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Selangor Times 18 March 2011

Selangor Times 18 March 2011

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Published by uppercaise
Free weekly community newspaper under patronage of Selangor government
Free weekly community newspaper under patronage of Selangor government

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Published by: uppercaise on Mar 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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March 18 — 20, 2011
issue 16
Greatertransparencywith FOI bill
Fromcommunitiesto ghettos
mrt project:residentsdisappointed
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Gan Pei Ling
suBang jaYa:
Tere arelms, literature and even songsdedicated to the old saying o “dog eat dog”, but in an innovativeswoop by a local municipal coun-cil, the “dog” will soon be replacedby a mosquito.In a pilot project to be under-taken soon between the Subang JayaMunicipal Council (MPSJ), Uni-versiti Sains Malaysia and CIMBBank Bhd, mosquito larvae willsoon be used to combat dengue.Te larvae o the
Mosquitoe, which preys on otherspecies o mosquito larvae, will soonbe employed to reduce the denguethreat.Te pilot project to release the“mosquito eater” to reduce Aedesmosquitoes is being carried out bythe MPSJ.A
larvae can eatup to 158 to 400 Aedes larvaeduring its lietime, said USMrepresentatives during a brieing with MPSJ ocials on March 11.Unlike other mosquitoes, adult
mosquitoes do noteed on human blood but nectar.Te local council is working to-gether with the university on a pilotproject to release
 mosquitoes at an abandoned area inUSJ 1 to see i it can reduce thepopulation o Aedes mosquitoeseectively.Asked whether the release o themosquitoes would disturb ecosystems,USM science ocer Adanan Che Russaid it would not as
 mosquitoes is a natural specie.Tis project between MPSJ andUSM, which cost RM60,000, isully sponsored by CIMB Bank.I the trial is successul, the localcouncil plans to apply the method toother areas within its municipality.However, Adanan also pointedout that
mosquitoescan only thrive in areas with vegeta-tion, so the method cannot be usedin fats and apartments.“Tis is only one o the tools tohelp curb the spread o dengue,” saidAdanan.He said they will begin the trialthis month by monitoring the Aedesmosquito population at the aban-doned area in USJ 1.Later, they will release around600
mosquitoes inthe area, with 100 males and 100emales in each batch.Te entire trial will take aroundsix months to complete.Adanan, who visited Subang Jayain January to identiy suitable loca-tions to conduct the trial, said thearea in USJ 1 was chosen because it
MPSJ to unleash“mosquito eater”
Workers preparing to launch a hot
i bl i th sh f “StWs” chct Dth Vddi th ptjy IttilHt ai Bll Fist ystdy.
– Picture by Victor Chong
March 18 — 20, 2011
(603) 5523 2288
(603) 5523 1188
KL Chan
Neville Spykerman
Tang Hui Koon, Chong Loo Wah, Gan Pei Ling, BasilFoo, Yasleh Hani Mat Yassin, Alvin Yap, Gho Chee Yuan
Nick Choo, James Ang
Jimmy C. S. Lim, Chin Man Yen
Victor Chong
Timothy Loh, Ivan Looi
Faekah Husin, Arfa’eza Abdul Aziz
Pillars of one of the buildings in Taman Jasmine visibly eroding.
MogFriday Saturday Sundayafeoongh
Selangor WeaTHer
Malaysian meteorological department
Alvin Yap
A movement to convince Petaling Jayaresidents to grow their own organic produce and to enjoy theruits o their labour is slowly gaining popularity, thanks to thesupport o the city council here.“Te movement to grow our own high quality vegetableswithout chemicals is moving slowly but surely,” said Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) planning and development directorNorani Roslan.Norani said among the benets o going green is wastereduction at home, as it is recycled or growing organic produce.She said the MBPJ would promote greater awareness o going green by holding an Organic Day on March 26 at SS2/63with Centre or Environment, echnology and Development,Malaysia (Cetdem).Cetdem is a non-government organisation that championssustainable development and “environmental riendly” practiceslike organic arming and energy conservation.“We will conduct classes on recycling waste products, liketurning cooking oil into bio-diesel and kitchen waste intocompost. We will also hold cooking classes on the preparationo organic produce,” said Cetdem programme coordinator anSiew Luang.an, who is promoting Organic Day, said they wereencouraging the production o locally grown organic productsas the country was losing out to imported ingredients.Te movement has the support o residents’ associations(RAs) in Petaling Jaya.Betty Chuah and Lee Kwee Cheng, o RA SS2 South andR SS2 respectively, said housewives in their areas had startedorganic arming on their premises.“Tey all tell me their papayas are sweeter, the ruits biggerand say that they enjoy eating their own produce,” said Lee.Councillor Richard Yeoh said the practice o locally growing produce was a step in the right direction to reduce climatechange.“ransporting ood across the world is contributing toclimate change. I we can spread the practice o growing producein our own backyards, it will make this world a better place,”he said.
Green thumbsand good foodSelangor offersnursing aid to Japan
Selangor MenteriBesar led a delegation to convey thestate’s condolences to the Japan Embassyover the loss o lives and propertiesollowing the earthquake and tsunamidisasters ollowing the devastating tsunami which hit the country lastFriday.an Sri Khalid Ibrahim was receivedby the embassy’s deputy che-de-mis-sion, Koichi Ito on Monday. In themeeting, Khalid told Koichi that thestate and its people will continue to prayor the Japan to overcome the hardshipthat the country is acing.He also oered to send nurses’ ser-vices to treat the victims o earthquakeand tsunami during the rehabilitationperiod, adding that the state’s SelangorInternational Islamic College (KUIS)nursing school will have the capacity toprovide aid.He said the state will not hesitate tonance the dispatch o nurses to helpJapanese patients.“Tis may not be much, but we arewilling to provide help within our ca-pacity. We continue to pray or thepeople o Japan and or the country’sspeedy recovery. We believe Japan willbe able to recover quickly as they havein the past,” said Khalid.He also extended the condolencesrom Dewan Rakyat opposition leaderDatuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who is alsothe state economic adviser.Meanwhile, Koichi said Japanthanked Selangor and Malaysia ortheir thoughts, prayers and oers tohelp.“Teir voice o concern is valuable tous. We are condent o overcoming thisdisaster. he Japanese governmenthighly appreciates the solidarity shownby the Selangor government and thepeople o Malaysia,” he said.Koichi said he would reer Selan-gor’s oer o help to his government inokyo.Khalid was accompanied by Selan-gor Exco members Elizabeth Wong,Rodziah Ismail and Ronnie Liu, as wellas Pakatan Rakyat members o Parlia-ment, including Datuk Kamarul Baha-rin Abbas (eluk Kemang), ian Chua(Batu), Nurul Izzah Anwar (LembahPantai), Dr Dzulkey Ahmad, (KualaSelangor) Loh Gwo Burne (KelanaJaya), William Leong (Selayang), AzizKadir (Ketereh), Amran Ghani (anahMerah) and Rashid Din (Merbok),and KUIS’ Dean o the Nursing School, Dayang Annie Abang Naru-din.
To place your
Timothy Loh
at 019-267 4488or
Ivan Looi
at 014-936 6698
Gan Pei Ling
As i oods, stenchand robberies were not bad enough,occupants o shoplots in aman Jasmineare now concerned about the saety o their building.Owners and tenants o two blockso our-storey shoplots want the Klang Municipal Council (MPK) to act aernoticing that the pillars o the building looked like they were “eroding”.MPK councillor Yeo Boon Lye, whomet the owners on Wednesday, said hewould ask the municipality to appointconsultants to determine i the building was sae.Te owners also lamented that theyhad to put up with calamity aer calam-ity or ar too long.Grocery shopowner Liaw Kim Huattold the press that they had been acing problems o bursting sewage pipes orthe past three to our years.“We have complained to (seweragecompany) Indah Water (Konsortium)several times. Tey would come to x it,but the pipes would burst again,” saidthe 53-year-old.Apart rom having to endure thestrong stink due to leaked sewage, Liawsaid his grocery shop had also beenrobbed three times in the past ve years.
Fed up with calamity
Shopowners also have to put up withrequent oods.“Tis area can be ooded within 30minutes o rain,” said Liaw, who hasincreased the height o the barrier inront o his ront door to about a metreto end o oods.he problems have caused manyshopowners to move away, causing asharp all in property prices.Liaw said he bought his ground oorunit or RM185,000 but he could notsell it or RM100,000 now.Koo Soo Wah, 32, who has beenworking as a mechanical technician inaman Jasmine or close to10 years, saidthe site had also become a breeding spotor mosquitoes due to the cloggeddrains and leaked sewage.Another landlord, Lim Poh Heong,42, said he had lodged complaints withthe local council’s Commissioner o Buildings since 2004, hoping they couldhelp address their woes but to no avail.Yeo acknowledged that he had re-ceived complaints rom the residents.He visited the site with ofcers rom thePublic Works Department (JKR), In-dah Water Konsortium, Alam Flora andthree other local council departments.Aer a preliminary survey o the site,JKR Klang engineer Ashrul Nizam saidthe structure o the shop houses did“seem weak”.However, he added that a more de-tailed evaluation would have to beconducted to determine the next courseo action.He said the matter ell under thelocal council’s jurisdiction.Meanwhile, Yeo suggested the land-lords orm a management council totake charge o management aairs as thedeveloper was bankrupt.
⁄ March 18 – 20, 2011

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