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Published by AndyJackson
how to fight the bank over your foreclosure.
how to fight the bank over your foreclosure.

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Published by: AndyJackson on Mar 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Mortgage Killer:
 Another approach to Fight the Bank  Things to do list: All names are case sensitive-John Doe or JOHN DOEThe first thing to do is to nderstand !hat is reall" going on !hen a Bank #loans$ mone"% As !ithot the nderstanding "o !ill have a hard time seeing !hat is stated in their letters as the" are sing #code$ !ords developed &" la!"ers called #legalese$ that looks like English &t has different meanings than the spoken !ord English% Ever" thing defends on !here "o are on the timeline in having "or home taken a!a"% 'f "o have (st received "or NOT')E OF DEFA*+T on the fact "o have missed , months of hose pa"ments then "o are in good shape and sending the #NOT')E OF E+F-E.E)*T'N/ )OND'T'ONA+ A))E0TAN)E$ shold slo! them do!n considera&l"% 1o have plent" of time to std" the D2D$s and Books and 3ritings &efore proceeding !ith filing paper!ork% 'f "o have a NOT')E OF T4*TEE A+E then "o have no time and "or hose !ill &e sold5 6ickl"5 pro&a&l" in ,7 da"s time% 1o need to file Bankrptc" paper!ork immediatel" or at an" time prior to the sale date to stop the sale% 1o can find an online filing service for less than 8,77 and here$s a hint don$t state "o &orro!ed more than 87 dollars from the &ank or the (dge !ill state "o have no e6it" in the home and &mp it ot to &e sold% 1o can call the Bank an #alleged$ creditor as "o do not have an" proof "et% Once filed "o !ill get instant protection from the Bank for at least ,7 da"s and pro&a&l" more like 97 da"s% This !ill &e enogh time to get a defalt on "or paper!ork "o !ill s&mit to the &ank and pt "o in a mch &etter position% 1o can !ithdra! from the Bankrptc" later &efore the Jdge s!oops do!n to take an" assets% 'f a cople months have gone &" since "o defalted on the Banks Notice then start the procedre and std" the D2D$s and Books !hile "or in the process% A !ord a&ot attorne"s5 the" can  &e sefl and !ork for "or home &t never !ith the same determination that "o !ill have5 second the" have s!orn an oath to the BA4 association that !ill case them to a&andon "or interests if the Jdge re6ires them to5 as the" are o&edient to the (dge regardless and !ill lose their livel" hood &" &eing dis&arred if the" don$t pla" along% 1o !ill &e considered a child5 a !ard of the cort5 incompetent to speak for "orself if "o hire an attorne" as he !ill have fll athorit" to speak for "o even if it$s against "or !ishes
unless you hire him as ‘co-counsel’
meaning he !old have to conslt "o &efore speaking or acting in cort% 'f "o do not kno! the s&(ect "o cannot arge the s&(ect and !ill lose% 'f "o are !eak in spirit5 "o !ill co!er !hen the" demean "o and attack "o in cort% 't is m" hope that no one ever has to appear to defend their rights in cort as it is a den of vipers !ith a satanic atmosphere there5 ho!ever  people have &een victorios in cort against Banks !ith a good hearted (dge%The follo!ing are the steps to follo! to start &ecoming free of the nconsciona&le contract "o have !ith the Bank:%Find a Notar" !illing to follo! throgh on a series of presentments "o !ill make to the
5 and assigned: lender5 trstee5 and &eneficiar" of "or home #loan$%;%The Notar" !ill notari<e "or signatre on varios de&t validation letters =perfectl" legal for them as that is their normal fnction to verif" signatre>atographs? and act as the presenter &" doing the @proof of service papers =see an eample of a proof of service in this disc? and "o !ill re6ire an" responses from the &ank to &e sent to "or  Notar" for verification as a ,
 part" !itness% The Notar" can do an"thing an"one else can do and does not se their #seal$ or stamp on the proof of service5 it !old &e illegal to do so5 the" are (st acting as a private part"% The &eat" of this is that the &ank
cannot claim the" !ere ignorant of the notar" &eing a dl" licensed notar" &ecase the" can !itness the notar"s signatre and seal on the docments the notar" notari<ed =the DEBT 2A+'DAT'ON letters?%,%The first set of Notices "o !ill send to the &ank5 trstee and &eneficiar" are the )OND'T'ONA+ A))E0TAN)E OF DEBT *0ON 04OOF OF )+A'C OF DEBT =see this docment in this folder5 and the 34%%1o !ill also send a 34 =6alified !ritten re6est? demanding more or less the same  proof of claim of de&t o!ed5 to !itness the original promissor" !et-ink signatre docment5 copies of the loan application docments5 and the acconting for this alleged #loan$% The" !ill &e happ" to sppl" these docments and "o need them%%The Notar" !ill make a proof of service and sign it sing their address as the retrn address to send an" response the &ank5 trstee5 and &eneficiar" !old &e sending in response to "or demands%9%These notices !ill &e sent &" )ertified Cail !ith green signatre retrn cards to gather cort admissi&le evidence% 1o can se *0 track and confirm http:>>!!!%sps%com>shipping>trackandconfirm%htm to verif" deliver" and ' !old  print off a cop" from Track and )onfirm a&ot -G da"s after posting "or letters to confirm deliver"% Also5 al!a"s name an individal part" as the recipient5 ie find ot !ho the )FO =chief financial officer? is of the +oan servicer or Bank5 etc% /oogle it5 search it ot5 and if "o can$t find ot !ho it is (st address it to )FO )>O =
f? the BAN OF ACE4')A or !hoever "or lender !as% That !a" "o can s&poena the flesh and &lood man or !oman as "o cannot pt a corporation in (ail5 onl" people go to prison% 1o !ant a man>!oman to s!eat going to (ail for not responding to "or letters%G%The 34$s grant 97 da"s to defalt &t mst &e ans!ered that the" received it and ackno!ledge it5 !ithin ;7 calendar da"s after receipt% The De&t validation letter is a #conterclaim$ as the" claim "o o!e a de&t5 so "o have a right to pt in a #conterclaim$ against them% The response time =in corts? for a conterclaim is ; calendar da"s and failre to respond in ; da"s reslts in a defalt (dgment% I%After  da"s from the time "o mailed the de&t validation letter5 mail the first opportnit" to cre letter5 giving them a second chance to cre their #dishonor$ for failing to ans!er "or demand for proof of claim% 3hen someone sends "o a demand it is a dishonor if "o have a contract !ith them to not respond and ans!er the 6estions%%After ; da"s from the time of their receipt of the De&t validation letter if the" don$t respond or if the" fail to ans!er each point "o !ill send them a NOT')E OF DEFA*+T that &arrs and estoppes them from claiming the" are the creditor and lent "o an" #mone"$% AFTE4 "o send the defalt "o have the right to state the" &reached "or original contract for the mortgage% After all the mortgage paper!ork states @for a loan ' have received !hen in fact "o !ere never given a @loan5 the !ord @loan !as never defined in the docment =promissor" note?5 and the" have failed to prove "o actall" #&orro!ed$ an" @mone" or even an" @credit from them% No! "o can la!fll" @cancel the deed of trst for case% 3hat caseK the fact that the" didn$t have the elements of a la!fl contract in place5 ie% there !as no @fll disclosre or a @meeting of the minds !herein "o !ere told the" deposited "or #promissor" note$ and credited "o accont and created
the fnds from thin air that the" advanced to the #seller$% ;% the" didn$t give an" #vala&le consideration$ 5 !hat did the" give "o of valeK 'n order for them to have given "o vale the" !old have to sffer a #loss$% )old the" claim the" !old sffer a loss if "o don$t  pa" them mone" if the" created the mone" the" advanced from thin airK and ,% there !as onl" one signatre>atograph on the contract and an" contract !here "o are the onl" signer "o can cancel it as "o don$t need there approval as the" didn$t sign it% ee Tom haf$s Bankers Canal contained on this disc for a fll discssion on the &anking loan  &siness% 'n addition to sending off the F'NA+ DEFA*+T "o send off the )ancelled Deed of Trst as noted &elo!%7% o "o take the )ertified cop" of the Deed of trst and stamp each page !ith the cancellation stamp and make the docment nll and void throgh cancellation% ee the J0 cancellation articles =J0 Foreclosre free? in this folder% 1o have to ask for the +oan application =origination? docments "o signed5 for "or #loan$ from the &ank and the" !ill send "o copies% 1o !ill do the cancellation stamp on these as !ell as "o are canceling "or loan application docments as !ell%%No! "o !ill need to file a NOT')E OF 04EE42AT'ON OF 'NTE4ET at the cont" recorders office !ith a cop" of "or cancelled Deed of Trst5 and de&t validation letters stating that "o have an interest in the real propert" ="or home identified !ith the assessors information? for the total amont of the loan5 after all it !as "or promissor" note that created the fnds5 so "o are technicall" the #lender$% ;%1o !ill also &enefit from proving the &ank sold "or mortgage to 3all street as a Cortgage &acked secrit" and have a pooling and serviceing agreement !ith a #trst$% 1o can get this information in a ecriti<ation investigation for a&ot 877% An eample is here http:>>!!!%consmerdefenseprograms%com> % C" friend =mortgage  &roker? in )alifornia can do them% 1o !ill get #proof$ the" sold "or note and once the note and deed are separated the" have no la!fl athorit" to foreclose on the  propert"% Ho!ever in the !orld of evil5 !here the &ankers rn the contr"5 o!n the contr"5 rn the corts5 and are ver" arrogant5 don$t &e srprised if the (dge refses to #see$ an" of "or #evidence$ and decides to keep it from &eing presented% 1o can have a #smoking gn$ and still not get (stice% Ho!ever there are plent" of (dges a!are of the total scam5 are disgsted !ith all the greed and are rling against the &ankers and their evil machinations% Have conviction5 hope and make "orself and "or interests kno!n% ,%1o can tr" to do a freedom of information act re6est to the '4 to have them give  proof of the &ank getting paid the fll amont of the loan !hen it !as originated in the form of a ta form 7O'D =this !ill sho! "or secret stra!man accont paid the O4'/'ANA+ '*E D')O*NT- O'D? and the '4 form !ill sho! the" collected it% and again , "ears after the origination the" =the Bank? !ill appl" for a 7A =A L a &andonement of the fnds and ac6isition of the fnds &" the &ank?5 lovel"5 the" get  paid the fll amont !hile claiming "o still o!e themK That is frad% 4emem&er evidence of their frad can land them in (ail5 "o can file an FB' complaint for fradlentl" stating that "o o!e them mone" !hen "o don$t5 "o can file a complaint !ith /" )ottrel the chief investigator for the * 0ostal ervice for #mail frad$% An"time someone lies and states "o have a de&t throgh the postal service &" sending to "o in the mail it is mail frad and 6ite serios%

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