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He's a Senior and I'm the Freshman Chapters 1-5

He's a Senior and I'm the Freshman Chapters 1-5

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Published by Taylor

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Published by: Taylor on Mar 15, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My alarm clock woke me up on an early Thursday Morning.I slowly lifted my self up on my elbows to see the time. The small alarm clock next to me said it was six o’clock in the morning. I fell back into my bed with a groan; it’s too early in the morning.Today… I become a freshman.I smiled to myself and walked to my bathroom with my underwear. After I took a long shower I walked into my room, in my underwear, and opened my closet.I took out a V-neck blue and black striped long sleeve shirt and a pair of darkjeans. I put my long, light brown hair into a mess bun, put on a little make upand left my room, with my backpack.“Morning, honey” my mom said to me as I walked down stairs.“Hey momma” I said making my breakfast.After I was done my breakfast my sister came down stairs in a black mini skirt and a low V-neck pink shirt.“Hey mom is this skirt long enough?” asked my sister, Chelsea.My mom looked up form the paper she was reading. “Yeah”“Perfect” Chelsea said walking into the kitchen. “Hey freshman” she said opening the fridge.“Hey senior” I said back as the door opened.“Hey ladies” said our lovely next-door neighbor, Tyler.Did you catch the sarcasm?“Hello, Mrs. Allen, how are you this fine morning? Man, you get prettier and prettier with age. The years have been good to you,” Tyler said as he kissed my mom’s hand.“Kiss up” I muttered.Tyler glared at me. “Fresh-meat”“Senior” I said rolling my eyes.Tyler and Chelsea gave each other a hug as the door opened again.“Hey babe,” said my best friend Blake said coming inside.“Hey” I said back in a flirty tone.“Hello Mrs. Allen looking fierce as all ways. Gosh, you could make a gay guy straight like that” Blake said snapping his fingers when he said that.He came into the kitchen.“Kiss up” I said.“Whatever, hurry up, my brother got his new car, it’s black, and we are going to look so sexy in it…what are you wearing?”I looked down at my outfit. “I like it”“No, honey, no”“Fine, it’s either this or Hug not Drugs, which one?”He thought for a minute. “Drugs”“Crack head” I muttered.“Hurry up,” he said smacking my butt.“Hey, my butt is off limits, gay or straight, got it,”“Whatever, hurry up,” he yelled after me.I hurried into my room and changed my shirt and hurried back down stairs.“Better?”“Much,” he smiled.“Bye mom,”“Bye Ryan,” she smiled.Blake and I walked outside to his brother’s car.“Hey Marcus,” I smiled.“What’s up Ryan?” Marcus smiled.“Nothing,” I said hopping in front seat of the car. “Nice wheels,”“Thanks,”“Shut up and drive!” Blake said from the back seat of the car.“No back seat driving,” I shot back.“What?” he said as Marcus drove away from my house.“I cant wait for high school!” Blake said.“Why? Because you get see your boyfriend again,”“He’s not my boyfriend,”
“Yet,” I muttered.“He’s straight, Ry,”“For now,”“Shut up!” he laughed. Marcus joined us.“What about you, Ry? You ready?”“Hell yes! Cute guys everywhere!”The boys laughed as we came to a stop.“Welcome to high school,” Marcus said.I grinned.West Bridge High School here I come.Marcus, Blake and I walked up the steps and walked into the high school.“Oh, wow,” I said.“Yeah, there are a lot of people here. You’ll get used to it,” he said as his girlfriend, Melody, wrapped her arms around him.“Hey buttercup,” he said kissing her.“Hey,” she said smiling at him.Melody never really like me. She thought that I was threatening her relationshipwith Marcus.She didn’t understand the concept of ‘just friends’. Marcus and I had a thing way backwhen, but it didn’t really work out. So, now it’s back to being best friends.“Later,” Blake and I said walking away from them.“Bye,” they called.“I spy your man,” I whispered to Blake.“Shut up, he’s straight,”“My gaydar doesn’t say that,”“Well mine does,”“Hey Ryan, hey Blake,” Mitch said walking by us.“Hey,” I said as Blake just stared.Mitch winked but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t at me.Blake blushed and walked away.“Believe me now?” I asked.“Shut up. Where’s your little boyfriend?” he asked me.I smiled. “He’s somewhere,”“Or right here,” Leo said wrapping his arms around me.I smiled at him and he kissed me.Leo and I got together last year right before summer break. I haven’t seen much ofhim because he’s been at camp all summer.“I’ve missed you,” I said hugging him.“Same, you look beautiful, I should go away and leave more often,”I rolled my eyes and hugged him.Suddenly a weird hush fell over the hall and everyone up at the main entrance.There they were.Chelsea, her boyfriend, Logan, Tyler and the new flavor of the week walked in.These were the four super powers of the school. Its sad but true.Tyler and Chelsea ruled the school and who ever dated them did too. It was a sadbut true fact.I rolled my eyes as they walked down the hallway.Chelsea looked at me and smiled.I guess I should feel special.Tyler looked over at me and smirked.I rolled my eyes and he winked.Most girls would faint or die on the spot. I did the next best thing.I gave Leo a kiss and Tyler glared at me.You see, Tyler and I grow up together.He’s like my brother that I never wanted. I see right through him.I know all of his secrets and his past. So his smooth ways don’t affect me.Once they pasted everything went back to their business.“Wow,” Blake said.“I know, who knew my sister was cool?”
The boys and I walked into the auditorium and sat down.The principal introduced herself and welcomed, us, the freshman. She then laid down the law for us.She was a no nonsense type of gal.We would be getting along just fine. I normal get in trouble anyway, so I wouldbe seeing a lot of her.I did promise my dad that I would behave, but every now and then someone pushesmy buttons.After our little meeting we went to homeroom.I hate homeroom.They had us alphabetically. I was no where near Blake or Leo.Plus my homeroom teachers don’t seem to give a crap about us.Yay.The first day of school is pointless to me.All we do is sit and listen to our teachers welcome us and tell us their classroom do’s and don’t’s.I had three classes with Blake and two with Leo.Not bad.I had lunch with the both of them, but I don’t really count lunch to be a subject.Chelsea and Tyler and their little pack were also in my lunch.Chelsea and Tyler walked over to me and smiled. “What’s up freshmen?” she asked.“The sky,” I said.Chelsea rolled her eyes and sat down. “Be nice,”“Yeah, how’s senior year?”“Awesome!” they chimed together.“Great,” Blake and I chimed mocking them.Leo laughed and wrapped his arm around me.“When do you have gym?” Tyler asked.“After this, why?” I answered.“We have gym with you,” Chelsea said.“Ugh!” Blake and I said.“See you two them,” she said walking away.“Kill me,” I said resting my head on Leo’s shoulder.“It wont be that bad,” he said kissing me.I grinned and looked over Blake’s shoulder. “Here’s your man,”“Hey guys, Blake, what’s up?” Mitch said sitting down next to him.“Nothing,” we said.Blake nodded his head.“So, I’m having a back to school pool party at my house on Friday, you up for it?” Heasked.“Yeah,” we cheered.“My sister and her friends are having one of those today at my place, want to tagalong. Blake will be there,”“Most definitely,” he smiled.“Hey Mitch,” a group of girls said and Mitch grinned at them.“Talk you guys later,” Mitch looked over at Blake and smiled before getting up.Blake glared at me.“What?”“I hate you and love you all at the same time,”I laughed as the bell rang.Time for Gym with Tyler and my sister.Blake and I walked into the large gymnasium and sat down together on the bleachers.The other students made their way into the gym and sat down.Tyler and Chelsea walked in with a group of seniors following behind them.Tyler winked at me and I rolled my eyes.He needs to stop with the winking.Five minutes after the bell rang the gym teachers stood up and began talking.They take gym class so seriously.

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