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Published by Sanjeev Kumar
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Published by: Sanjeev Kumar on Mar 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ADL-14-Production & Operations Management-AM2
Assignment - A
Question 1a) Define production operatio ns management. What are its objectives andfunctions?Question 1b) What are the operations management strategies?Question 2a) Explain the concept of product design and development.Question 2b) What are the various production systems?Question 3a) What is capacity planning? Explain the various methods of alteringcapacity.b)What are the factors affecting facility location? What are the techniques for facilitylo cation?c) What are the various facility layo uts? Enumerate the advantages anddisadvantages.Question 4a) What is meant by master productio n schedule?Question 4b) Explain the activities involved in production planning and control.Question 4c) Discuss MRP. What ar e the inputs and outputs of an MRP system?Question 5a: Explain JIT manufacturingQuestion 4b)Explain acceptance samplingQuestion 4c) What do you understand by maintenance policy? Explain various categoriesof spares.
Assignment - B
Question 1a) What is economic order quantity? What are the assumptions of EOQ?Question 1b) If the annual demand for a product is 3,50,000 units. The annual carryingcost rate is 25 percent of the cost of the unit the product costs Rs 14.75 per unit topurchase, and each time the product is ordered the related ordering cost is Rs 53.00.i) What is EOQ?ii) What is total cost at EOQ?iii) How much would be the total cost if the order quantity is 2500 units due tostandard packing?
Question 2a. Operations scheduling is one of the most important function of productionplanning and control. Discuss.Question 2b) Seven jo bs are to be carried out on three machines M1, M2, M3 in theorder of M1, M2, M3. The processing time in hours of various jobs are tabulated below.
Job M1 M2 M3
A 1 7 8B 3 3 1C 7 8 8D 9 2 11E 4 8 9F 5 6 14G 2 1 12Question i) What are the conditions for using Johnson's rule to sequence jobs on threemachines?Question ii) What is the make span for these jobs?Question iii) What is the idling time?Question 3a) A company that produces mixer gr inder has the follo wing orders over thenext six months.Period 1 2 3 4 5 6Demand 2000 5000 8000 4500 2000 8000Monthly production capacities are 5000 units on regular time, 1000 units on over time,and 2000 units can be sub contracted each month. Production costs are Rs20/- per unit onregular time, Rs 25/- per unit on over time, and Rs 28/- for sub contracted quantities.Inventory holding costs are charged @ Re 1/- per u nit per month. Use transportationmode! to develop a production plan for next six months.Question 3 b) Five jobs are to be assigned to five mac hinists. The following matrixshows the time taken by each of the machinist for reach of the jobs.
Machinist JobsJobsJobsJobsJobs
1 2 3 4 5A 10 5 3 2 8
B 9 7 8 2 7C 7 5 6 2 4D 3 5 8 2 4E 9 10 9 6 10Using Hungarian method find out the optimum assignment and processing time.
Case Study 
a) An electro nic goods company pro duces radio s and calcu lators. The radios generatesa profit of Rs10/- per unit while calculators generates a profit of Rs 15/- per unit. Eachradio requires four dio des and four resistors, while each calculator requires ten diodesand two resistors. The radio takes 12 minutes and calculators take 9,6 minutes on thetesting machine. The production manager estimates that 160 hours of testing time areavailable. The firm has 8000 diodes and 3000 resistors in stock. Formulate the linear programming pro blem and so lve it graphically.b) Systems Software (P) Ltd. is planning to develop new software. It has identified theactivities in the in the table below fo r this software development project and hascalculated three time estimates in days for each of the activity.
Activity Description PredecessorsOptimistictimeMostlikelytimePessimistictime
A Create objectives - 1 2 3BChoose OperatingsystemA 3 5 7C Generate algorithm A 6 10 14DChoose a suitableprogrammingA 4 6 8E Write the programme B, C, D 8 9 10F Test the software E 2 4 6

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