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Filming Journal - Director

Filming Journal - Director

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Published by ms_odele

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Published by: ms_odele on Mar 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Filming Journal by Olutobi Odeleye - Director
Day 1
February AM 
On day one before we started filming we had minor delays due to the change of weather so we had to set the filming forward to a later time at approximately 1 hourlater, otherwise it would had interfered with the concepts of our filming. Then afterthat we went back to the set location, and then we got out all the necessaryequipments needed for our filming and followed the risk assessments in order toprevent any casualties towards the cast crew and other members of the public.Before we started then filming, As the director it was my duty to get the actress(Emma Worby) ready in the right position, and try to follow the shots used for thestoryboard, although because the location was very intriguing, new ideas wheredeveloped e.g. the Bird eye view shot was used to follow the actress, which theresult would give the idea that she is being watched which worked really well.Emma Worby the main character was portrayed as the protagonists I thought of abrief idea to shoot her coming from a work building where a low angle shot was usedto trace her as she starts running, this was suggested because the audience couldperhaps not follow it clearly in terms of where she is coming from, however Idecided to not let the audience know where shes coming from and to show just theprotagonists running straight into the subway, which adds to the curiosity andtension we hope to create in order to represent and convent our thriller genre.Trying to link the subway to the next scene (The Park) was very challenging buthopefully it should work well. Then we also tired different point of view shots (POV)which was in our story board, however it wasnt the same positions we had. I alsotold the camera person to add breathing whilst she ran with the camera down thetunnel just so we decide to add this to the sequence in the editing suite.We had many other barriers to our filming on Day 1, because we used a subwaytunnel, different people was walking past which would had broken the continuityrule, so we had to keep stopping which wasted time. The weather was really harshon this day, which made filming hard, but overall we made good use of the day. Thesounds we picked up was from the subway were ambient noises such as the busesgoing past, the harsh wind, which in told the editor to make good use of for theoverall sequence. I also showed our actress Emma Worby to work on her facialexpressions as someone who looks defencelessly , which was our concept of tricking the audience, she had different runs at it , but overall it came togetherbrilliantly. Also we did not visit the location previously, to plan ahead of how wewanted to shoot the scenes, so that also took our time. However for the next day wewill visit the next location and decide what shots to use and what the actress to needto do for the entire scene.
Day 2
March PM 
On day two we went to the next location to film our park scene, we had a choice touse a jump cut for the overall results between the subway and the park scene linkingthem both together as we thought we was shooting things in the right order butwhen we got to Raphaels park the subway tunnel scene did not link with the parkscene. Me and Laura was aware of another location at Harold woodWhich was a Crooked looking bridge which would go perfectly well for oursequence, hence we decided to use it. The editor was made aware that she wouldneed to put the bridge scene first as it linked with the subway scene.On arriving at Raphaels park the weather was cruel, as it started to rain, howeverwe decided to shoot Exterior extreme shot and long shot angles. Also the actress wasvery corporative, when I would direct her in terms of the types of facial expressionsto make, and also for the long shot we had to shoot it from far, so she was runningfor a very lengthy time, and we had to repeat the same running scene three to fourtimes because either she was carrying the bag the wrong way round, or somethingelse like sounds was interfering with the continuity of the filming. We filmed at thepark location very quickly because the weather continuously changed. Hence we haddecided to come back another day, to shoot the close ups and to implement theshots on our storyboard.
Day 3
th March PM 
We went to our third location, which was the bridge scene. This location was how Iimagined as it was very alluring. My plan for this location was different to oursequence analysis I wanted to have the protagonists (Emma Worby) running pass thebridge and as she is , an unknown actor portrayed as a stranger almost who runs herover which would create a gratifying tension, then the character would come outand ask if she was okay, and she would had shrugged him off by saying get off me ,this was the scene where a diegetic dialogue was intended, however flaws arosewith the actor who was unreliable and was unable to attend on this day as we wasshort of time, we decided to scrap the idea and just go with something simple.I had an inform consent from the people around there to film, and we made sure westopped filming when there were passers by. There were also too many noise pickedup from the sounds of cars driving pass so time was wasted yet again. My initial planfor this location is that the scene from the subway will transit to the bridge scene,and I intended to make this scene shown very briefly as a location where she passesfairly quickly to her actual destination. However we played around with differentpoints where she could run from to Raphaels park. So we could later on pick thepoint was that would work well. An interesting High angle was shot which wasagreed to be used for our sequence, where the protagonists would be perceived asto be very small which connotates inferiority weak etc. We also got a worm eye viewof her face to show her facial expressions, because if most of our filming throughoutthe sequence was a long shot medium shot of 
her running, it would not captivate theaudience attention as much as we intended hence this was a good shot.
The next day would be back to the park location where we would film, close up andextreme close up Exterior and Interior shots, we have already visited Raphaels parkon the second day, hence I have already planned what the actress need to do forthat scene which would save more time.
Day 4
th March PM 
On day four, the weather allowed us to work effectively; hopefully it is of benefit forour overall piece of film. We set up our equipments ready for use. As the first timewe visited Raphaels park, we shot extreme long shots, from distance in transitionfrom the bridge scene to the Park. I told the actress (Emma Worby) to just start fromthe slope that leads to her destination; this is where we decided to make good use of extreme close up shots. I had to remind the actress her positioning the way shecarried her bag to not break the continuity rule.My initial plan was to use distinctive heightened circumstances to create tension,which was her nearly getting run over and her falling down. So we decided to shootwere she falls at this location, which was even better because where she wasrunning to was a slope, so it would preferably make sense to have her fall at thatpoint. For this scene a stuntman would had been a better choice, however we didnot have one so in order to prevent the actress injuring herself , we laid Jackets onthe floor where she would land from a medium shot of her. I instructed her to runslow but act as if she hurt herself by having her legs flying out in the air, with thistechnique she could fall gently so the falling is not brutal causing casualties. Whenwe went further to shoot the close up I told her to show that she is been badly hurtand has sprayed her ankle and take her time whilst she tries to get up, this lowersthe heightened effect for a reason, because throughout the sequence we have seenher just running so it could be perceived as the protagonists is at peace and perhapsgotten away from what she was running from. Then also when she gets up, Iinstructed the actress to limp so as it links with her falling and the fact that she hasprobably escaped.We had slight problems at this location where the first time we visited the Raphaelspark, the building we intended to use which was the park public toilet, had anentrance door we wanted to use as to show her going inside. But today the door tothe females toilet was locked and we did not find anyone who could open it for us.Hence we decided to use the Males toilet door with permission from the publiccleaners we saw at the park they were very supportive. So I had to think of aspontaneous idea, which was that the protagonists would try to open the lockeddoor with the keys, but fails then she goes round the corner, where we spotted acaged toilet window, and she tries to enter through there but fails, then she goesround still limping, then this is now where the audience will start to change thereopinions who she was imposed to be. Then when she goes to the second door, I toldher to try different approaches into opening the door, whether a kick with her footor just push it open. Then she tried both and was successful however we h ave todecide which one to use at the editing suite.

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