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FB Inquiry on Creation

FB Inquiry on Creation

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This is a thread about creation as presented in the Bhagavad Gita. Kora presented a different perspective to the traditional view and beliefs.
This is a thread about creation as presented in the Bhagavad Gita. Kora presented a different perspective to the traditional view and beliefs.

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Published by: Koosraj KORA VENCIAH on Mar 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Facebook Inquiry in Gurukul about
31.10.10(a trimmed version with apologies)Mrityunjayanand Jee"What purpose Creation?......what does the BhagwadGeeta say about this?".......It's a question raised by Om Kiran, our group'smember. Let us share our views.Mrityunjayanand Jee@Om Kiran. Please expand your question with somemore details to let our members understand properly and share their views.Humble wishes.Dwarka KalantryAllow me to begin the discussion with BG 3:10 to 13.Brahma created people with yagnya (sacrifice) and said this yagna will giveyou desired results. Bhagwan emphasizes that sinners who function in self interest only are thieves.Dwarka KalantryThe non Gita version of my understanding is that Bhagwanwas bored alone (ekaki na ramte) so he created this creation withoutpurpose. He became many (ekoham bahusyam) and gave freedom toeveryone to play. The entities like Radha chose to remain with Bhagwan andentities like us chose to identify with prakriti (BG 15:7)Ravi MarajWhat is eternal cannot be conceived as having a purpose. TheDivine Mind does not need to have a reason for creation, since expression or manifestation is part of its nature. What we do know however, is that thismanifestation fulfils a purpose on behalf of the creatures that evolve withinit.Ravi MarajThe One does not become the Many. They are different orders of being. The many is an emanation from the One. Lol.Dwarka KalantryRaviji: Yes we cannot know the purpose and it is notnecessary to know it as well. BG 4:5 and 6. But every effect has a cause. Thecreation (effect) has a cause (Bhagwan). Best regards.Tsimi James: Create only for the mere joy of creating. When you create for you, you will soon find yourself living in joy. Don't ever strive to haveanyone understand you. If they wish to understand, they will. Loveeveryone. Have compassion for all other entities. You do not need to go andtake care of them. Love them by allowing them to express however theychoose. That is the greatest thing you can do! If they are angered or 
disappointed by your life, love them by allowing them to be that way. InLoving GratitudeShane Younker I believe that it is for the purpose of becoming an individualexpression of God. Not the same as God, but an expression. We are givenindividuality within the manifested, so there must be significance to it.Ravi MarajYes, its immediate purpose is to raise all creatures to a higher state of awareness. Quite correct Brother Shane.Shane Younker Nothing can be added or taken from Infinity, so it cannot befor adding unto God. To me there must be significance to the individualexpression. The maya is put before us so that we do not readily accept or perceive God for what He truly is. Also maya is a part of cause and effect.Otherwise our own free-will will be affected as to whether or not we willchose God. Through our own free will, we live our individual paths until weare ready to pursue and perceive God.Ravi MarajBrother, I want to quickly exit this discussion cuz I don't think everyone is ready to hear certain truths as yet on this topic. But am notreferring to you.Jagdish MorjariaAs an aspect to consider as the Sat-Sang progresses ~TheSloka in Gita~~~#Yada Yada His Dharmashya, Glanir BhavathiBharat,...Abhuthanam Dharmasya, Tadatman Srujamyaham, PartranaySadhunam, Vinashayacha Dushkrutam, Dharma Sansthapnay, Sam BhavamiYUGE YUGE#I feel(and must say I haven't done any Study whatsoever, so Please forgiveme if this is Not Relevant to the point of Discussion),I believe Could pointto some answers to this very Deep question and its expression in Gita. Ieagerly look to Learn about this From Swamijee and All the learnedMembers. truly.#lv. jagdishLisa BrownWhy does Shiva dance? For the sheer joy of it! We all havebeen invited to the dance. Will you dance with me? Namaste!Randy SabinMan is God’s energetic probe, created to explore the infinitepossibilities of awareness , in the ever expanding universal consciousness ,that is us and God , we are his dream, and we dream him neither can existwithout the other, its a symbiotic relationship!! The God of the Gods is Timeand Time is eternity!! Humble opinion!
Mrityunjayanand Jee...I reward my worshippers according to the nature of their devotion; I assist them in the same degree. It is the worshipper’sdedication that is returned to him as grace. Knowing this secret, therighteous conduct themselves with single-mindedness according to the waylaid down by me. They who are dear to me act according to my way. Theydo what I ordain them to do. And in that case....I dance with them...and theydance with me...!God shows his favour by standing with the worshipper as a charioteer; hebegins to walk along with the worshipper and manifest his glory. This is theform of his loving care. He stands up for the destruction of forces thatgenerate wickedness and to protect righteous impulses that provide access toreality. Unless the worshipped God acts as the earnest charioteer who alertsat every step, despite his dedication and closing his eyes in meditation, andall other endeavours, the worshipper cannot cope with the adversities of thematerial world successfully.How is he to know how much distance he has covered and how much moreremains to be covered? The adored God stands inseparably with the Self andguides him: that he is now at this point, that he should do this, and walk likethat. Thus the gulf of nature is gradually bridged and, guiding the Soul aheadby gradual steps, God at last enables him to merge into him.Worship and adoration have to be performed by the devotee, but the distanceon the path which is covered by the devotee is only by God’s grace.Knowing this, men who are pervaded by divine sentiment through andthrough follow Sri Krishn’s precept.Sri Krsihn dances with them.....and they dance with Sri Krishn.....!!!Narinder Bhandariall is indeed the ' Doing' of the Naughty Natkhat ....... HEneeds to be chastised ! Will you do it for narinder, sweet MrityunjayanandJee? AUMMrityunjayanand JeeYou kindly do for me and I will for you or both of usshould do jointly with double strength for ourselves. That Naughty Natkhatis very..very clever. HE will immediately plan some other game with magicof HIS flute.

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