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Meditation Tantra and Magic

Meditation Tantra and Magic

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Published by wyrdwizard

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Published by: wyrdwizard on Mar 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Meditation, Tantraand Magic
Punk Rock Vedanta
We've talked extensively about the nature of language and how it shapes our reality, howthe definition of a word like "justice" varies so much that people can barely communicateabout what is just, and what is unjust.We've also talked about escapes from verbal reality: sigils, drugs, thoughtlessness atorgasm, all of that stuff. How magic often happens in wordless states.Well, fuck it, it's time to pony up boys and girls: kill the killer. Destroy your minds.You want out of the verbal trap? Take a shotgun and blow your mind away. And I don'tmean for an hour, or a weekend, I mean permanently. Plot your escape from Verbal Realityand run, flee, into the mystical silence that produces stillness and the practice of thepresence of god.Yes, dears, we're going to talk about meditation, the ultimate act of rebellion against society,"the system" and all of those other illusory things.Meditation is not just social action: meditation is revolution. To become free - by any meansnecessary!This is not some crummy "meditate so you'll be nicer to people" post. This isn't "meditateso you'll be calmer" post. This is "meditate so you can escape verbal confinement and roamfree in the universe." Meditation as revolutionary politics, as anarchy, as Will and Life and
Freedom. You know that your mind is a cage: that other people wrote the language youthink in, that your conceptual frameworks were molded first by your parents, then by your schools, then by Aleister Crowley, Bill Burroughs and Swami Shivananada. Everything inwords is garbage, ever more confining and sophisticated traps to keep you in the realm of experience to which words can meaningfully refer.Understand? Even the people who seek to set you free in words are liars and thieves,polluting the human race's cognitive sphere yet further. All I can do with this trap is toclearly label it: "this is a trap because it adds words to your world."If language is a virus from outer space, it's time you cured yourself. Destroy all thought.This is not meaningless radical bullshit. Or, if it is, it's at least real meaningless radicalbullshit. About 12 years ago I broke out of the mental trap, cut through the skein of thoughtsand escaped into internal silence - a persistent state in which, if I am not actively thinkingabout something, there is only a silent light inside of my head, or an occasional AUM.I credit that experience with saving my life: without the constant grinding down of language, the chatter, the psychic radio, the roaring evil nonsense which passes for our consciousness most of the time, it is possible to see things differently: life is beautiful,people are by-and-large kind, and most suffering is brief or something people canaccommodate to. To recharge, one simply sits along and plays with the experience of beingalive, makes some tea, has a snack, goes for a walk, plays with a puppy. Without a mindthere to spoil every experience with it's constant stream of definition, doubt, negativity,appreciation, discussion - without the constant jump into meta-psychosis where everyexperience is rendered meaningless by being assigned an arbitrary "meaning" - why then,life is profoundly good. All of it.Do you understand what I'm saying?Your mind has most likely trapped you, unless you're one of the free, and magic is not goingto save you. At least, not the kind of magic you're most likely doing right now.
Setting Goals: Will and Purpose inMeditation
If you meditate to feel nice, odds are you will succeed. Ditto for becoming calmer, lessreactive, wholer. All of those are good, worthwhile goals. By all means, feel free to deploythe nuclear weapon to dig trenches or whatever.Real meditation is about liberation. First target: the tyrant of inner interruption. Let memake this clear: inside of you, there is a "seer" - something, which is at the momentimplicitly "you" receives or has your experiences. You prick your finger with a pin, this
"you" is what is aware that there is a feeling of pain. However, this "you" does not reallyhave any idea of what it is, because it has been surrounded by a constant chaos for years.You want an analogy? Imagine growing up for your whole life in a room with blaring discomusic, bright flashing lights, and food which is randomly flavored with curry spices,tabasco sauce and cloves. Imagine growing up in that room from the moment of birth, never knowing stillness, quiet or nature.That's what it's like to be your soul, born into a body in the culture of language, and worse,the culture of constant interruption and entertainment. There is no space to breathe, to be,unless you still (or kill) the mind that is the Psychic DJ, spinning records of self-deprecation, alienation, and analysis. This is key: because that damn disco track has beenplaying since you were aware of being you, you think it is you. That's "introjection" ingestalt terms - confusing parts of the environment with parts of yourSELF because they areconstant, and you are also constant. Imagine a world in which every person slapsthemselves in the face, hard, mid way through every word of every sentence. Imagine thelevel of discourse, of understanding, in such a world.That, my friends, is the world of the untamed mind, and unless you are liberated from it,this will sound insane.Stop, right now. Do you have clear, unbroken awareness of what it is within you whichreceives all of your experiences: the five senses, the mind, the energy body, the chakras -what it is that turns all of that stuff into a sense of self, a sense of being? Can you look atthe YOU within all of these things? Can you put your attention squarely on the Seer inside?The odds are not.If not, and you want to fix it, here's how.Sit. Dark, quiet room, or better, a sensory deprivation tank. You'll see a marked drop-off insensory phenomena. Sitting still (try yoga as a preparation) is even better. Just sit. Nowbegin to catalog EVERYTHING in your awareness.My right leg hurts. I'm thinking about my girlfriend.I'm wondering what this exercise will produce.What does he mean by "trap"?There doesn't seem to be anything happening.I hope my roomies don't come back yet.This doesn't seem very much like a disco, or constantly slapping myself.What you are seeing is the torrent of distractions which hides your true nature from you,and makes you a slave to what distracts you. This constant stream of stuff is NOT YOU anymore than your hair is you. If you cut your hair, or dye it purple, something about youchanges, but you are still you. So it is with the mind: if you shave it off to two millimeterslong, people will see something has changed, but you will still be you. But rather thanstaring at the world through a tangle of foot-long fringe caked in mud and shit, you'll seethe world clearly. You can cut your hair. You can change it's style, and remain you.Remember that in this next bit.

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