wanted more thenjust kissing. They wanted a hole lot more.Angel caught up to Buffy. Angel said,"Stop!" to Buffy. Angel gave Buffy a soft kiss onthe lips. Then Buffy was satisfied and she wanted to be with Angel not Riely anymore. ThenAngel pulled out a beautiful dimond necklice and Buffy was speachles. Buffy loved the necklesand asked Angel to put it on her. Angel did so. Then Angel asked her if she liked it and shesaid,"Do I like it, I love it. Its the most beautiful thing I've seen." said Buffy. Buffy lookd atAngel then Angel kissed Buffy softly on her lips. Tiely was thinking about Buffy for awhile andwas walking around looking for Buffy. Then he walked passed the graveyard. He saw Buffy andAngel kissing. Riely ran up to Buffy and said,"Buffy what are you doing kissing this freek?""This freek is kissing me because we love each other very very much!" Then Riely saw thedimond neckless. "Where did you get that neckless from, this freek?" "Riely, stop calling Angelfreek. His name is Angel spelled A...N...G...E...L spelles Angel not freek!" Riely started walkingaway from Buffy. Then Riely said,"Buffy how could you do this to me, you never new howmuch I really loved you, you never gave me a second chance." Riely went crazy. He grabbedBuffy's rist. Buffy said,"Let me go!" Angel got angry he turned into his vampire form. Angel ranup to Riely and bit his neck. Riely stoped. Riely felt his neck. He looked at his hand and sawblood. Buffy ran up to Riely and said,"Riely, are you ok?" Riely said,"Yeah, I'm fine. Got a littlejump that's all." Riely got up and started walking back to his apartment. Buffy still liked Rielybut very little. Riely still could not understand why Buffy broke up with him or how she couldlove Angel. Angel said to Buffy,"I'm very sorry, I didn't mean to he was going to hurt you.""That's ok I don't love him anymore. I love you." "I thought you where with Riely?" "I broke upwith him because he kept on complaining what I did with you at your apartmet. I couln't stand it.I was going to blow up!" "You don't have to blow up anymore." Buffy didn't want to talk about it

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