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Notes for a Supreme Nonfiction (2010 - vs1.0)

Notes for a Supreme Nonfiction (2010 - vs1.0)

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Published by Julian West

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Published by: Julian West on Mar 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Sufi idea is that there is a particular function of the Imagination through
which God creates himself … [it] is at once your act and God's act. God creates
an image of himself by having an Imaginative function in man think about, read about, imagine, see, God.
-- Charles Stein
Someone who had read and perceived [Charles Olson's] 'Projective Verse' and 
some other essays … would 
be in a position to read anew.
-- Robert Kelly
Not the (black art) Goetic but Theurgic magic -- seeks converse with theIntelligence, Power, the Angel.
-- Herman Melville, written in the flyleaf of a volume of Shakespeare
1.THE HUMAN BEINGin a way unknown to any other specieshas evolved the capability to consciously participate in the selective mutations and accelerations of hisown evolutionThis has never happened before. There is indeed something new under the Sun -- and it is usYou and MeWeTHE KEYis only those who are truly conscious are capable and equipped to participate in the metamorphosisThe rest (the misanthropic 'vulgar herd') do not. In fact, they do not experience anything at all, andadamantly refuse to acknowledge the Reality that the truly conscious* bear witness toTHE MEDIUMof such an evolvement in conscious participation in the controlled, imaginative creation of reality isLANGUAGELOGOSVERBUMthe Wyrd, orWORDthat IN THE BEGINNINGWASEVENTS IN LANGUAGEenact, signify or signal events in Consciousness. The WORD sets out, and does what it set out to doTo participate in this enactment is to become conscious of Language itself, morphing and melting its wayfrom ear to mouth and mouth to earout of our hearing and into our breathinglike smoke, like a snakespitting sparks and catching us afireawakening us one by one to the REAL(the fact that Language is what makes, creates, instantiatesREALITYTHE MEANINGwe give to Human being gives rise to a Reality made of bricks of Human belief We see what we believe because our beliefs about ourselves literally create, instantiatemake what we seeAPPEAREVERY APPEARANCEbecomes more than apparent, deceives somewhat, reveals somewhatOnly in seeing through them all may we at last come to knowWHAT IS REAL
2.HERMETICS is HERMENEUTICSthe sacred science of the
Human individual 
, of what it means to be a living holofractal micro-epitome of all Creation, alive on Earth, right here and now
the problem of how toBEat allwhen one's own self is the arena of strugglebetween archetextural Light and Shadow('I must build my own systemor be enslaved by another's, etc' -- sd Blake)for such conflicts ravage the soulto an oblivion of slowly decomposingatumsadamsatoms
etyms …
Originally, the POET was the leader of a totem-society of religious dancers. Hisverses
–versus is a Latin word corresponding to the Greek strophe and means ‘aturning’ – 
were danced round an altar or sacred enclosure and each verse
started a new turn or movement in the dance. … All the totem
-societies inancient Europe were under the dominion of the Great Goddess, the Lady of theWild Things; dances were seasonal and fitted into an annual pattern from whichgradually emerges the single grand Theme of poetry: the life, death and 
resurrection of the Spirit of the Year, the Goddess’s son and lover.
-- Robert Graves(Orpheus too was torn in pieces:the fateof all Muse-worshipping poets;every prophet is eaten aliveby this same zealousFIRE'
Love of the Goddess makes the poet mad:he goes to his death and in death is made wise' 

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