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Syllabus General and Daily

Syllabus General and Daily

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Published by Jan Rieman

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Categories:Types, Resumes & CVs
Published by: Jan Rieman on Mar 16, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Accelerated College Writing and RhetoricEnglish 1103Spring 2011
Dr. Jan Rieman
265-A Fretwell
Office Hours:
1:00-2:00 p.m. Wednesdays, and by appointment.
Course Description:
 English 1102 is a writing course whose subject, not surprisingly, is writing. We will spend the semester exploring how we go about writing, reading and making meaning through writing and reading. Animportant aspect of the course is developing an awareness of your writing self by paying attention to your writing-reading-thinking processes. Throughout the semester you will work with various invention,revision and reflection strategies that ask you to pay attention to
you go about writing as well as
you write and
what mode
of expression you choose for various aims. Please come prepared to write dailyand to share your writing with others.
Course Goals
To use writing and reading to make meaning
To think about what it means to be an academic writer 
To understand that academic writing is a complicated, multi-dimensional task 
To make thoughtful writing decisions
To read and engage with academic texts
To explore composing in various modes
To support your interpretation of a text with examples from that text
To use key ideas, terms, or concepts from reading one or more texts as a critical lens to interpretother texts
To conduct sound and engaging academic research about writing
Required Texts and Materials
Writing about Writing 
Eds. Wardle and Downs (I have publisher copies from last semester to provide tostudents, or you may buy your own, newer copy, available in the campus bookstore under Rieman,ENGL 1102-0
3)A blank notebook to use as your Day Book (please buy an old school composition book with a sewn spine--not a spiral bound one. You will need this in class every day, beginning on the first day)Access to a computer, copy machine or a scanner 
lass time is used for instruction, discussion, group work, and practice. It is critical to your success that you attend class. Illness and emergencies arise, so if you are absent, contact someone in theclass for notes and assignments. You are responsible for work due even when you are absent.
If you are more than 15 minutes late for class, you will be marked absent, but you may still attend class.Up to four absences = no deduction in final course grade.Every absence after the fourth = 10 point deduction from your final
URSE grade.
Religious Observance
The UN
system allows students with a minimum of two excusedabsences each academic year for religious observances required by the faith of a student. If you havedays you will miss this semester due to religious observances, please let me know those dates early in thesemester, in writing, so that those absences will not count as part of regularly missed days.
 Final grades will be based on commitment to class participation, required reading, Day Book activities,various writing assignments and the compilation of a writer¶s portfolio. Final grades will be weighted asfollows:Writer¶s Portfolio:
0%Inquiry Paper Sequence: 15%Writing to Explore and Reading Blog: 15%Grades will be determined using a 10 point scale (90-100=A, 80-89=B,
, etc.)
All formal papers and a final portfolio must be completed to receive a passing grade in the course.
lagiarism will result in failure of the course.Writer¶s
Your digital portfolio is
due on the last day of class
and is worth
0% of your gradefor the course. At the end of the semester, you will select from the formal and informal writings you havecompleted, and you will analyze, synthesize, evaluate and reflect on your writing.
It is important thatyou start collecting materials in the portfolio from the first week of class
since you will needeverything you work on throughout the semester to compile your portfolio. A good suggestion fromformer students: start a file on your computer (or better yet, your H drive or Google docs site) and title itEnglish. Save all of your rough drafts, commented papers from me, your talk backs to me etc. in this fileso your work is easy to find at the end of the semester. Midterm in the semester you will begin to build awebsite to house your work. Additional details about this assignment will be given throughout thesemester.
ease, p
ease, p
ease, save the various drafts of your work in separate fi
es so that you areab
e to show your writing process and back up your work throughout the semester.
Submitting Work:
The dialogue we have together about your writing will take place both in person andelectronically. You will submit papers and receive my written feedback on those drafts through Moodle.
Day Book:
Your Day Book is a place where you will explore ideas and pose questions, essentially aninformal place to think in writing. This is
place to think and write. Use it. Bring your Day Book toclass
day since will write daily.
Disabilities Statement
: Students who have a disability or condition which may impair their ability tocomplete assignments or otherwise satisfy course criteria should meet with me to identify, discuss anddocument any feasible instructional modifications or accommodations. Please inform me as soon aspossible after a disability or condition is diagnosed, whichever occurs earliest. For information andauxiliary assistance, contact The
ffice of Disability Services:http://www.ds.uncc.edu/.
learly stated course policies help ensure fairness to all students.1. Assignments are due
at the beginning of c
on the given due date. All papers need to follow MLAformat. Failure to complete one of the major assignments will automatically result in your failing theclass. Also, failure to turn in a completed portfolio at the end of the term will result in automatic failureof the class. Accidents happen with computers; therefore, it is a requirement for the class that you backupall of your work.2. I will not accept late papers. Please have your work in on time.3. I periodically make minor revisions to the syllabus. I will announce these revisions in the class andthey will be reflected in the on-line syllabus. You are responsible for any announcements I make in class.4. If you come to class without a completed draft on a workshop day
R miss peer workshop,
be deducted from your fina
io grade.
If you are genuinely ill on peer workshop day, please donot come to class, but email me your completed draft instead.5. Part of adequate class participation is being completely engaged with the class throughout the entiretime period. Refrain from any type of cell phone usage, texting, or inappropriate surfing on the Internetduring class.6. Academic Dishonesty:
we will talk about plagiarism²what it is what it is not² throughout thesemester. You will learn how to document your sources using MLA format and hopefully becomecomfortable doing so. If you intentionally use someone else¶s work without giving credit for that work,you will receive an F for the course. You are required to read and abide by UN
ode of Student Academic Integrity, available online athttp://www.legal.uncc.edu/policies/ps-105.htmlandlinked through our class Moodle site.
English Department Statement on Diversity:
The English Department strives to create an academicclimate that respects people of varied cultural backgrounds and life experiences. As a community of scholars and teachers who study language, literature, and writing, we are committed to nurturingintellectual and aesthetic diversity. In all our activities, we invite participation by diverse groups,including, but not limited to, those who define themselves in the following terms: race and ethnicity;gender; political orientation; sexual orientation; special health needs; age; religion; country of origin; andsocio-economic status. Finally, by fostering multiple perspectives in our coursework, we can help our students prepare to participate in our increasingly diverse society, as well as in the global community.Please see the course Moodle site for links to the Writing Resources
enter and the
enter for AcademicExcellence.

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