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Statement on the uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and the rest of the Arab world

Statement on the uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and the rest of the Arab world

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Published by Gerald J Downing
Defeat the forces of Imperialism!
No support for Mahmoud Jibril!
Down with the Transitional National Council!
Defeat imperialist intervention!
No to an imperialist proxy regime!
For permanent revolution, for the victory of the socialist revolution!
Defeat the forces of Imperialism!
No support for Mahmoud Jibril!
Down with the Transitional National Council!
Defeat imperialist intervention!
No to an imperialist proxy regime!
For permanent revolution, for the victory of the socialist revolution!

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Published by: Gerald J Downing on Mar 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Socialist Fight
PO Box 59188, London, NW2 9LJ, Socialist_Fight@yahoo.co.uk
Defeat the forces of Imperialism!No support for Mahmoud Jibril!Down with the Transitional NationalCouncil!Defeat imperialist intervention!No to an imperialist proxy regime!For permanent revolution, for thevictory of the socialist revolution!
he world economic crisis has pro-duced a string of uprisings in the Arabworld beginning in Tunisia which hasinspired the oppressed of the world.They were produced by the fightback of theinternational working class; the French strikewaves, the Greek strikes, the British the Irishstudent fightback to mention a few. The Arabuprisings in turn have produced a powerfulresponse from the US working class in Wiscon-sin and elsewhere to the massive onslaught of US finance capital. The latter may prove by farthe most significant in the long run if it pres-ages the re-awaking of that most powerful of all sleeping giants, the US working class. Butthe Arab events have produced the most dra-matic results so far and have also posed thegreatest test for Marxists.Many self-proclaimed revolutionary socialistshave failed this test on the question of Libya inparticular. But their orientation to the eventsin Tunisia and Egypt, falling for imperialist
demagogy about ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’and the ‘democratic revolution’ have prepared
this failure, as well as the previous history of some in accommodating to imperialism in the
Balkans on the basis of ‘humanitarian interven-tion’.
But freedom and democracy for whom and todo what? In a class-dominated world there canbe no such non-class slogans, internationalfinance capital wants freedom and democracysmash the organisations of the metropolitanworking class and to open up the economies of the semi-colonial world to its unfettered pene-tration, to reduce these countries to the stateof Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and the Congo.The international working class must denythem this freedom and democracy if they areto survive and advance to world revolution.In many cases this involves forming a militaryblock, a united front without political support,with the most brutal of dictators, Ahmadinejadof Iran and Gaddafi of Libya, who at least defythe dictates of international finance capital tosome extent. We must emphasise that thiscannot involve giving any political support tosuch regimes; we must not put our heads inthe noose of the national bourgeoisie as Stalindid with the Kuomintang which led to the hor-rific massacre of the Shanghai Soviet in 1927.
No ‘victory to Gaddafi’ slogans are permissible,just as Trotsky never said ‘victory to Stalin’. At
the same time it is an unpardonable derelictionof revolutionary duty by the so-called Trotsky-
ist ‘revolutionaries’ that they accept the bona
fides of the Libyan Transitional National
Council, whose slogans are ‘Freedom,Justice and Democracy’. The vast major-
ity never question the politics of thisCouncil and the few that do, like Work-ers Power, do not allow these questionsto make any difference to their supportfor these obviously counter-revolutionary scoundrels.
Not any type of revolution buta counter-revolution
We must emphasis at the outset that theuprising in Libya is not any type of revolu-tion but a counter-revolution, with animperialist-backed and CIA sponsoredleadership. It is a continuation of a wholeseries of reactionary attempts to restore theMonarchy and tribal privileges on behalf of USand western imperialism which began soonafter Gaddafi took power in 1969 and havecontinued sporadically ever since. The only flagflown by the rebels is that of the imperialist-imposed monarchy of King Idris (1951-69). Thisuprising has become in fact the central strata-gem of imperialism to counter and defeat thegreat progressive uprising in Tunisia, Egypt andBahrain in particular, all of which have a pow-erful working class at their base and thereforethe inherent possibility of moving towardssocialist revolution if a revolutionary Trotskyistleadership can emerge to lead on this on the
political perspective of Trotsky’s Permanent
Revolution.Having taken the side of the rebels in the mis-taken belief that this was a continuation of theTunisian and Egyptian uprisings our
‘revolutionaries’ (so dubbed by
The Guardian
,for instance, who see no irony in imperialism
backing ‘revolutionaries’) have accepted the
backing of every imperialist government in theworld and every reactionary regime in the Gulf.Their leftist supporters can draw no conclusionfrom how the balance of class forces interna-tionally has developed.According to the Agence France Presse (March
7), “The Gulf Cooperation Council (Bahrain,
Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and theUnited Arab Emirates) demands that the UNSecurity Council take all necessary measures toprotect civilians, including enforcing a no-fly
zone over Libya”. France has recognised the
rebels as the legitimate government of Libyaand the Arab League has sided with them(against the opposition of Syria and Algeria),demanding imperialist intervention. DavidCameron and Nicolas Sarkozy have been to theforefront in demanding urgent imperialistintervention
As for the naïve notion that these ‘masses’
must be the same as the masses in Tunisia andEgypt have we forgotten about the deludedpro-imperialist masses that brought about thefall of the Berlin Wall, the Velvet revolution,the Orange revolution and all the other
‘coloured’ so
-called revolutions (in realitycounter-revolutions) that imperialism spon-sored and the CIA facilitated in recent years?There is no indication whatsoever in Libya of any progressive political tension let alone con-flict between the base and the leadership of the rebels, unlike in Egypt and Tunisia. Butthere are al Qaeda CIA backed opponents whoare even more opposed to the organised work-ing class. In Tunisia in particular the masses arepressing on with the revolution and succeedingin pushing aside more leaders from the oldregime who have emerged hoping to stabilisetheir rule. Egypt will also succeed in deepeningits revolution in like manner as with the Bah-rainis, we are absolutely confident.
Al Qaeda cell in Libya
There are many reports on the involvement of Al Qaeda cell in Libya and there are numeroussources testifying on their attempts to assassi-nate Gadaffi. According to Martin Bright, homeaffairs editor in
The Observer 
, Sunday 10 No-vember 2002 British intelligence paid largesums of money to an al-Qaeda cell in Libya in adoomed attempt to assassinate ColonelGadaffi in 1996 ... The latest claims of MI6involvement with Libya's fearsome IslamicFighting Group, which is connected to one of 
Omar Mukhtar in chains by the Italian colonialistsbefore his execution. Today his face is shown onthe Libyan 10 Dinar bill. His final years were im-mortalized in the movie The Lion of the Desert(1981), starring Anthony Quinn and Oliver Reed.

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