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Published by steve_y

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Published by: steve_y on Mar 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Power−Supply Cookbook
Maxim Power Supply CookbookCompiled: December 2008Available at: http://www.maxim−ic.com/cookbook/ Maxim has developed power supplies for a wide range of applications. Choose the specifications thatmost closely meet your needs. Then view a circuit design, complete with schematic diagram andbill of materials.Evaluation boards and custom variations of these designs are available to qualified customers. Pleasecontact your local Maxim sales office to request an assembled circuit.Contact: powerhelp@design.mxim.comAlso See: Isolated Power−Supply Reference Guides, http://www.maxim−ic.com/isolated−supply−guide
Page Topology V
8 Battery Charger 18.5V to 28V 2, 3 or 4 Li+ cells 5A 300kHz PWM, externalFET10 Inverting 12V −5V 2A 300kHz PWM, externalFET11 Inverting 3V to 5.5V −12V 0.4A 300kHz PWM, externalFET12 Inverting 12V −48V 0.1A 300kHz PWM, externalFET13 Inverting 12V −72V 0.1A 300kHz PWM, externalFET14 Inverting 3.3V −3.6V 1.2A 300kHz PWM, externalFET16 Inverting 3.3V −5.2V 1A 600kHz PWM, InternalFET, uses step−down ICas inverter17 Inverting 12V −12V 0.25A 300kHz PWM, externalFET19 Inverting 12V −48V 0.1A 300kHz PWM, externalFET, transformer21 Inverting 12V −0.7V 2A 300kHz PWM, externalFET23 Inverting 15V −200V 0.03A 500kHz PWM, externalFET, transformer, MEMSsupply25 Inverting 15V −15V 0.25A 300kHz PWM, externalFET27 Inverting 5V −5.2V 0.5A 300kHz PWM, externalFET29 Inverting 12V −5V 1A 300kHz PWM, externalFET31 Inverting 12V −5V 0.4A 250kHz PWM, externalFET, boost with invertingcharge pump32 Inverting 15V −150V 0.05A 300kHz PWM, externalFET, transformer34 Inverting 5V −5.2V 0.5A 300kHz PWM, externalFET36 Inverting 5V −12V 0.2A 500kHz PWM, externalFET38 Inverting 12V −80V 0.12A
300kHz PWM, externalFET, transformer40 Inverting 3V to 6V −12V 0.6A 300kHz PWM, externalFET41 Inverting 15V −180V 0.005A 300kHz PWM, externalFET, transformer43 Inverting 7.5V to 13.5V −5V 0.5A 300kHz PWM, externalFET45 Inverting 11V to 14V −64V 0.35A 500kHz PWM, externalFET, transformer47 Inverting −48V −60V 0.1A 200kHz PWM, externalFET, transformer48 Inverting 12V −12V 0.5A 300kHz PWM, externalFET50 Inverting, multi−output 12V −65V−24V0.1A0.52A250kHz PWM, externalFET, transformer, SLICsupply52 Inverting, multi−output 5V −72V−24V0.06A0.15A250kHz PWM, externalFET, transformer, SLICsupply54 Inverting, multi−output 5V −24V−72V+3.3V0.1A0.025A0.1A100kHz PWM, externalFET, transformer,isolated SLIC55 Inverting, multi−output 12V −80V−24V0.25A0.12A500kHz PWM, externalFET, transformer, SLICsupply57 Inverting, multi−output 10V to 25V −62V−25.5V+38V0.09A0.08A0.09A250kHz PWM, externalFET, transformer58 Inverting, multi−output 5V −80V−24V0.12A0.06A500kHz PWM, externalFET, transformer60 Inverting, multi−output 5V −24V−100V0.12A0.075A500kHz PWM, externalFET, transformer, SLICsupply62 Inverting, multi−output 12V −80V−53V−26V0.1A0.12A0.12A250kHz PWM, externalFET, transformer64 Linear Regulator,multi−output3.3V, 6.5V and 12V 5V2.5V0.7A0.735Aexternal FET, dual linearreglator, for ThomsonJupiter chip set65 Off−Line 120VAC 28V 0.7A 200kHz PWM, externalFET, drives 4 Luxeonhigh brightness LEDs68 Step−Down 3.3V 1.8V 4A 1MHz PWM, externalFET70 Step−Down 12V 3.3V 2.5A 1MHz PWM, externalFET72 Step−Down 10V to 20V 5V 1A 200kHz PWM, externalFET, 95% efficiency74 Step−Down 5V 1V 6A 200kHz PWM, externalFET, Low VoltageOutput75 Step−Down 5V 1.25V 6A 200kHz PWM, externalFET, DDR terminationsupply sources and sinkscurrent77 Step−Down 12V 1.0V to 5.5V 12A 200kHz PWM, externalFETs, digitallyadjustable79 Step−Down 3.3V 1.5V 6A 1MHz PWM, externalFET81 Step−Down 12V 2.5V 20A 200kHz PWM, externalFET, DDR VDDQ82 Step−Down 2.5V 1.25V 7A
550kHz PWM, externalFET84 Step−Down 2.5V or 1.5V 1.25V or 0.75V 3.5A 550kHz PWM, externalFET, DDR VTT87 Step−Down 12V 1.8V 20A 300kHz PWM, externalFET89 Step−Down 22V 1.25V 1.5A 550kHz PWM, externalFET, DDR VTT91 Step−Down 12V 5V 10A 200kHz PWM, externalFET93 Step−Down 3.3V 1.8V 6A 1MHz PWM, externalFET95 Step−Down 3.3V 1V 1.5A 1MHz PWM, externalFET97 Step−Down 3.3V 1.8V 0.8A 1MHz PWM, externalFET99 Step−Down 5V 2.5V 3A 1MHz PWM, externalFET101 Step−Down 5V 2.5V 10A 1MHz PWM, externalFET103 Step−Down 5V 3.3V 4A 1MHz PWM, externalFET105 Step−Down 5V 3.3V 10A 1MHz PWM, externalFET107 Step−Down 3.3V 1.8V 3A 100kHz PWM, externalFET, low costcomponents109 Step−Down 3.3V 2.5V 10A 100kHz PWM, externalFET, low costcomponents111 Step−Down 5V 2.5V 0.5A 100kHz PWM, externalFET, low costcomponents113 Step−Down 5V 3.3V 8A 100kHz PWM, externalFET, low costcomponents115 Step−Down 12V 2.5V 5A 100kHz PWM, externalFET, low costcomponents117 Step−Down 12V 3.3V 0.75A 100kHz PWM, externalFET, low costcomponents119 Step−Down 12V 5V to 12V 2.5A 1MHz PWM, externalFET, PWM voltageadjust, Fan SpeedControl126 Step−Down 5V 3.3V 2.2A 1MHz PWM, externalFET128 Step−Down 12.6V to 15.4V 3.3V 2A 100kHz PWM, externalFET, low costcomponents130 Step−Down 3.3V 1.25V 12A 550kHz PWM, externalFET, DDR termination132 Step−Down 3V to 3.6V 1.5V 2A 1MHz PWM, externalFET134 Step−Down 12V 5V 0.3A external FET135 Step−Down 3.3V 1.2V 1A 1.4MHz PWM, internalFET137 Step−Down 3.3V 1.8V 2A 1MHz PWM, externalFET139 Step−Down 3.3V 1.2V 3A 1MHz PWM, externalFET141 Step−Down 5V 1.2V 2.1A

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