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Published by TeamClean

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Published by: TeamClean on Mar 17, 2011
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Shaklee® Compensation Plan FAQsBusiness Leader VersionLast Updated 8/12/10
Shaklee® Dream Plan FAQs
have been developed to help Business Leaders to get to know the new CompensationPlan that goes into effect on
.More in-depth information can be found in the Dream Plan Business Rules document, which isposted on MyShaklee.com. The new
Statement of Privileges and Responsibilities of Shaklee FamilyMembers
is the legal document that outlines the rules and qualifications for the Dream Plan, and itwill be posted online in September 2010. In the event of a conflict between this document and theP&R, the P&R governs.Other materials offer an overview of the Dream Plan, and those will be the best place to start inorienting yourself to the new plan provisions:
Future and Legacy Leaders:
How the Shaklee Dream Plan Works
 A Shaklee University course on the Dream Plan narratedby Jennifer Glacken and Shawn Gray. Available only in Shaklee University.
Live Your Dream
Presentation  A slightly less detailed review of the rewards of the Dream Plan,narrated by Jennifer Glacken and Shawn Gray. Available on the
DVD, the
Live Your Dream
 DVD, in Shaklee University and on MyShaklee.com.
Cars, Cash, Trips & Dreams
– Updated Opportunity Presentation (aka The Fast
to InfinitePossibilities), narrated by Barb Hill Behar and Matt Paddock. Available on the
DVD, the
Live Your Dream
DVD, in Shaklee University and on MyShaklee.com
Training Webinars by Rank  See MyShaklee.com for complete schedule
Dream Plan Business Rules  For Future Business Leaders and for Legacy Leaders
Legacy Leaders:
Live Your Dream
DVD  10 chapters, 60 minutes. Includes messages from Roger Barnett, LauraCollins-Hughes, Rich Higbee, the new Opportunity Presentation, testimonials from Field Leadersoutlining The Shaklee Dream Plan, and why you will be excited by it.If you have a question that is not addressed by these
, you can send an e-mail tocompensation@shaklee.com, or in Canada atcanada@shaklee.comWe’ll return your answer via e- mail, and your question may also be included here, so that others can benefit as well. Visit thispage regularly, as we will continue to update these online FAQs.
General Questions
Q. What is the new Shaklee Compensation Plan called?
 A. The plan is called
The Shaklee Dream Plan 
, because it’s designed to invite and inspire newpeople to create the lifestyle of their dreams through Shaklee. The Dream Plan offers theopportunity to earn incredible new lifestyle rewards and benefits, the chance to quickly earn up-front cash, and the opportunity to build a long-term residual income that can help support yourfamily today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.
Q. What are some of the new features of the Dream Plan?
A. Developed after 5 years of analysis, gathering and reviewing feedback from the Shaklee Field,and considering competitive compensation plans and rewards programs, the Dream Planincorporates the best aspects of our existing compensation plan, with new features designed to1
Shaklee® Compensation Plan FAQsBusiness Leader VersionLast Updated 8/12/10
attract, motivate and reward people for the activities involved in becoming leaders, and creatingnew leaders, including:
New Directors Conference at Director
Car Program beginning at Senior Director
Future Masters Retreat for Executive Coordinators
Hometown Celebration for Key Coordinators
Leadership Bonuses up to 6 generations
Infinity Bonuses
Matching Infinity Bonuses
Q. Who can participate in the Dream Plan?
 A. Any US or Canadian Shaklee Distributor who becomes a Business Leader (Director or above) inthe October 2010 PV month or later is automatically included in the Dream Plan.
Q. What about Directors who broke out in July, August and September?
A. If you promoted to Director in July, August or September, you can choose to participate in theDream Plan when it begins October 1, 2010 by emailing Shaklee Field Support atdreamplan@shaklee.comor in Canada atcanada@shaklee.comby
October 20, 2010
and lettingus know that’s what you choose.
Q. When do we receive our first check in the Dream Plan?
 A. The first month is October, so that means the first check issued in the new plan will be inNovember 2010.
Ways to Join
Q. In the Dream Plan, how does one join Shaklee to start experiencing all of the benefitsof the Dream Plan?
A. There are still four ways to join Shaklee in the new plan, and the GOLD Ambassador Program is,in our opinion, still the best way to join.There are no changes for those who choose to join as a Member or Distributor. GOLD Packs havemore PV. Here are the four ways to join:
$19.95 Member Pack
$39.95 Distributor Kit
$299 GOLD Ambassador Mission Pack (250 PV)
$750 Super GOLD Ambassador Mission Pack (500 PV)
Q. What’s different about the GOLD Ambassador Program?
 A. We’ve increased the PV on the GOLD Pack, while eliminating all of the GOLD Phasequalifications and the $75 upline bonus. We’ve reduced the annual renewal fee to $29, andsimplified the options to join, reducing the number of GOLD Packs to two - one GOLD Pack and oneSuper GOLD Pack.Being a qualified GOLD Ambassador entitles you to participate in earning GOLD Ambassadorbonuses, Fast
bonuses, and to participate in the global income opportunity (sponsor andearn bonuses in other countries).2
Shaklee® Compensation Plan FAQsBusiness Leader VersionLast Updated 8/12/10
Getting Paid
GOLD Bonuses
Q. How do GOLD Bonuses work, and who is eligible to earn them?
A. The GOLD Bonus is a one-time bonus paid on the sale of a GOLD Ambassador Mission Pack. AShaklee Family Member who purchases a GOLD Pack is referred to as a GOLD Ambassador. TheGOLD Bonus is paid on the first purchase of a GOLD Pack only.To be eligible to earn GOLD Bonuses, one must:
Hold the title of Distributor or higher, and
Be a GOLD AmbassadorA GOLD Bonus of $50 will be paid to the
original sponsor
of a Shaklee Family Member whopurchases a GOLD Pack, and a GOLD Bonus of $100 will be paid to the original sponsor of aShaklee Family Member who purchases a Super GOLD Pack.In the event that the original sponsor is not eligible to earn GOLD Bonuses, the bonus will not bepaid.
Q. If an existing Member or Distributor upgrades to GOLD by purchasing a Mission Pack,will the GOLD Bonus be paid?
 A. Yes, the GOLD Bonus will be paid for your Members or Distributors who upgrade to GOLD bypurchasing a Mission Pack. However, in order to earn points on your sponsoring, that upgrademust take place within the first 60 days of the date of sponsoring.
Q. Are GOLD Bonuses still paid weekly?
A. Yes, they are paid on a weekly basis, to Distributors who have opted in to the Direct Depositprogram.
Power Bonuses
Q. Who is eligible to earn Power Bonuses?
 A. Power Bonus payments are available to new Distributors during the first three full months afterthe month in which they joined Shaklee.Also, and this is new, when a Business Leader achieves a new, never before achieved rank,beginning with the Director rank, the new rank achiever has an additional 3 months to participatebeginning with the month after promotion.
If a new Director promotes in March, they can earn Power Bonuses in the months of April, May and June.
If a new Senior Coordinator promotes in July, they can earn Power Bonuses in themonths of August, September and October.3

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