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Published by Sanjeev Kumar
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Published by: Sanjeev Kumar on Mar 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ADL-74-IT in Management-AM1
Assignment - A
Question 1. What is understood by system life cycle? Describe the major steps I coveredin the system life cycle, in detail?Question 2. What is a feasibility study? Who ca rries out this study? Who prepares thefeasibility report?What are the major parts of the report? Describe earn in detail?Question 3. What is an Assignment Brief? Who prepares it? Who issues it?Question 4. What are System Analysis Methods? Describe the following in detail?a. Data flow diagramsb. Data structure diagramsc. Data element dictionaryd. Structure text5. Describe all the eight phases of system development process in detail?
Assignment - B
Question 1. What is the difference between Data Flows and Data Stores?Question 2. Explain the basic operations which are performed on files?Question 3. Explain the following design elements:a. Data Storesb. Controlsc. Procedures
Case Study 
Pay Roll SystemEvery organisation big or small employs employees and gives them salary. Salary is paidon a monthly basis. Maximum organisations have automated their system but they arestill facing numerous problems.Study the Payroll system of your organisation, if not possible then study the AmitySchool of Distance Learning Payroll and Remuneration system and prepare thefollowing:Task 1 : Carry out the feasibility study.
Task 2 : Prepare the cost benefit report.Task 3 : Prepare the draftAssignment - Brief.Task 4 : Analyse the existing problem.Task 5 : Prepare the algorithm and code the programs.Task 6 : Design the database.Task 7 : Present the system.
Assignment - C 
State True or False
1. A structure chart is a sequential representation of program design.2. A feasibility study generally culminates in deciding whether to proceed further or not.3. In a logical DFD, the flows are restricted to show the movement of data only.4. System maintenance is a part of the high cycle of an Information system.5. Screen formats and report layouts need not have the concurrence of the users.6. Data flow diagrams are useful in representing the decision process in the system.7. Data flow diagrams are drawn only as a part of a system design document and have norelevance at the stage of system analysis.8. In decision tables, for each rule, there can be more than one condition being true.9. Feasibility study should always be carried out before embarking on system analysisand design.10. Only a programmer can conduct a system study.11. When a file has both random and sequential processing requirements, indexsequential file is the best choice.12. The real time system is also a particular case of an on line system.13. Sequential files are slower than indexed files in all situations.
14. Indexed files can also have more than one index key.15. Data store reflects a Data structure at rest however, data flow is a data a structure in
 motion.16. Data flow diagrams do contain decision tree.17. Data stores collect only temporary data.18. Indexed sequential file organisation combines the advantages of sequential and directfiles.19. A sequential file is one in which the records are stored in some sequence.20. Output refers to the results and information that are generated by the system.21. A parallel run involves two different terminals accessing a common database.22. On line data entry will avoid all data errors.23. System implementation should begin only after system acceptance.24. Parallel runs should be used for system acceptance.25. If various modules have been tested thoroughly the need for time for carryinginventory is reduced.26. Systems development can cease after proto-typing.27. Unit testing tests the programs making up the system.28. Greater risk is associated with a pilot approach than with a parallel approach.29. An airline reservation system is a batch processing system.30. Pro-typing of a large software helps in identifying and defining requirement beforedesign.
Select the correct answer
31. The first step in systems development life cycle is:(a). Preliminary investigation and design(b). System design(c). Database design(d). None of the above

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