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Published by: Washington Blade Newspaper on Mar 17, 2011
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Insiders rip HRC, Gill decision tocancel Maryland vote on marriage
By LOU CHIBBARO JR.lchibbaro@washblade.com
The decision to cancel a March 11 vote on a same-sex marriage billin the Maryland House of Delegates was a mistake that could hurt ratherthan help the chances for passing the bill within the next several years,according to Maryland-based advocates who lobbied for the bill.The advocates who expressed this view, some of whom spoke oncondition that they not be identifi ed, said at least four national LGBTgroups put pressure on lawmakers through Equality Maryland, the state-wide LGBT group, to withdraw the bill rather than risk a losing vote.One of the advocates called the national groups and their political op-eratives who came to Maryland to lobby for the bill well intentioned butunfamiliar with the nuances and “rhythms” of the Maryland Legislature.“I think this was a strategic blunder of monstrous proportions,” saidMark McLaurin, political director of Maryland’s Local 500 of the ServiceEmployees International Union (SEIU), which lobbied for the bill.McLaurin, a gay man who has lobbied the Maryland Legislature forprogressive causes for more than 15 years, said many insiders familiarwith the legislature don’t think a losing vote by a close margin wouldhurt the bill’s chances in the future.On the other hand, McLaurin and others who favored taking a vote
Our new local businesscolumn explores whethercity should give restaurantsa letter grade for cleanliness.
Special parenting sectionlooks at the ‘gayby’ boomand the resources availableto LGBT parents and kids.
the lgbtq community news source
 washingtonblade.com • vol. 42, issue 11 • march 18, 2011 • Still sharp after 40 years
Nadler, Feinstein kick o e ortsto remove federal marriage ban
By CHRIS JOHNSONcjohnson@washblade.com
House and Senate lawmakers on Wednes-day pledged to lift the Defense of Marriage Actfrom the books upon the introduction of legis-lation that would repeal the anti-gay law thatbars federal recognition of same-sex marriage.In the House, Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.)introduced the legislation, known as the Re-spect for Marriage Act, along with 108 co-sponsors. Among the supporters are the fouropenly gay members of Congress: Reps.Barney Frank (D-Mass.), Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisc.), Jared Polis (D-Colo.) and David Cicil-
New DOMA repeal effort
‘Strategic blunder of monstrous proportions’
Local winners of $100,000 same-sex wedding contest tie the knot.
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The Blade and JR.’s to host Janet Jackson post-concert party Tuesday.
20 yearsof victories
Victory Fund marks twodecades of helping to electLGBT offi cials. Meet its fi rstendorsee, Sherry Harris.
Luke Clippinger
(right) was one of several openly gay delegates to speak last week on the House fl oor in favor of a failed billto legalize same-sex marriage.
Washington Blade photo by Michael Key
‘This defi es common sense and harms thousands of mar-ried couples,’ said Rep.
Jerrold Nadler
Washington Blade fi le photo by Michael Key
2 washingtonblade.com • march 18, 2011
Ethics complaint dismissed
against Dana Beyer
 The Montgomery County Ethics Commission onMarch 8 dismissed a complaint against retired eye sur-geon and transgender activist Dana Beyer that allegedBeyer violated county ethics rules in 2008 by improp-erly campaigning against a proposed reerendum tooverturn a transgender non-discrimination law.The complaint was led by Ruth Jacobs, presidento the Maryland Citizens or a Responsible Govern-ment, an anti-LGBT group. The group led petitionscalling or a voter reerendum to overturn a transgen-der non-discrimination law passed by the MontgomeryCounty Council in November 2007.The reerendum never made it to the ballot becausesupporters ailed to gather the required number o peti-tion signatures.Beyer had been working at the time on the sta oCounty Council member Duchy Trachtenberg, an at-large Democrat, who authored the law. The law bansdiscrimination in employment, housing, public accom-modations and other areas based on a person’s gen-der identity.Jacobs alleged in her complaint that Beyer and oth-ers opposed to the reerendum improperly intereredwith eorts by her group to gather signatures outsidevarious Giant Food stores by, among other things, “yell-ing and screaming” at petition circulators and poten-tial signers o the petitions. Jacobs also charged thatBeyer abused her role as an employee o the CountyCouncil by allegedly telling the manager o one o theGiant stores that he would have “problems” with thecounty i he allowed the petitions to be circulated onstore property.Beyer denied the allegations, saying they were ab-ricated by Jacobs and others as a means o retaliatingagainst legitimate eorts by supporters o the non-dis-crimination law to campaign against the reerendum.“In order or [the ethics code] to be violated, theemployee’s conduct must be on the job, include sel-identication as a public employee, or otherwise entailthe prestige o oce,” the Ethics Commission said inits ruling. “Assuming that Dr. Beyer did conront MCRGvolunteers, Giant Food managers, and patrons, thereis no credible evidence that she invoked her countyposition while doing so.”In a statement Beyer hailed the decision to dismissthe case but expressed concern that the commission’searlier decision to nd probable cause that she mayhave violated ethics rules indicates the county’s ethicsprocess is fawed.“Ater having ailed to deeat anti-discrimination pro-tections or transgender citizens in the County Council,and then ailing to get their reerendum on the ballot, asmall group o narrow-minded, political motivated in-dividuals tried to obstruct justice a third time by goingater me personally,” she said.Jacobs could not be immediately reached or com-ment.
Murder trial opens
in anti-gay ‘hate’ case
 A trial began this week or a 26-year-old D.C. mancharged with rst-degree murder while armed in con-nection with the November 2009 stabbing death oa man that prosecutors have classied as an anti-gayhate crime.In charging documents led in D.C. Superior Court,police and prosecutors said Justin L. Navarro, 26,stabbed D.C. resident Kevin Massey at least 18 timesinside Massey’s apartment in the 4200 block o 2nd St.,N.W., on Nov. 6, 2009.The court documents say an eyewitness told policethe witness saw Navarro enter Massey’s bedroom aterasking the witness, “Where is the aggy ass nigger?”“Witness 1 observed the deendant armed with alarge kitchen knie which the deendant used to thrustinto the decedent’s body,” a police arrest adavit says.“Witness 1 stated that it observed the deendant thrustthe knie into the decedent’s body twice beore Witness1 fed the apartment or its saety,” the adavit says.An eight-count grand jury indictment o Navarrocharges that, “the murder demonstrated the prejudiceo Justin L. Navarro…based on the actual or perceivedsexual orientation o Kevin Massey.”A law enorcement source said Navarro allegedlystabbed Massey because he incorrectly believed thatMassey had made a pass at him weeks beore themurder and that “rumors were spreading about the twomen.”Prosecutors led a motion last September objectingto plans by the deense to argue that Navarro com-mitted the stabbing in sel-deense. An attorney rep-resenting Navarro could not be immediately reachedor comment.The trial beore Judge Lynn Leibovitz was expectedto last through this week.
San Fran mayoral candidateseeks support in D.C.
 A gay candidate running or mayor in San Francis-co, who served or eight years on that city’s Board oSupervisors, is scheduled to hold a undraiser in D.C.on March 21.D.C. area supporters o Bevan Duty say Duty hasthe “drive, energy, responsiveness and eectiveness”to be an excellent mayor and are calling on local ac-tivists to contribute to his campaign. Duty is a ormerD.C. resident who started his career as a sta mem-ber to ormer U.S. Reps. Shirley Chisholm and JulianDixon, both Democrats.He is the only gay candidate in a eld o eight com-peting or the mayoral post in the Nov. 8 election.Duty’s campaign announced earlier this year thathe reversed an earlier decision to limit the amount ocampaign contributions he would accept to $200 rath-er than the legal limit o $500. He also initially vowednot to accept contributions rom donors outside SanFrancisco. Those restrictions hurt his campaign, ac-cording to political pundits, who noted he had allenbehind most o his competitors in unds raised.In addition to seeking support rom individual do-nors in D.C., Duty is applying or the endorsement othe Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, a national group thatsupports openly LGBT candidates or public oce.Inormation about the D.C. event, set to take placeat a private residence near Dupont Circle, can be ob-tained by contacting Jill McCarthy at 202-316-8006 orjillmc6@gmail.com.
Arena Stage honors Albee
Arena Stage at the Mead Center or American Theater honored gay playwright Edward Albee with the American Artist Awardon Monday. Presenters included actors Tracy Letts and Amy Morton rom Arena Stage’s production o “Who’s Araid o VirginiaWool?” as well as award-winning actor Kathleen Turner. The American Artist Award honors an artist who has made a signicantcontribution to American theater.
A story in the Feb. 24 issue o theWashington Blade about the mur-der o Temple Hills, Md., residentChristopher Alan Trueheart on Feb.13 incorrectly reported that a mancharged with the murder D.C.resident Eldridge Slaughter  wasTrueheart’s partner. A caption ac-companying a photo published withthe story also incorrectly identi-ed a man in the photo who posedalongside Trueheart as Eldridge.The person posing with Trueheart inthe photo, which was obtained romTrueheart’s Facebook page, wasanother man who was Trueheart’spartner o two years. That personis not implicated in the murder. Themix-up was due to police sourcessaying Eldridge and Trueheart wereinvolved in a romantic relationshipand to someone who knew True-heart, who incorrectly identied theman posing beside Trueheart in theFacebook photo as Eldridge. TheBlade regrets the error.
march 18, 2011 • washingtonblade.com 3

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