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Networking Interview Questions

Networking Interview Questions

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Published by kumarmeip87

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Published by: kumarmeip87 on Mar 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What is the Cabling between 2 Similar Devices and 2 Dissimilar Devices forNetwork Cabling?
Cabling is very important inNetworking.Between Two Similar Devices: CrossCabling is used innetworking.Between two Dissimilar Devices:Stright Cabling is used inNetworking.
how much memory is required to install windows vista
512 MB of Random Access Memory.
What is meant by AT and ATX ?
Advanced technology &Advanced technology Extended 0
Re: What is meant by AT and ATX ?
the mean of AT and ATX is inthe ATsystem u have to switchoff the system manualy whereas inthe ATX the systemswitched off automatically
Re: What is the difference between OS and IOS ?
os is software that boots the pc and iossofftware used for router.
What is the Command Used to Convert a StandAlone PC into DomainController?
In RUN type:-dcpromo and follow the instructions
What is the Command Used to Convert a StandAlone PC into DomainController?
dcpromo comand can be used to converta standlone PC intoDomain controller.The same command can be used tochange the domaincontroller into a standlone PC.
What is the Cable called for connecting Hard Disk to MotherBoard ?
There r two types of cables are there theyare IDE and SATA
what is the name of the Jack used for Network Setup between one computer toAnother and from computer to another device?
what is active directory partication ?
An application directory partition is a directorypartition that is replicated only to specific domain
what is domain controller ?
Domain controller is a server that control or responsibleof provide to host access of all resoure likeprinter,files,mail within tthe domain
what is diffrents betweeen ntfs and fat ?
FAT (FAT16 and FAT32) and NTFS are two methodsfor storingdata on a hard drive. The hard drive has to either beformatted using one or the other or can be convertedfromone to the other (usually FAT to NTFS) using a systemtoolNTFS is a high-performance and self-healing filesystemproprietary to Windows XP 2000 NT which supportsfile-levelsecurity compression and auditing. It also supportslargevolumes and powerful storage solution such as RAID.The most important new feature of NTFS is the abilitytoencrypt files and folders to protect your sensitive data
why we use class c IP address most
The only reason seems to be is, coz Class C has verylessnumber of host allocated and due to which thewastage of IP's is very less.For eg. even if you take complete subnet into use thenalsoat max the hosts will be, 8 bits remained for hosts so as per the formula 2power 8 - 2 and that comes to 256-2 = 254so these host ip's are very less as compared to other classes, therefore CLASS C is used more. 
how to configure a Network Printer ??
Go to start menu - find Printers - find all - select thedesired printer & follow the wizard - Flag the "set asdefault printer " check box - apply - finish.
what is firewall and types of it?
Firewall is a collection of programs which is use toprevent unauthorized access to or from a privatenetwork.It can be define in two categories. The followingcategories are.1. Software based2. Hardware based
what is topologies?
Topologies are the physical stracture of the
topology types:
BusTreeStar MeshHybrid
what is vpn ? and what is the main advatages?
VPN Virtual Private Network itis configure on the file of over LAN n/W to access itremotely with all access
what is vpn ? and what is the main advatages?
Vpn - Means Virtual PrivateNetworks.The Advantages are:1. Data Access will be faster because less trafic.2. Data will be safety andsecure.3. Intruders will be preventedby Authentication.
what is ads? main advantages ads?
active directory services is a windowsdirectory servicewhich store the uerfull informaction aboutthe networkit is a multipurpose directory services it usetocentrilized the database user computer andprintthe main advantage of active directory -isuer tocenterlized the the database and centrilizedtheadministrator they can manage the networkremotelyand give the security in the networkactive directory contains many thins -domaindomain controller org unittreeforest 
what is dhcp? what is the uses and advantages?
DHCP: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.DHCP servers r used for assigning ipaddresses for client'sdynamically. no need to apply ip statically for client by admin.
what is tcp/ip? what is the use?
TCP/IP is a identification of network and it iscommunication between two
ormore periferal devises.
what is swith,hub and router?
Hub:-Layer 1,brodcasting,it perform the inbuilt

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