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Published by somme108

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Published by: somme108 on Mar 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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INT. GIRLS BEDROOM - NIGHTSMASH CUT TO DOORThe door to a bedroom slams open with TAYLOR, 19, andJESSICA, 19, fully embraced with locked lips. They glidetheir hands over each others backs as their lips remainedlocked. They seem hurried. Jessica fumbles with the door asshe struggles to close it without letting go of her lover.They hurriedly begin to take off each others clothes, whenall of a sudden Jessica breaks off with Taylor and he fallsback on the bed in just boxer shorts.JESSICA (Hesitantly)I'm sorry, this is all just goingway too fast, I want to make surethe first time is perfect.TAYLORWell baby, I want to do anything ittakes to make this the best night ofyour life.JESSICA Well...it's just that there arecertain...She pauses for a moment.JESSICA (CONT.)...elements...that I've alwaysfantasized about.TAYLORWell, alright, what do you have inmind?JESSICA I really don't know if we should gothrough with this tonight...I mean Ithink it's asking for a bit much...TAYLORJessica. I will do anything to makeyou happy. You have brought so muchjoy to my life that I feel like Iowe you in return.Jessica smiles mysteriously as she walks into her walk incloset. Taylor smiles back, and springs to his feet as soonas she is out of sight. He fumbles through his wallet, grabsa condom, and runs back into the bed. He drops the condom onthe dresser next to the bed.
He turns his gaze back to the closet.JESSICA (From inside the closet)You readdddddyyyy?A click is heard, and the Star Wars overture begins asJessica walks out of the closet wearing a Princess Leiahairpiece and a white gown.Jessica clears her voice.JESSICA (In a distressed voice)Help me, Taylor; you're my onlyhope!Taylor looks absolutely stunned and stares in disbelief atwhat he sees.JESSICA As a member of the Imperial Senate,it is my wish that you will join meon a diplomatic mission to Alderaan,with haste! We have no time tospare.TAYLOR(Deadpan)...are you shitting me?Jessica looks disheartened and disappointed as she drops alight saber she was holding in her right hand and turns offthe music.She lets out a sigh.JESSICA See, I knew we weren't ready forthis quite yet.Jessica sits on the side of her bed as Taylor sits up.JESSICA (maniacally)I do this a lot, I plan my entirelife out in my head, minute byminute, detail by detail and when itdoesn't work out or turn out the wayI expect it to, BOOM. Shock to mysystem.Jessica starts to crawl towards Taylor on the bed
JESSICA But it doesn't need to be that way.TAYLORUhm...Jessica, I don't know. This isreally just not like you and I'm nottoo comfortable with the idea ofmaking love to...He pauses for a beat.(in disgust)Carrie Fisher...JESSICA (Reassuringly)Just close your eyes and I can dothe rest, Tay. And besides...Carrielooked amazing in...Jessica looks off into the distance and speaks withoutconviction in a deep voice.JESSICA (CONT.)Episode 6, Return of the Jedi.Jessica gigglesTAYLORUhhh...I guess I'll give it ashot...what's the safety word?JESSICA Jabba The Buh---I mean...Jabba theHutt. Now close your eyes.Taylor, noticeably irritated closes his eyes and puts hishead back.TAYLOR(Quietly in a whisper)Don't hurt me.JESSICA Quiet! Or you will be taken to theDune Sea, and cast into the pit ofCarkoon, the nesting place of theall-powerful Sarlaac!Jessica pulls out a storm trooper helmet from beneath herbed and shoves it over Taylor's head. He kicks around for amoment, and then tears the helmet off.TAYLOR

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