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Daniel Coyle- The Talent Code (Unplugged)

Daniel Coyle- The Talent Code (Unplugged)

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Published by Ting Wu

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Published by: Ting Wu on Mar 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A conversation between Daniel Coyle & Moe Abdou
The Talent Code (Unplugged) Daniel Coyle
33voices.com 1
About Daniel Coyle & Moe AbdouDaniel Coyle
Daniel Coyle is a contributing editor for Outside magazine and the authorof three books, Hardball: A Season in the Projects and the novel WakingSamuel including the New York Times bestseller Lance Armstrong’s War.A two-time National Magazine Award finalist, he has written for SportsIllustrated, The New York Times Magazine, and Play (including this March2007 cover story which sparked The Talent Code).
Moe Abdou
Moe Abdou is the creator of 33voices  a global conversation about thingsthat matter in business and in life.moe@33voices.com 
The Talent Code (Unplugged) Daniel Coyle
33voices.com 2
It kind of leads into a lot of the work that you’re doing with this talentstuff. I got to tell you, it’s really, really fascinating to me because as I mentioned to you last time, my 25-year career in the finance business wasreally about recruiting talent. There is so much misnotion about it and now you come up with your research that you’ve done which is really incredibly eye opening.
This is an exciting moment. We’re actually at the point that we can get an x-ray into this world. It’s been really mysterious. Now, we’re actually getting asense of what it’s made of, how you get more of it, how you get less of it. Thatit is a thing. There is a ‘there’ there. So, yes, to be able to kind of be conduiteffect has been really exciting.
I know you’ve got other interests that you’re dealing with now; thecreativity and the innovation stuff. What insights, since the book has beenout, since kind of the world, specifically here domestically has really started to understand what you’re talking about, since the release of thebook, what insights have you gained? I’m sure you’re observing people and continuing to observe this particular topic.
What is really interesting is the connections. Everybody connects to this intheir own way. I’ve gotten a lot of sort of a real web of connections that havecome out as a result of this from the music world, from the sports world. Butthe ones that are really interesting I think are from the business world. Frompeople who are taking some of these ideas about training, about motivation,about coaching and apply it, grafting them on to their lives and their businesses.And how effective that can be when you think about say, making a sales pitchin the same way that you would think about hitting a five iron. That there is asequence of moves which is a circuit you have to build in your brain, a set of skills that you are not in front of it but that you grow literally piece by piece,wrap by wrap, connection by connection in your brain to do that skill. That is avery powerful notion that a lot of people have been able to grab right away andapply.The one area that I really didn’t expect a lot of connection because it’s a bitforeign to me – was traders, stock - stock traders, bond traders. Those guyswho really are split second reflexes. I mean, you talk about the reflexes of ahockey goalie or of Rajon Rondo. I mean, that’s what these guys want to beable to do. They want to be able to see the court. They want to be able to seethe landscape. They want to be able to react instantly, slightly before the guystanding next to them; to opportunities in that landscape. Just like Rondo canreact toward a pass or just like Roger Federer can react, to just like Yoyo Ma

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