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Dual Booting Win98 with Win95 as the original OS - Benchtest.Com

Dual Booting Win98 with Win95 as the original OS - Benchtest.Com

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Published by Dhruv Jain
Uploaded by Hack Archives - http://undergroundlegacy.co.cc -
Uploaded by Hack Archives - http://undergroundlegacy.co.cc -

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Published by: Dhruv Jain on Mar 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Benchtest.Com - Dual Booting
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System Commander Deluxe
System Commandergets a lot of use on my system. I have found that it's easyto use, doesn't use a lot of resources and it works as advertised.
Setting up to dual boot Win98 as your second operating system, you will need aminimum of about 300 MB. This will be enough for the program itself and asmall swap file (if you choose to leave it on the same partition as the OS). Toinstall this operating system and be able to run benchmarking tests(WinBench99 in particular) on it, you will need to allow a bit more space. Theminimum that I recommend is 700 MB This may be down sized after testing iscompleted.To get started, you will need to plan how you will divide up you disk. For asingle hard disk, I have found that 5 partitions suit my needs. One each for theoperating systems, one each for the swap files, and one for programs.
Since there are usually 3 or 4 operating systems on my computer at one timeand all of these OS's need to be able to access any and all programs, I keep themajority of my work programs on a partition separate from the ones I use for theoperating systems. It should be noted that each program needs to be installedfor each operating system. Using the same partition for programs as you do forone of the operating systems can cause problems when dual booting Win98and Win95. I will use the example of having Win95 installed on the C partitionand adding Win98. System Commander starts by hiding the partition for Win95and creates a space for the new installation of Win98. Because Win98 can notsee the partition Win95 is on when it is being installed, it defaults to C. Younow, in effect have two C partitions. One C when you log on to Win95 and onewhen you log on to Win98. This also means that whichever OS you are NOTusing becomes another drive letter (in my case, H).Now if we install a program like Netscape into the Win95 C partition and try touse it from the Win98 C partition, we will have a problem when trying to accessthe mail folders from Win98. The problem lies in that the initial install ofNetscape sets the mail folders to Win95 C:\Program files\netscape\users\username\mail. When you install Netscape from Win98, you must change theNetscape installation directory to H (or whatever) so that you don't have twoinstances of the same program. This then sets the mail folder to C:\Programfiles\ ~ \mail. The problem is that this is Win98's C, not Win95's C. Now whenyou try to access mail from Win98, it can't find the folder and gives an error. Ifunder both Win95 and 98 you install Netscape to F (or whatever), the problemdoes not occur. I use the F partition for most all programs. The exception isany program that is operating system specific, such as a disk defragmenter I will
http://www.benchtest.com/dual_boot.html (1 of 4)12/2/2007 3:40:06 AM
Benchtest.Com - Dual Booting
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only use with NT. These get installed on the OS's partition.
Another problem encountered any time you add partitions is the "migrating CD-ROM syndrome." Each time you add a partition, the CD-ROM or otherremovable type device will move down one partition letter. Not a majordilemma, but a definite pain when the OS is always looking on the wrong driveletter for your disk. This can be stopped by first setting the CD-ROM to aconstant letter which allows you plenty of room to add partitions. Do this bysetting the path to the CD-ROM on your DOS boot disk autoexec.bat file withthe switch L:R (when you want the CD-ROM to reside on R). The statement formy CD-ROM is: a:\mscdex.exe /d:mscd000 /L:R.
Since I often install OS's fromCAB files on my hard disks, I also need to check and set the CD-ROM driveletter in the device manager on each new OS installation. It is best to do thisbefore using the CD for the first time.
Dual Booting Win98 with Win95 as the original OS
The following assumes you have partitioned your hard disk into at least 2partitions.
Install System Commander
It installs to the root (c:) partition
Use no disk compression
System Commander sets User ID and Password
Leaves you at
Remove floppy disk
Reboots and detects Win95 as operating system.
Chooses add operating system function.
Allows you to choose from menu bar.
Choose this option from menu bar. This brings you to the partition screenwhere you will see the partitions shown as a divided cylinder. Locate thepartition where Win98 is to be installed. Click on the partition.
From theToolsdrop-down menu, chooseDeleteto delete the partition and make it free for your new installation. You will be prompted for the partition'svolume label.Type label name, => clickNext, =>proceed. The partition will be scanned and then listed as free.
From theDrivemenu, chooseOS Wizard=>New Installation=>Next=>
http://www.benchtest.com/dual_boot.html (2 of 4)12/2/2007 3:40:06 AM
Benchtest.Com - Dual Booting
Windows (any type)
=>Regular (with diskette)=>Next=> SC tells you to prepare for OS =>Next=> At this point, SC runs a surface scan.
Please Install Valid Boot Disk
InstallDOS Boot Disk,orWin98 Boot Disk=> ClickOK.
FromA:\> Prompt, change directories to CD-ROM drive letterand typesetupto start the Win98 installation. Proceed with installation of Win98 choosing partitionCuntil Win98 has finished and cometo the desktop with the Win98 tour window. Now is a good time to make sure that your CD-ROM driveletter is where you want it, before you have to start adding drivers for any devices that need them. Onexiting theDevice Manager, Windows will prompt you to reboot. Up to this point you have not seenthe System Commander boot screen when Win98 rebooted to detect plug and play devices.
Do you want to restart your computer now?
Insert the System Commander diskette and chooseYes.
ChooseSCIN=>Enterfrom the main menu => chooseEnable/Update System Commander
AVirus warningwill appear. ChooseEscapeto continue. The screen will show:
Create/Update Multifat file
Save Disk Information for uninstall
Installing New Boot Record
Press Any Key to Continue => (Where IS that "any" key?)
Program Exit=>Enter. Leaves you at theA:\>
Remove floppy disk=>Control,Alt,Delete.
Done- OS loader screen will now include Win98.
For some reason, on a few installations, System Commander does not detect the new operatingsystem as it should. The following instructions will usually remedy the situation.
If after installing the System Commander disk and choosingSCIN=>Enterfrom the main menu => chooseEnable/Update System Commander, you end up at the boot screen with only Win95 showing:
Use theDown Arrowto chooseOrder,Add, andRemove=>Enter
Alt+A=>Pto choosePartition.
http://www.benchtest.com/dual_boot.html (3 of 4)12/2/2007 3:40:06 AM

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