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Published by Mike Crain

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Published by: Mike Crain on Mar 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"SetName" "Year" "BaseSet" "InsertSet" "SetID""1867 Troy Haymakers CdV's" "1867" "Troy Haymakers CdV's" "Base Set"17019"1869 Red Stockings Peck and Snyder" "1869" "Red Stockings Peck and Snyder""Base Set" 17020"1870 Peck and Snyder Trade Cards" "1870" "Peck and Snyder Trade Cards""Base Set" 17021"1883 California League Cabinets" "1883" "California League Cabinets""Base Set" 17022"1886 Lorillard Team Cards" "1886" "Lorillard Team Cards" "Base Set"17023"1886 Old Judge N167" "1886" "Old Judge N167" "Base Set" 17024"1886 Syracuse Stars Hancock" "1886" "Syracuse Stars Hancock" "Base Set" 17025"1887 Allen and Ginter N28 *" "1887" "Allen and Ginter N28 *" "Base Set" 17026"1887 Buchner N284" "1887" "Buchner N284" "Base Set" 17027"1887 Four Base Hits N-Unc." "1887" "Four Base Hits N-Unc." "Base Set"17028"1887 Kalamazoo Bats N690-1" "1887" "Kalamazoo Bats N690-1" "Base Set"17029"1887 Kalamazoo Teams N690-2" "1887" "Kalamazoo Teams N690-2" "Base Set" 17030"1887 Lone Jack N370" "1887" "Lone Jack N370" "Base Set" 17031"1887 Old Judge N172" "1887" "Old Judge N172" "Base Set" 17032"1887 Scrapps Die Cuts" "1887" "Scrapps Die Cuts" "Base Set" 17033"1887 Tobin Lithographs" "1887" "Tobin Lithographs" "Base Set"17034"1888 Allen and Ginter N29 *" "1888" "Allen and Ginter N29 *" "Base Set" 17035"1888 Allen and Ginter N43 *" "1888" "Allen and Ginter N43 *" "Base Set" 17036"1888 August Beck N403" "1888" "August Beck N403" "Base Set" 17037"1888 G and B Chewing Gum Co E223" "1888" "G and B Chewing Gum Co E223""Base Set" 17038"1888 Goodwin N162 *" "1888" "Goodwin N162 *" "Base Set" 17039"1888 Kimball's N184 *" "1888" "Kimball's N184 *" "Base Set" 17040"1888 S.F. Hess and Co. Creole N321" "1888" "S.F. Hess and Co. Creole N321""Base Set" 17041"1888 Sporting Times M117" "1888" "Sporting Times M117" "Base Set"17042"1888 WG1 Card Game" "1888" "WG1 Card Game" "Base Set" 17043"1889 Edgerton R. Williams Game" "1889" "Edgerton R. Williams Game""Base Set" 17044"1889 N526 No. 7 Cigars" "1889" "N526 No. 7 Cigars" "Base Set"17045"1889 S.F.Hess and Co. N338-1" "1889" "S.F.Hess and Co. N338-1" "Base Set" 17046"1891 Braves Conly Cabinets" "1891" "Braves Conly Cabinets" "Base Set"17047"1891 Reds Cabinets Conly" "1891" "Reds Cabinets Conly" "Base Set"17048"1893 Duke Talk of the Diamond N135" "1893" "Duke Talk of the Diamond N135""Base Set" 17049"1893 Just So" "1893" "Just So" "Base Set" 17050"1894 Duke Cabinets N142" "1894" "Duke Cabinets N142" "Base Set"17051"1894 Orioles Team Issue" "1894" "Orioles Team Issue" "Base Set"17052"1894 Senators Cabinets Bell" "1894" "Senators Cabinets Bell" "Base Se
t" 17053"1895 Mayo N300" "1895" "Mayo N300" "Base Set" 17054"1895 Newsboy N566" "1895" "Newsboy N566" "Base Set" 17055"1898 Cameo Pepsin Gum Pins" "1898" "Cameo Pepsin Gum Pins" "Base Set"17056"1903 Breisch-Williams E107" "1903" "Breisch-Williams E107" "Base Set"17057"1903 Sporting Life Cabinets W600" "1903" "Sporting Life Cabinets W600""Base Set" 17058"1904 Red Sox Union Pins" "1904" "Red Sox Union Pins" "Base Set"17059"1905 Carl Horner Cabinets" "1905" "Carl Horner Cabinets" "Base Set"17060"1905 Indians Souvenir Postcard Shop of Cleveland PC785" "1905" "IndiansSouvenir Postcard Shop of Cleveland PC785" "Base Set" 17061"1905 Rotograph Co. PC782" "1905" "Rotograph Co. PC782" "Base Set"17062"1906 A's Postcards" "1906" "A's Postcards" "Base Set" 17063"1906 Fan Craze AL WG2" "1906" "Fan Craze AL WG2" "Base Set" 17064"1906 Fan Craze NL WG3" "1906" "Fan Craze NL WG3" "Base Set" 17065"1906 Giants Ullman's Art Frame Series" "1906" "Giants Ullman's Art Frame Series" "Base Set" 17066"1906 Police Gazette Supplements" "1906" "Police Gazette Supplements""Base Set" 17067"1907 Cubs A.C. Dietsche Postcards PC765" "1907" "Cubs A.C. Dietsche Postcards PC765" "Base Set" 17068"1907 Cubs G.F. Grignon Co. PC775" "1907" "Cubs G.F. Grignon Co. PC775""Base Set" 17069"1907 Newark Evening World Supplements" "1907" "Newark Evening World Supplements" "Base Set" 17070"1907 Tigers A.C. Dietsche Postcards PC765" "1907" "Tigers A.C. Dietsche Postcards PC765" "Base Set" 17071"1907 White Sox George W. Hull" "1907" "White Sox George W. Hull" "Base Set" 17072"1908 All-American Ladies Baseball Club" "1908" "All-American Ladies Baseball Club" "Base Set" 17073"1908 American Caramel E91" "1908" "American Caramel E91" "Base Set"17074"1908 American League Publishing Co. PC770" "1908" "American League Publishing Co. PC770" "Base Set" 17075"1908 Buffalo Bisons F.J. Offerman" "1908" "Buffalo Bisons F.J. Offerman""Base Set" 17076"1908 Cardinals Republic" "1908" "Cardinals Republic" "Base Set"17077"1908 Cubs Postcards" "1908" "Cubs Postcards" "Base Set" 17078"1908 Indianapolis Postcards" "1908" "Indianapolis Postcards" "Base Set" 17079"1908 Rose Company PC760" "1908" "Rose Company PC760" "Base Set"17080"1908 Tigers Fred G.Wright Postcard" "1908" "Tigers Fred G.Wright Postcard""Base Set" 17081"1909 American Caramel E90-1" "1909" "American Caramel E90-1" "Base Set" 17082"1909 Briggs E97" "1909" "Briggs E97" "Base Set" 17083"1909 Colgan's Chips E254" "1909" "Colgan's Chips E254" "Base Set"17084"1909 Cuban Cabanas" "1909" "Cuban Cabanas" "Base Set" 17085"1909 Dodgers Daily Eagle Supplement" "1909" "Dodgers Daily Eagle Supplement""Base Set" 17086"1909 Giants Derby Cigar" "1909" "Giants Derby Cigar" "Base Set"
17087"1909 H.H. Bregstone PC743" "1909" "H.H. Bregstone PC743" "Base Set"17088"1909 Max Stein/United States Publishing House PC758" "1909" "Max Stein/United States Publishing House PC758" "Base Set" 17089"1909 Obak T212" "1909" "Obak T212" "Base Set" 17090"1909 Philadelphia Caramel E95" "1909" "Philadelphia Caramel E95" "Base Set" 17091"1909 Ramly T204" "1909" "Ramly T204" "Base Set" 17092"1909 Ramly T-204 Square Frames" "1909" "Ramly T-204 Square Frames""Base Set" 17093"1909 Senators Barr-Farnham Postcards" "1909" "Senators Barr-Farnham Postcards" "Base Set" 17094"1909 Sporting News Supplements M101-2" "1909" "Sporting News Supplements M101-2" "Base Set" 17095"1909 T206 White Border" "1909" "T206 White Border" "Base Set"17096"1909 Tigers H.M. Taylor PC773-2" "1909" "Tigers H.M. Taylor PC773-2""Base Set" 17097"1909 Tigers Morton's ""Buster Brown"" Bread Pins" "1909" "Tigers Morton's""Buster Brown"" Bread Pins" "Base Set" 17098"1909 Tigers Morton's ""Pennant Winner"" Bread Pins" "1909" "Tigers Morton's""Pennant Winner"" Bread Pins" "Base Set" 17099"1909 Tigers Topping and Company PC773-1" "1909" "Tigers Topping and Company PC773-1" "Base Set" 17100"1909 Tigers Wolverine News Postcards PC773-3" "1909" "Tigers Wolverine News Postcards PC773-3" "Base Set" 17101"1909 W.W. Smith Postcards" "1909" "W.W. Smith Postcards" "Base Set"17102"1910 American Caramel Die Cuts E125" "1910" "American Caramel Die Cuts E125""Base Set" 17103"1910 Baseball Comics T203" "1910" "Baseball Comics T203" "Base Set"17104"1910 Baseball Fans" "1910" "Baseball Fans" "Base Set" 17105"1910 Bishop Coast League E99" "1910" "Bishop Coast League E99" "Base Set" 17106"1910 Chicago E90-3" "1910" "Chicago E90-3" "Base Set" 17107"1910 Contentnea T209" "1910" "Contentnea T209" "Base Set" 17108"1910 Coupon T213" "1910" "Coupon T213" "Base Set" 17109"1910 Darby Chocolates E271" "1910" "Darby Chocolates E271" "Base Set"17110"1910 E101" "1910" "E101" "Base Set" 17111"1910 E102" "1910" "E102" "Base Set" 17112"1910 E98" "1910" "E98" "Base Set" 17113"1910 E-Unc. Orange Bordered Strip Cards" "1910" "E-Unc. Orange BorderedStrip Cards" "Base Set" 17114"1910 Fatima Cigarettes Premiums" "1910" "Fatima Cigarettes Premiums""Base Set" 17115"1910 J.H. Dockman All-Star Baseball E-Unc." "1910" "J.H. Dockman All-Star Baseball E-Unc." "Base Set" 17116"1910 Ju Ju Drums E286" "1910" "Ju Ju Drums E286" "Base Set" 17117"1910 Kallis and Dane" "1910" "Kallis and Dane" "Base Set" 17118"1910 Luxello Cigar Pins" "1910" "Luxello Cigar Pins" "Base Set"17119"1910 Mello Mints E105" "1910" "Mello Mints E105" "Base Set" 17120"1910 Nadja Caramel E92" "1910" "Nadja Caramel E92" "Base Set"17121"1910 Nadja E104" "1910" "Nadja E104" "Base Set" 17122"1910 Notebook Covers" "1910" "Notebook Covers" "Base Set" 17123"1910 Old Mill T210" "1910" "Old Mill T210" "Base Set" 17124

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