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Food That Has Beneficial Effect on Cognitive Performance 2

Food That Has Beneficial Effect on Cognitive Performance 2

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Published by Abo Eyad

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Published by: Abo Eyad on Mar 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Beneficial improvements in cognitive performance are related to the influence of foodand drink choice. Brain performance can be improved by consuming the right foodand prevent the brain from becoming dehydrated. The purpose of the present studywas to evaluate the mental performance of Heriot-Watt students in order to improvetheir mental ability, which would reflect beneficially on the university by increasingstudents productivity. We evaluated mental ability of the students according to theirfood intake and nutritional habits. It demonstrates the importance of some food onenhancing cognitive performance. Result suggests that 89% of the participant theirbrain is working efficiently. More than 60 % of the participants were drunk less than 4cups of water every day, which is critically low amount; it could impair their brainperformance as result of dehydration. 75% of the participants confirmed that there isinsufficient in drinkable water particularly free sources. This suggests thatencouraging students to eat the food that has beneficial effect on cognitiveperformance and finding programs to evaluate mental ability of the students in orderto improve it.
 Key Words:
Cognitive performance, memory, concentration, brain drain and water.
Many thanks for tutors, who guided me to write this project andthe participants from the university students.
Food that has beneficial effect on cognitive performance 2 
List of content:
Literature review.3.
Subject and participants.3.2.
Questionnaire development.3.3.
Field survey 
Discussion and conclusion.6.
Food that has beneficial effect on cognitive performance 3 
1. Introduction:
Scientific examination proves that the relationship between the brain performance andsome types of food. There are clear discussions of brain physiology and food that canenhance cognitive performance, improve the mood and sharpen the memory (Potterand Orfali, 1993). Students are a group of people who need specific nutrition whichfeeds their brain to improve concentration, attention and performance; therefore, it isimportant to understand their nutritional habits which could help to evaluate andimprove their mental ability.Several studies confirmed that some food may have beneficial effects on mentalperformance; one of these study argued that the glucose is the primary source of energy for the brain (Bruin and Gilsenan, 2008). Research has been carried out byColombani, Langhans and Wenk (2002) that showed the effect of carbohydrate oncognitive performance of 15 healthy male students; a tremendous improvement inmemory has been noticed after 4
meal rich in carbohydrate.However, the brain is a first part of the body may affected by the diet; a poor diet maylead to mental disorder such as depression and anxiety. The aim of this study is toevaluate the brain performance of Heriot-Watt students according to their nutritionalhabits; and investigate whether or not the university provides food supplement andnutritional consultation, that could help the students to improve their mentalperformance.

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