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Published by tardif

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Published by: tardif on Mar 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Owner's Manual
Keep instructions for future reference. Be suremanual stays with washer.
Important Safety Information................ 3Starting the Wash ............................... 4Cycles ................................................ 6Dispensers.......................................... 7Features, Hints, and Care ................... 8Moving and Storage............................. 9Trouble Shooting ................................. 10Warranty ............................................. 12
Amana AppliancesAmana, Iowa 52204Part No. 40118601Printed in U.S.A. 12/00
Top Loading Washer
Recognize Safety Symbols, Words, Labels
Immediate hazards which
result in severe personal injuryor death.
Hazards or unsafe practices which
result in severepersonal injury or death.
Hazards or unsafe practices which
result in minorpersonal injury or product or property damage.
What You Need to Knowabout Safety Instructions
Warning and Important SafetyInstructions appearing in this manualare not meant to cover all possibleconditions and situations that mayoccur. Common sense, caution, and caremust be exercised when installing,maintaining, or operating washer.Always contact your dealer, distributor,service agent, or manufacturer aboutproblems or conditions you do notunderstand.
Please take the time to complete the registration card and return promptly. Ifregistration card is missing, call Amana Consumer Affairs Department. Whencontacting Amana, provide product information from serial plate found on lowerright hand corner of inner lid:Model Number _________________________________Manufacturing (P) Number _________________________ Serial Number (S/N) ______________________________ Purchase Date __________________________________ Dealer Name ___________________________________ Dealer Address _________________________________ Dealer Phone ___________________________________ 
Keep this manual and your sales receipt together in a safe place
forfuture reference or if warranty service is required.For answers to questions or to locate an authorized servicer, call 1-800-NAT-LSVC (1-800-628-5782) inside USA or 319-622-5511 outside USA. Warrantyservice must be performed by an authorized servicer. Amana Appliances alsorecommends contacting an authorized servicer if service is required afterwarranty expires.
For more information on this and other Amanaproducts, visit our Web site
orcall Consumer Affairs Department at
ExtendedService Plan
Amana Appliances offers long-termservice protection for this new washer.Asure
Extended Service Plan,covering functional parts, labor, andtravel charges, is specially designed tosupplement a strong warranty. Call 1-800-528-2682 for information.
Parts and Accessories
Purchase replacement parts andadditional accessories by phone.To order accessories for your Amanaproduct, call 1-800-843-0304 insideUSA or 319-622-5511 outside USA.
Save Time and Money
If something seems unusual, pleasecheck “Trouble Shooting” section,which is designed to help you solveproblems before calling service. If youhave a question, write or call us(include model number and phonenumber) at:Consumer Affairs Department AmanaAppliances2800 - 220th TrailAmana, Iowa 52204Ph# 1-800-843-0304
Thank you for buying an Amana washer!
Important Safety Information
To reduce risk of fire, electric shock, serious injury, or death when using your washer, follow these basic precautions, including the following:
20. Loading door must be closedwhenever washer is agitating orspinning. Do not bypass loadingdoor switch by permittingwasher to operate with loadingdoor open.21. Always read and followmanufacturer’s instructions onpackages of laundry andcleaning aids. Heed allwarnings or precautions. Toreduce risk of poisoning orchemical burns, keep productsaway from children at all times,preferably, in a locked cabinet.22. Never operate washer withguards and/or panels removed.23. Do not operate washer withmissing or broken parts.24. Do not bypass safety devices.25. Under certain conditions,hydrogen gas may be producedin a hot water system that hasnot been used for 2 weeks ormore. HYDROGEN GAS ISEXPLOSIVE. If the hot watersystem has not been usedbefore using a washingmachine, turn on all hot waterfaucets and let the water flowfrom each for several minutes.This will release anyaccumulated hydrogen gas. Asthe gas is flammable, do notsmoke or use an open flameduring this time.1. Read all instructions beforeusing washer.2. Be sure washer is properlygrounded.3. Do not wash articles that havebeen cleaned in, washed in,soaked in, or spotted withgasoline, dry-cleaning solvents,or other flammable or explosivesubstances. Vapors couldignite or explode.4. Do not add gasoline, dry-cleaning solvents, or otherflammable or explosivesubstances to wash water.Vapors could ignite or explode.5. Do not store or use gasoline orother flammable vapors andliquids near this or any otherappliance.6. Do not allow children to play onor in washer. Close supervisionof children is necessary whenwasher is used near children, asafety rule for all appliances.7. Before washer is removed fromservice or discarded, removedoor to washing compartment.8. Do not reach into washer if washtub is moving or agitator is moving.9. Do not install or store washerwhere it will be exposed towater and/or weather.10. Do not tamper with washercontrols.11. Do not repair or replace anypart of washer or attempt anyservice, unless specificallyrecommended in user-maintenance instructions or inpublished user-repairinstructions that youunderstand and have skills tocarry out.12. To reduce risk of electric shockor fire, do not use extensioncords or adapters to connectwasher to electrical powersource.13. Use your washer only for itsintended purpose: non-commercial clothes washing.14. Always disconnect washer fromelectrical supply beforeattempting any service.Disconnect power cord bygrasping the plug, not the cord.15. Install washer according toInstallation Instructions. Allconnections for water, drain,electrical power, and groundingmust comply with local codesand be made by licensedpersonnel when required.16. To reduce risk of fire, do not usewasher to launder clothes whichhave traces of any flammablesubstance, such as vegetableoil, cooking oil, machine oil,flammable chemicals, thinner,etc., or anything containing waxor chemicals, such as mops andcleaning cloths. Flammablesubstances may cause fabric tocatch fire by itself.17. Use only fabric softeners orproducts to eliminate static thatare appropriate for automaticwashers.18. Keep your washer in goodcondition. Bumping or droppingwasher can damage safetyfeatures. If damage occurs, havewasher checked by qualifiedservice technician.
19. Replace worn power cords and/orloose plugs.
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