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101 Reasons Why i Am Not an Anarcho Capitalist

101 Reasons Why i Am Not an Anarcho Capitalist

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Published by Scott Forster
By Scott Forster.

Anarcho-Capitalism's errors.
By Scott Forster.

Anarcho-Capitalism's errors.

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Published by: Scott Forster on Mar 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Gonzo Times
The Anti-Authoritarian Websitehttp://www.gonzotimes.com
101 Reasons Why I am not an Anarcho-Capitalist.
The charges laid out and listed with particular reference to thoseof the Mises Institute and Lew Rockwell.com1. Anarchism has been defined in ahistorical terms of a thin voluntaryism.Anarchism is justvoluntarism in their minds.2. Conflation of property and ownership without understand the historic usage of the former.This conflation leads to the fallacious argument that opposition to property meansopposition to ownership.3. Knee Jerk anti-socialism/anti- leftism. By this I do not mean opposition to statismbut I mean to things such as workplace democracy, syndicalism, co-operatives,anti-corporate theory etc. (For example one Mises forum member said of leftlibertarianism:
Basically communism without the marching bands and statues
. orthere was "
The stuff that Scott posted in his manifesto, is basically the same posthoc, ergo propter hoc rationale for socialism that Communists use.
)4. False dichotomy of individual ownership or state ‘ownership’.5. Failure to consider critically the tragedy of commons and engage with the work and ideasof Elinor Ostrome(though as a concession, I heard Hoppe is re-thinking this issue)6. Uncritical reliance of the big figures such as Mises7. Tendency towards cultural conservatism8. A reactionary tendency to defend the status quo (excepting statism) especiallycorporations against the state.9. Tendency to downplay if not deny social issues making it irrelevant to the poor and nonwhite.10. While claiming to not concern themselves with social issues, a tendency to defendculturally conservative positions such as defending discrimination or classism11. Classism especially against those on welfare with dismissal of other causes for poverty
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Gonzo Times
The Anti-Authoritarian Websitehttp://www.gonzotimes.com
12. Worship of those who are rich and wealthy- functioning as ‘rich white man’s anarchism’13. Failure to engage criticism of the meaningfulness of ‘self ownership’14. The belief labour unions are inherently violent or state backed(Thomas Dilorenzo is guiltyof this)15. apologetics for corporations in reply to statism or even other anarchists16. apologetics for bosses (oftenin reply to statism or even other anarchists) for examplein Jeffrey Tucker's pieceHow to handle getting firedwhich sides with the employerlargely, argues for following the bosses orders even if wrong and omits completely thehardship of unemployment.17. dismissal or downplaying environment issues.Opposition to global warming because it'smainstream18. opposition to political correctness as a knee jerk reaction19. apologetics for landlords20. failure to engage with anarchist history or original anarchist philosophy21. Conflation of what would exist in the free market with the current statist quo - Vulgarlibertarianism22. Failure to seriously engage with LTV defensesor STV critiques23. apologetics for rent24. Residual support for libertarian political parties/politicians25. Horrendous cultic approval of Ron Paul- totally dismissing or ignoring his support for a billin favour of a tax funded wall to keep out immigrants etc.26. Restricted immigrationism especially based on Hoppe27. Using Hoppe to argue for 'Anarcho-Monarchism' or Feudalism28. Authoritarianism and sometimes open support for hierarchy -e.g. Rothbard.29. Rothbard and others Anti-egalitarianism.Strawmans of equality such as equality meanseveryone is identical.30. Walter Block's defense of discrimination.31. Walter Block's argument for 'voluntary slavery'32. Following Walter Block claims to be 'plumbline libertarian' and so neither left nor rightwhile leaning strongly right33. Some have a Culturally conservative heavy emphasis on respectability in some casesverging on fear of being 'too extreme'.34. Hoppe calling homosexuality an "anti family lifestyle"- "They  the advocates ofalternative, non-family and kin-centered lifestyles such as, for instance, individualhedonism, parasitism, nature-environment worship, homosexuality, or communism  willhave to be physically removed from society, too, if one is to maintain a libertarian order."35. The attitude of abolish the state and let the market deal withracism,sexism,environmentalism etc36. Belief the wage gap currently cannot be due to sexism because women have lowerproductivity due to marriage and the market would prevent sexism/racism etc(from WalterBlock)37. Quick to jump on the Gold standard as the solution to all monetary woes.38. Tendency to become an echo chamber- less than the cult of organized Objectivism butmore so than other anarchist groups.39. Unconcern/dismissal of workplace democracy and /or worker self management if notoutright hostility.
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Gonzo Times
The Anti-Authoritarian Websitehttp://www.gonzotimes.com
40. Quick to side with the south against the north concerning the US Civil war- dismissing theevils of the south almost entirely41. Willingness to publish pseudoscience while having no critiques of it or in some casespreventing critiques being aired alongside them42. Certain Organizations desire to cover up incidents and writings which make them lookbad or reveal an individuals evils at a certain time.43. Major figures willingness to work with an openly admitting theocrat44. Bigotry masked by economics talk45. Downplaying, dismissalor evenoutright hostility to feminism46. Unwillingness to take seriously other branches of libertarianism/anarchism47. Dismissal/downplaying of historic development of Capitalism e.g.Mises defense of theIndustrial revolution omitted the oppression occuring then48. Knee Jerk Anti-Marxism without engaging it's truths49. Environmentalism portrayed as fascist- George Reisman50. Residual Cultic adherence by some to Ayn Rand51. The Ron Paul Newsletters incident.52. Uncritical thinking of Austrian Economics on Inflation and how it may not always causeprice increases53. Tendency to dismiss concerns of ordinary working people.54. Classism in favour of middle-upper class and classism against working/lower class peopleespecially those on welfare55. Ignorant of how much the status quo is due to statism56. Failure to engage with the evils of wage labour and what's called wage slavery57. Strong belief in meritocracy in current world58. Belief current 'democracy ' is egalitarian(following Hoppe)59. Hans Hermann Hoppe's arguments suggesting monarchy is preferrable to democracy60. Domination of rightwing or conventional thinking on organizations ,laws,communities etc61. Belief in non state top down hierarchical structures and organizations62. Failure to engage with Co-ops and mutual organizations63. Anarcho-Capitalism defined more in terms of opposition to ideologies suchassocialism,marxism etc than in terms of what it is in favour of.Reactionary.64. Tendency to serve as apologetics for rich/ politically connected(linked to vulgarlibertarianism)65. Failure to engage critiques of Absentee Ownership or Occupancy and Use66. Contorsions of logic involved in 'self ownership' especially from a reformulationlockeanism.67. Failure to even deal with Locke's Proviso.68. Tendency to fall prey to conspiracy mixed with half truths69. Non voting,agorism etc often portrayed as doing nothing70. Rothbard's 'leninist' political party strategy.71. Uncritical belief economic growth, progress, expansion, technology etc is good72. Tendency to focus too strongly on academia to the exclusion of the ordinary person73. Tendency to focus on getting qualifications to the exclusion of other routes in life74. Related to Cultural Conservatism- tendency to quickly criticize weird behaviours orlifestyles75. Tendency to conflate opposition with X with belief force should be used to stop/end X e.g.
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