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Published by jjurotich

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Published by: jjurotich on Aug 26, 2008
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 Outline1. Reasons not to believe in God.a. We can't sense Him. b. If God existed, He would not allow evil.c. If God existed, He would limit my freedom.d. A loving God can't exist, because love does not exist.2. Why these reasons are not true.a. Just because I can't sense something doesn't mean it does not exist. b. Just because bad things happen doesn't mean that God does not exist.c. I am not totally free whether God exists or not.d. Just because I haven't experienced love does not mean that there is not a loving God.3. Reasons for Why God exists.a. We long for a someone who will make us always happy. b. Someone had to tell us what good and bad are, because we didn't make those categories up.c. If things are organized and planned, then there must be someone who planned and ordered it.d. Something can't come from nothing.e. The risk of Him existing is too great, its not worth taking the chance.f. Ever since man existed, from the records we have, he was always religious, or believed in somesort of God. Being an Atheist is an exception.1. Why don't people believe in God.Before we see how to demonstrate that God really exists, we have to see first why wouldsomebody say he doesn't exist. Otherwise we won't know how to defend Him. A Doctor can't give amedicine unless he knows what the real problem is.
A. They can't see (or sense) him. This is the simplest problem. How can we believe in somethingwe can't see, or do experiments on or observe?B. They can't believe in something that would allow bad things to exist. They see bad thingshappen or exist to others or themselves and wonder that if God were really this all powerful all loving being, why then does he allow these things to happen or be?C. They don't want to believe in something that limits their "absolute" freedom. To believe in Godmeans to believe in a someone who is stronger,wiser and better than me. Someone who would have"authority" over me because he would be in control if he were this all powerful being and they don'twant to have someone over them, watching them, wanting to direct them to where they don't want togo.D. They have never experienced love in their lives so they have no idea how a being could be "allloving". They can't imagine somebody loving them truly because no one has ever loved them in anyway during their life. It is the most difficult problem to solve.2. Why these problems do not show that God does not exist.A. Just because I can't sense something or observe it does not mean it doesn't exist. Did viruses notexist 200 years ago because no one could see them with an instrument like a microscope? NO. Didelectricity not exist 200 years ago because we didn't know how to use it? NO. Did the big bang never happened just because we never saw it? NO. Would your mother not exist if we had no evidence for it,no photos, video, records. NO. Does the president of Poland not exist now just because I don't sensehim now. NO. Does love not exist because I don't see it? NO.All these things I know exist or did exist because of their effects that are now. NOT because I cansense them. I know you had a Mom because you are here. Its something I conclude, figure out, know,not sense. Your Mom is the cause of you the effect of the cause. I don't need senses for this.B. Just because bad thing happen does not mean that God does not exist or that he is not good andloving. Does what is bad cancel out what is good? NO. Just because Hitler was bad does that mean thatevery person is bad? NO. Just because you do a bad thing, does that mean you are always bad? NO. Soif bad things happen does that mean that God can't be all loving and all powerful and good? NO. Whatit means is that there is a reason why bad things exist that I don't know and that I have to find out.Besides, many times we call something bad which is not bad at all. When a rock falls off a cliff,the poor rock is doing what its made to do, which is fall. But we call this bad if it falls on someone'shead, and we cry out to God and ask why he didn't stop the rock in mid air so that the person would notget hit. But God doesn't have to do this because he gave us the possibility to think and to observe and toconclude "maybe if I walk beside the mountain a rock could fall." So in the end we get angry at God because we want to be lazy and have him do everything. God showed his love for us by giving us the possibility to think and we shouldn't put that gift in the closet.The only thing that can be really bad in the end is a person. He can decide to do something bad.Why doesn't God stop it? Because he wants to respect each person's freedom, so he won't stop youotherwise you would be just like a tree. God is above and stronger than what is bad, even though heallows it to respect our freedom. From the bad many times good comes either way. From concentration
camps have come great men and women of character who followed their principles and gave exampleto others of how to conquer evil with their self control and moral strength. This in turn allowed othersmotivation to do the same. We are purified and strengthened and become better people when there isconflict and pain.Buy why do the angels and man choose bad things in the first place? Well there is an answer, but itis very complicated and abstract. So we will have to leave it for another time. (I have written on this butit would take too long to explain it here. You can ask me afterwards if you want to know.http://wonderablaze.blogspot.com/2008/01/true-foundation-of-evil.html)C. I don't have absolute freedom whether God exists or not. I can't fly with my hands just because Iwant to. If I had complete freedom to kill who I wanted then prisons would not exist. If nothing I didwas really wrong then I would never feel remorse for what I did for anything. It would be just liketying my shoe, totally neutral and natural. Are we really happy when we follow our whims? It mayappear to be so at the beginning, but in the end many who do exactly what they want are the ones whofall into depression, commit suicide, divorce, etc. Besides, is someone really free who can't go to sleepwithout watching 2 hours of porn or get drunk, or inject themselves with something like drugs? Aren'tthey in one sense dependent on it, chained to it? Doesn't addiction mean that you are not free?D. Very similar to point A, just because I have never experienced love does not mean that it doesnot exist. I can see others loving and caring, I can see others giving their lives, even though I may notunderstand it. Love is NOT something I can just "know", I have to experience it. Its like saying itsimpossible to run a marathon just because you never tried it or impossible to sing because you haven'tdone it. You can tell me exactly how to do a surgery but until I do it myself I won't really "know" howto do it. Love is giving yourself for the good of the other, forgetting yourself, sacrificing yourself andlooking to see what the other needs. Mother Theresa changed the world because she loved others andthe whole world admitted it. I have to challenge the atheist to love in that way for a month and see if you are the same. I promise you will not be. If you don't have the courage to try it then you don't havethe right to say its impossible or crazy.3. Reasons to believe in GodA. The Catechism mentions a few. One is we are not happy with anything here. "with his longingsfor the infinite and for happiness, man questions himself about God's existence." If we were happy with just one thing, we would stick with it, but what we see is that after buying one car, a man wantsanother, after one pair of shoes, a woman wants another. We always want something bigger, better,more exciting, or simply more of it, if not, it gets boring. (More Wii games, more rides at Six Flages, better cell phones, etc. etc.) People get bored because nothing here really satisfies. We want somethingthat will never get boring, that will always make me happy no matter what, and it can't be a thing, because we are happier with people than with things, and someone who will never fail, who willalways be there, or we will simply not be happy.B. You can't say something is good or bad unless you have something that tells you it's so. Thesame person who says God does not exist will say that we say something is good or bad based onculture. Well, culture is made up of people so people decided it. Is it just based on whim? If that is thecase you can't complain if someone steals your wallet or takes your life because they just think differently than you. If there is no objective way of saying what is good and bad then society falls apartand you could not consider that "bad".

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