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" The Melanin Mystery Matrix Bible Code " Pt.2

" The Melanin Mystery Matrix Bible Code " Pt.2

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Published by: RaptureAmen TheReturn on Mar 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“ The Melanin Mystery Matrix Bible Code Pt.2 “Allow me to share with you my journey and sure testimony to bring somecommonality to the surface of this written format.I was born on April 16
1977. I do not know my time of birth nor the other meticulous detailslike the name of the hospital because the moment I was born I was swept away to an adoption home.I used to often wondeer if my mother even got to see me, hold me closely just before she told mefarewell, just like they show you on the drama scenes on television. You know what I mean right?Anyway I was told by my adopted mother that it was highly unlikely that my biological mother even got to see the face of her firstborn. You seee once you make the arrangements to have your childgiven up for adoption, the state decides that it is in everyones best interest that the mother has nocontact with the child after birth. To this day I have yet to meet her in person, however I do see hein my journeys from time to time when I travel in my visions. Funny I never get to make out her face clearly, but thats another story.The first time that I had a reality check was when I was around 8yrs old. I was a normal childfor the most part with the exeption of being a little more advanced than my classmates in certainareas of learning. I used to draw a lot. I was into superhero's something awfull. When the movie“Superman” came out a lot of things began to change for me. It stuck with me in such an odd way.No movie seemed so real to me that I could somehow relate to other than “The Beast Master”.For the first time I felt like I wasn't alone. The storyline's of the movies were my reflections. Childrenwho had to grow up not knowing mother nor father that brought you into the planet. Always theoutsider that could never quite fit in, no matter how much they tried. Yet aside from thedissappointments there is this feeling of greatness inside that cannot be defined in words. A feelingthat bestows its power when things get hard or when I was at my best. When my adt. mother purchasedme a superman pajama outfit I almost drove her crazy because there was absolutley nothing Iwouldn't dare to jump off of. The only kryptonite I knew of was a green switch! (lol)
When the movie “Batman” came out I became mentally wounded. I know know that it was a mindcontrol technique because when I look back I can honestly say that it was the first time I felt fear.It was something about the Joker and his madman unpredictable character that altered my thinking.I could understand what bad was at that age, however psychodic do something really bad, thenlaugh about it afterwards was all new to me. My mind could not concieve the construct of evil in that fashion, well you know, then roots came out! My point that I am trying to get out is that Myoriginal makeup was fearless. I got my ass beat everytime I would jump off of something cause Iwas sure one day I would develop the ability to fly and then dare my mama to come up 20 feet inthe air with that switch and do something! The point is that I got my ambitions beat out of me. I'msure by now you can see how I related to the movie roots without me having to explain it right???O.k., Lets move on. I was so affected by the Joker thing that I would be afraid to go to sleepat night. Every night the feeling grew. I could always here a strange sound in our kitchen and then itwould come down the hallway and after that I could sense something standing over me. Thisoccurance would happen so often that my only defense was to cover my head with my blanketleaving just enough room for my nose to breathe, but when I knew the entity had reached my roomI would hold my breath just as long as I could. One night I was laying in my bed and I had a feelingthat something was beside me. For some reason this particular night I had had enough. I was tiredof holding my breath every night, I was tired of laying cold in my urine drenched bed at timesbecause I was scared to get up and go to the bathroom because I knew the entity was under my bedwaiting to grab my leg and pull me under it ( I thank the poltergeist movie for that one). So I rolledover because I was going to prove to myself once and for all that there was nothing there, but to myamazement something “WAS” there! Not only was something there, but it was staring into my eyesinches away. It was a figure like a man. A black shadow that was transparent, yet it had facialdistinctions. It stared at me so kindly with a smile that was so inviting. It was only there for a few
moments. Just long enough to let me know that it was there. Lust long enough to let me know all mypreconcieved notions were false. Just long enough to let me know that I was always right. However,when I thought something was in my room with me watching over me, only it meant no harm to me atall. The dark figure quickly jumped out of my bed, ran down the hallway and vanished right before itentered the kitchen. The feeling I had at that time was so profound. I thought a thousand differentthings that I will not bore you with at this time. How strange to me though that my final thoughtwas wishing that it would have taken me with it. That would be the first and last time I would seethe shadow figure. For years my life would be normal. That is until I reached the age of 23. That iswhen I was given the code. Family, I have held this code secret to myself for almost 12yrs now. I always knew that atime would come for me to share it. That time is now. I have many other things to share with youbut first I need you to share this short-book/long-memo to all those that you know who are a partof the “Ancient-Future” Bloodline. I am not here for recognition, and all the knowledge of thingsthat I share are genuine and real. There is no price-tag on what I have to bring. This is my destiny aswell as my obligation. I am your cosmic brother. With that being said, Lets get into the science...Once I share this truth with you it will shatter the threshold of the mind and your conciousness will be raised to a new level because this particular area of numerology is more thanuniversal, it is also multidimensional. Understand also that no matter how many times the bible iscut, chopped and rewritten, there are certain truths that endure indefinitely. Any real truth will be trueyesterday, today and tomorrow. Keep in mind the idea that the bible is not only a book, but it is also ahighly sophisticated computer program. I would expand on that last comment, but thats another story.I now share with you the mystery … In “ Revelations “ ( 13:18 ), the bible contains a specificcode for a specific person ( 13:18, check it yourself, then come back to this...)

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