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Iranian Military Capability 2011 - Ground Forces - March 15th 2011

Iranian Military Capability 2011 - Ground Forces - March 15th 2011

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Published by galenswright

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Published by: galenswright on Mar 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Iranian Military Capability 2011
1. Ground Forces
Open Source Intelligence ProjectIndependent and objective analysis of current Iranian military capability using open-source non-classified information. Assessments and views expressed represent those of the authors and are notaffiliated with any special interest group or political agenda.V 1.0 March 2011
About the Project
The Open Source Intelligence Project 2011 is an attempt to draw together the most salient bits of currentlyavailable Open Source material to piece together a broad and largely complete analysis of Iranian militarycapability. Open Source refers to unclassified, public sources.The co-authors and reviewers come from a wide range of backgrounds, including in some cases extensivemilitary intelligence experiences and/or relevant specialist knowledge. However, their primary connection is anappreciation and active participation in the Open Source intelligence scene. All those involved have contributedon an amateur/civilian basis. Some have requested to remain anonymous, for various reasons, which we mustrespect.The project was started in April 2010 and took months of writing, research, drafts and revisions to make it intothe form you are reading. We have attempted to provide a single text that will be easy to navigate and digest.However, it is the work of multiple people and this may be apparent in different writing styles and minorformatting differences. We apologize for this, but believe it is inevitable in this type of undertaking.We hope that you find the document interesting and informative – we are hopeful that there is someinformation and analysis which although open source in nature, is fresh and stimulating to even a highlyinformed reader.
Authors (This Section)
· Galen Wright
Main Reviewer/Contributor (This Section, No Order)
· ‘TLAM Strike’· Sean O’Connor· Anonymous (1)
Additional Reviewing Pool (No Order)
· Anonymous (4)· Eagle2009· Dave Matteson
AAA – anti-aircraft artilleryAD – Armored DivisionAFV – Armored Fighting Vehicle, hereafter usually in reference to a non-MBT platformAP – Armor PiercingAPC – Armored personnel carrierAPFSDS – Armor piercing fin stabilized discarding sabotAT – Anti-TankATGM – Anti-Tank Guided MissileAVLB - Armored Vehicle Launched BridgeBDU – Battle Dress UniformCBW / CBRN – Chemical Biological Weapons / Chemical Biological Radiological NuclearCB – Commando BrigadeCD – Commando DivisionCEP – Circular Error ProbabilityCEV – Combat Engineering VehicleCT – Counter TerrorDCU – Dessert Camouflage UniformEO – Electro-OpticalERA – Explosive Reactive ArmorFCS – Fire Control SystemGCC – Gulf Cooperation Council. Alternately PGCC, or CCASG. Use of the term does not qualify as an endorsement of theterm “Arabian Gulf” or other term over “Persian Gulf.GOA – Government of AfghanistanGOI – Government of IraqHE – High ExplosiveHE-FRAG – High Explosive FragmentationHEAT – High Explosive Anti-TankHESH – High Explosive Squash HeadMANPADS – Man Portable Air Defense SystemMCLOS – Manual Command Line of SightID – Infantry DivisionIEI – Iran Electronics IndustryIFV – Infantry Fighting VehicleIMINIT – Image IntelligenceIRIGF – Islamic Republic of Iran Ground ForcesIRIA – Islamic Republic of Iran ArmyIRIAA – Islamic Republic of Iran Army AviationIRIP – Islamic Republic of Iran PoliceIRGC – Islamic Revolutionary Guards CorpsIRGCGF – Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Ground ForcesISAF – International Security Assistance ForceKE – Kinetic energy, usually in reference to KE penetrators uses as an anti-armor weaponMANPATS – Man Portable Anti-Tank SystemMBT – Main Battle TankMID – Mechanized Infantry DivisionMLRS – Multiple Launch Rocket SystemMG – Machine-gunNATO – North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationRAP – Rocket Assisted ProjectileRHA – Rolled Homogenous ArmorSAR – Search and RescueSACLOS – Semi Automatic Command Line of SightSIGINT – Signals IntelligenceTBM – Tactical Ballistic Missile

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