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Spider-man "What Just Happened?!"

Spider-man "What Just Happened?!"

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Published by Tim Shelton
This is a continuation of the three page Spidey story I did. Some surprising things happen to Spidey in this one. Once again I don't own and didn't make anything.
This is a continuation of the three page Spidey story I did. Some surprising things happen to Spidey in this one. Once again I don't own and didn't make anything.

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Published by: Tim Shelton on Mar 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page One:Panel 1: Splash. Spider-man lies on the roof of a New York building with his knees raised off the groundand his elbows resting on the ground holding up his upper body. He is lying on top of a building that hasa tar paper roof and a red brick ledge running all around it. There are squiggles above his head denotingthat his Spider-sense is going off which is explained by the fact that Galactus is standing in the street infront of the building. We can see about half of Galactus¶ body above the top of the building. He has onehand outstretched to Spider-man and a pained look upon his face. In the background we can see theclassic New York skyline stretching out behind him.Spider-man (caption): One minute the Chameleon kidnaps your girlfriend and takes her place...Spider-man (caption): ...so you beat him to a pulp and send him back to jail...Spider-man (caption): ...you web swing home with thoughts of Aunt May¶s cheddar potatoes dancing inyour mind...Spider-man (caption): ...and you run into a planet devouring demigod asking for help.Galactus: I have need of you, Spider-man.Spider-man (caption): Welcome to a day in the life of your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man.Page Two:Panel 1: Spidey stands up and looks up at Galactus. He has his head cocked to one side and his shouldershunched with his hands out in front of him palms up. In front of him all we can see is a little bit of blue onthe left and ride side of the panel and the bottom part of a huge ³G´.
Spider-man: No offense ³G´ but what you are doing slumming with me?Panel 3: Galactus cocks his head to one side with his brow furrowed as he looks down at Spidey. Thisshould be from an ant¶seye perspective as if Spidey is looking up at him and it is a huge distance from thetop of the building to Galactus¶ head. There are clouds floating in a blue sky behind him.Galactus: I do not understand what you are asking Arachnid.Panel 4: Spidey holds his hands up in the air and shoots a web out of each of them. They shoot out towardthe two buildings across from the building that he is on and jumps up into the air bringing his kneestoward his chest.Spider-man: Well, don¶t get me wrong ³G´ but...Panel 5: Spidey pulls himself up on the webs holding his arms out from him with them in his hand. He isdrawn up into sort of a ball with his knees up and his feet pointed down, he is hanging in midair in frontGalactus¶ face. Galactus is looking straight ahead at him.Spider-man: ...don¶t you run with a more...uh...powerful crowd?Galactus: You confuse me arachnid.
Page Three:Panel 1: Spidey crosses his legs and twists himself upside down for no apparent reason other than toscrew with Galactus.Spider-man: I mean, shouldn¶t you be looking for Reed Richards, Thor, Warlock, Captain Marvel...um...Idon¶t know...maybe...Iron Man...Galactus: Time is a factor, Arachnid the entire...Panel 2: Spider-man turns himself right-side up and looks at Galactus again. Galactus looks very angrilyat him raising one hand in the air.Spider-man: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know the universe is in great peril. It¶s always in great peril according toReed Richards and you and that Watcher guy whatever his name is.Galactus: The universe as we know it could...Spider-man: Yeah, I know, cease to exist, can we just do this?Panel 3: Galactus snatches Spider-man out of the air snapping the webs in half. Galactus has his left handwrapped around his midsection. Spider-man¶s head is snapping back as well as his arms swingingbackwards out from his body and his legs are flying backward with the knees bent.

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