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Crimson Dusk wargame estrategia

Crimson Dusk wargame estrategia

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Published by cantabriaoculta
Unas buenas reglas para jugar con miniaturas de ciencia ficción.
Unas buenas reglas para jugar con miniaturas de ciencia ficción.

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Published by: cantabriaoculta on Mar 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Crimson Dusk 
Rules for tabletop skirmish or platoon level battles with armies of miniaturesoldiers in a science-fiction or an ultra-modern setting
.by Duncan Thompson
18Getting Started 3 Melee Weapons 18What you will need 3 Wounding 19Scale 4 Winning a Melee 19
Model Characteristics
20Skill Tests 5 Movement 20Re-rolls 5 Vehicles and Rough terrain 20
Sections and Personality Models
6 Vehicle Locomotion Types 20Section Coherency 6 Passengers 21Reorganising Sections 6 Collisions 21Personality Models 7 Vehicles in Melee 21
Turn Sequence
7 Vehicles as targets 22Winning the Initiative 7 Bikes as Targets 22
Line of Sight
8 Wrecked Vehicles and Crew 23
8 Vehicles shooting 23
Action Points
9 Typical Vehicle Proles 23
Vehicle Equipment
23Running 9
Monstrous Creatures
24Moving through difficult terrain 9
Going to Ground
Extra Equipment and Abilities
31Most Pressing Target 10 Using psychic powers 31Hitting 10 Concentration 31Concealment 10 Common powers 31Aiming 10 Biomancy 32Multiple targets and dividing shots 11 Pyromancy 32Overwatch 11 Kronomantic 32
12 Telekinetic 33Hard Cover 12 Telepathic 33Removing Models 12
Army Selection
35Hits and Personality Models 12 Restrictions 35
Reaction Tests
14 Army Traits 35Return Fire 14
Points Values
36Pinned 14 Infantry Points Values 36Suppressed 14 Extra Equipment and Abilities 38Heavily Armoured Targets 14 Weaponry 39
14 Points Values 37Weapon traits 14 Vehicle points values 41Weaponry Proles 16 Monstrous Creatures Points Costs 42Extra Ammunition 17
43By Duncan ThompsonMany thanks to all those that have helped putting this project together.See more at www.crimsondusk.webs.com
Crimson Dusk 
Crimson Dusk 
The sun sets on the dead and dyingcasting a crimson glow to the scene. Thevictors pick their way through the carnage,the odd shot here and there giving the lastrites of the fallen soldier. The sun finallysets, the
Crimson Dusk 
has gone.Welcome to
Crimson Dusk.
A fun andexciting tabletop game, using modelsoldiers to represent your armies you canclash against your friends to win masteryof the tabletop. Where will you go withyour games? To the stars of the galaxybattling on some unknown moon as rivalsystems settle their differences? To theblasted wastes of a post apocalyptic worldwhere only the strongest survive? To thethird world war, where USA invades Chinaand the
Arab Union retaliates by invadingEurope? Or will you create your ownsetting, and let your imagination run free?These are some of options left to you byCrimson Dusk.Crimson Dusk is a wargames rule set fortabletop games. These exciting rules coveractions from skirmish level to platoon level.Command your troops onwards as youconfront enemy forces, design yourarmies, and equip them
with a myriad ofweapons. Crimson Dusk is a rule set thatallows you to take whatever models youhave in your collection, in any scale anduse them in wargames. The rules containfull listings for how to design your troopsand set points cost to them so you cancompete against your friends for masteryof the tabletop. And the great news is thatthe rules are entirely free to download andshare.Getting StartedThe main point of Crimson Dusk is to havefun. When having a game it helps to haveplenty around to sustain you, a goodsupply of drinks and pizza is essential ifplaying all day. If you
ve played Wargamesbefore you may have all ready found outthat collecting and painting miniatures cantake much more time than actually gamingwith them, collecting and painting is ahuge part of the hobby, and there areplenty of good websites and books aroundto help you out, so we won
t waste timewriting anything about that side of thehobby here. One of the advantages ofCrimson Dusk is that it allows you tocreate your own army out of whatevermodels you have at hand, or whatevermodels catch your fancy, even combiningmodels from a variety of sources or evenconverting and making your own models.Having your won totally unique army isincredibly satisfying. Creating abackground, history and personality ofthese models is an equally satisfying partof the hobby, and one which any gamershould not deny themselves.What you will needIn addition to your miniature army you
regoing to need a few extra things:
Playing surface and terrainFinally, you will need an opponent andsome time. A small scale skirmish will takeabout two hours, whilst a full scale battleconsisting of a few hundred figures couldtake the best part of a day.MiniaturesYou
re going to need an army ofminiatures, you could of course just usepaper counters, but where
s the fun inthat? There are a huge number ofmanufacturers who make all sorts ofdifferent models in a variety of differentscales, from the small 15 mm (or evensmaller) to large 54 mm. Just as these
Crimson Dusk 
copyright Duncan Thompson 2009

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