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Analysis of evaluation instrument

Analysis of evaluation instrument

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Published by Benediktus R. Rattu

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Published by: Benediktus R. Rattu on Mar 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Name: Benediktus R. RattuReg. Number: 0601020007TEST ANALYSIS(Objective Test)Read the following notice. It is put on the glass door “NO CHILDREN UNDER 10 YEARS OLD!”1. What does it mean?a. We don’t have children under 10 years old.b. Children under 10 years old must enter the room.c. Children under 10 years old mustn’t enter the room.d. There are no children under 10 years old in the room.
The student answers (d). In this first number of the test, it is obvious that the error ismade by the student. The item is easy for those who study the pattern of the sentence and can memorize the lesson.
2. The following warning means that pedestrians should….the grass.KEEP OFF THE GRASSa. Not cutb. Not water c. Not keepd. Not walk on
The student answers (d). The answer is correct. But the item here is too easy.3. Study the notice!
USE THE HAND DRYER What does the notice above mean?a. We don’t have to dry our hands.b. We can’t have to dry our hands.c. We should use the dryer to dry our hands.d. We should use our hands to dry something.
The student answers (c). This item has good distractor, we can see in point (b). Thepattern of the sentence is obviously unavailable in English pattern. But the other three iswell patterned. It is quite difficult for a beginner student to answer it, but if the student learns little harder, it would be an easy one. Just like in this item where the student cananswer the question correctly. The item is valid according to the theory.
Read the following text and answer questions 4 and 5.Dear RosePlease accept my condolences!Your father was a great man.
God may always keep him in his heavenLet him rest in peaceI’ll always be beside you whenever you need.Best wishes,Elsa4. What is the purpose of the text?a. To inform people.b. To express sympathy.c. To invite someone.d. To ask for information.
The student answers (b). It is a correct answer. The item is not bad, because it has good distractors.
5. Which statement is not true based on the text?a. Elsa’s father passed away.b. Rose’s father was a great man.c. Elsa will help Rose whenever she needs her.d. Elsa asks Rose to let her father rest in peace.
The student answers (a), It is a correct answer.The two items above are well arranged test items because they need an analysis beforebeing answered.
Study the text to answer questions 6 and 7Ardy, I use your bikeMine is brokenDon’t worry, everything will be allrightThanksLeo6. The purpose of the text is…a. To tell Ardy that Leo uses his bike.b. To ask Ardy to use Leo’s bike.c. To tell Leo that Ardy uses his bike.d. To ask for clarification about a bike.
The student answers (a). This item is pretty good and the student can answer it correctly
7. The writer uses ardy’s bike because….a. He has lost his bike.b. His leg is broken.
c. His own bike is broken.d. He doesn’t have a bike.
The student answers (c)
Read the text and answer question number 8 and 9To: Vita MaharaniI will be glad if you come to my 15
birthday partyDay/date : Sunday / 27
July 2008Time : 7:00 .p.mPlace : Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 385 SungailiatYours truthfully,Tika Panggabean8. How old will Tika be in 2016a. 21b. 22c. 23d. 24
The student answers (c) This item is good in testing the student’s reading comprehension.
9. When will the party be held?a. In the eveningb. In the morningc. In the afternoond. At midnight.
The student answers (a). This item is also about reading comprehension and it is valid based on the theory.
Read the text: Guest speakers SEMINAR University Maju Harapanwww.umh.edu(021) 5462072Come and listen26
may 200811:00-15:00UMH Global CampusTangerang10. What’s the announcement about?a. The opening of a university.b. The opinion of our nation.

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